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VWAP, Fibonacci, Elliot Waves – Why Don’t I Make Videos About Them 

Last Updated: March 20, 2022

By Rayner Teo


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In today’s episode, you’ll discover why I don’t make videos on certain trading topics.

So tune in right now…


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Hey, hey, what’s up my friend? In today’s episode, things will be a little bit different, because I want to answer a topic that has been asked quite a bit.

I get a lot of questions along these lines…

“Hey Rayner, could you do a video on Fibonacci?”

“Hey Rayner, could you do a video training on Elliot waves?”

“Hey Rayner, what about something on VWAP?”

I hear your questions and I get it. Now you might be wondering, “If you’re hearing us Rayner, then why don’t you create videos on it?” That’s a good question. And I want to answer them in today’s episode.

I wear multiple hats

I wear a trading hat because I’m a trader, I wear a content creator hat, as well as an entrepreneur hat.

Let’s talk about the content creator aspect. As a content creator, I create videos and upload them to YouTube and hopefully, people like you find them useful and get value out of them.

I’m not sure if you agree with me, but I choose to believe that you’d find my videos simple to understand, engaging and that you enjoy watching them from start to finish (or maybe at least the bulk of it).

I also believe that you would find these videos to be practical and that you can use them in your own trading. These “features” didn’t happen by accident, they’re planned for. The videos I publish on YouTube are carefully crafted in a way that I don’t just publish any random video based on what you want.

The truth behind how I choose the topic for my videos

The videos that I publish fall into one of these two categories:

  1. I have deep experience with the topic
  2. I believe it’ll help traders

For example, the candlestick pattern video that I did a few years back is probably the number one video on my YouTube channel with over 2 million views.

I have deep experience trading candlestick patterns, and I find that it will benefit traders. This is why I published a video on candlestick patterns and hoped traders could improve their trading results.

Or how about another video I did, which was not as popular, but I did a video on day trading techniques. I’m not a day trader but I’ve experienced it because I used to be a prop trader day trading the markets.

Even though I don’t apply the techniques now, I have deep experience with it and I believe that video will help traders who are into day trading. So I produced that video.

So you can see that the videos I published on YouTube are videos that I have a deep experience in. For topics like Elliot Waves or VWAP, I have very minimal experience with them, so I don’t produce videos on them.

Yes, I can produce such videos, it’s not difficult, to be honest. I can just go to Google or YouTube to see someone else’s video to get ideas and then just summarize those ideas into one video.

But it’s not coming from my own experience. Yes, I can do it. But I won’t be true to myself. Can you see where I’m coming from?

Now if I want to create a video where I don’t have deep experience behind the topic, then the videos can be very shallow and you probably won’t get any value out of it. Because you’ll find that those videos are what you see on Google and stuff like that.

That’s why I don’t produce videos where I don’t have deep experience behind a particular topic, where I’m not going to be true to myself, where I’m also not being fair to you.

You come to the TradingwithRayner channel to learn from my experience, to learn something that will help your trading, so I want to share with you things that I’m passionate about and the things that I have experience in.

This kind of explains why you don’t see certain types of topics on my channel.

And finally…

Leverage the power of the internet – it has endless resources

If you want to learn about topics that I don’t cover, there’s the entire internet out there for you. There are books, forums, Google, YouTube. You can go and study other people’s work because you’ll never know what you may find.

You might even come across someone’s work who is even better, more engaging and simpler to understand than what I’m doing.  

So feel free to go ahead and learn from others out there. You don’t just have one teacher, you have multiple teachers in your life and that’s the same for your trading career.

You will probably have multiple mentors and teachers along the way. So go out there and feel free to explore. Just bear in mind that whatever concepts, techniques or strategies that you’re learning, you would always want to understand the concepts behind them and the reason why they work or don’t work.

Once you’ve understood the reasons, then go and validate the findings, do the backtesting, forward testing and just do the research that is required to decide whether something works or not.

Don’t take anything at face value even though it’s coming from me. Nothing that I say should be taken at face value. Hopefully, you see where I’m coming from.

I wish you good luck and good trading. I will do talk to you soon.

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  • such honest and clear thought process behind everything!!!…just the love the way you clear the concepts with simplicity..and also inspired by the honesty which is seen in your all the work..

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