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Discover How This Simple Trading System Has Generated 3,225% In Gains Over The Past 22 Years...

So if you can spare 20 minutes a day, then you can generate consistent profits in bull & bear market—even during a recession.

The best part? You don’t have to study charts or analyze financial reports.

(Tried everything else but failed? Don’t worry, the less you know, the better it works.)

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Secret #1

The fastest way to become a profitable trader even if you have tried everything else and failed

Secret #2

How to generate consistent profits every year even during a recession or a financial crisis

Secret #3

How to grow your account to 7-figures and beyond even if you have a small starting capital

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Start time: 29th June, Saturday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

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Show up for the live event and I'll tell you the rules of a stock trading system that has generated 3225% over the last 22 years

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Now you might be wondering: “Why teach if you can make money from trading?"

That’s a good question and I’ve got 2 selfish reasons for it…

1: I love teaching 

This is the reason why I produced 600+ free trading videos on YouTube—to save retail traders from self-destruction. I feel fulfilled knowing I’ve positively impacted someone’s life (even though I’ve never seen the person before).

2: Another source of income

Teaching allows me to generate another source of income. This means  I can use that money to increase the size of my trading account and make even more money. That’s a win-win for both of us!

And by the way…

The stuff you’ll be learning is not based on theory.

Rather, it’s trading strategies and techniques that work in the live markets.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the result of my live account since 2019…

As you can see, my account is up 107.59% whereas the S&P 500 is up 48.34%.

But here’s the thing, this isn’t about me—it’s about you.

So here are some of the results I’ve gotten for other traders just like you…

Trusted by more than 4000 traders…

“Thanks to you, my win ratio has incrased to 60%”

- Ess Mac

“I have improved my winning rate and relaized gains by following your lessons.”

- Hazel Baling

“Since then I have recorded 67% reward on my equity”

- Val Esono

“I've recently just broken the ceiling of being a break-even trader to being profitable and I can honestly say I wouldn't have got there at this rate (6 months) if it wasn't for you.”

- Renzel Khamacho

“I finally managed to finish my first whole week in green after one red year.”

- Di Ma

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Start time: 29th June, Saturday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

Meet your trainer

Okay, this is where I need to brag a little. So here goes…

Hi! My name is Rayner Teo and I’m an independent trader and founder of TradingwithRayner.

I’ve got 55 million views on my YouTube channel and 1.4m subscribers.

Guess that makes me one of the most-followed traders in the world? Who cares.


I’ve been around since 2012 and have helped thousands of traders through my blog, videos, and courses.

And if you want to improve your trading results (or just want to see me, live), then sign up for the free web class below…

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Start time: 29th June, Saturday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

Who is this for?

  • You’re a beginner stock trader who wants to avoid costly trading mistakes so you can reduce your learning curve
  • You want to learn how to profit from the stock markets without guesswork or subjectivity—so you know when exactly to buy, sell, or stay out of the markets
  • You’re an experienced trader who wants to discover new trading strategies so you can profit in different market conditions—even during a recession

Hear what my students are saying...

“Rayner acutally guides you step by step on what to do within each trading system.  I have implemented 3 of the trading systems and I am seeing positive results immediately.”

- Te Yong Liu Won

“The UST course guides you through the ups and downs of a volatile market that fluctuates at the peak and you learn to reap the benefits of both bull and bear periods.  For the price, it is a steal as there are many out there with far less usefull content.

- Ivan Chua

“Some other good points: no black box, all the rules are disclosed, and every detail of how to implement each system is explained. If I ever had a question or problem, I always received the answer or best possible solution from Rayner very quickly.  That's what makes this so special: Rayner genuinly wishes to guide traders towards being consistently profitable and he's doing a great job and succeeding.

- Faiz Ahmad

“The Ultimate Systems Trader speed up my learning curve in trading, throw ou my fea and greed, compound small success. Thank you Rayner.

-Tirta Subagio

“Even a newbie like me can pick it up.  What i love about it is, it is emotion free, no inner voice of fear or greed, just follow it and you are good to go! I have been trading better and most importantly with confidence now.

-Fuqaimi Faroukh

Register for Stock Trading Secrets

Start time: 29th June, Saturday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

Frequently asked questions

Is this really free?

Yes, this event is free to attend. No credit cards required.

Do you have another date available for this event?

I don’t have another date at the moment.

Still, you can register for the event and I’ll update you when a new date is available.

Do I need any trading experience?

No, you don’t need any trading experience.

All that’s required is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

I’m an experienced trader, will this event benefit me?

Absolutely. You’ll discover new trading strategies and techniques which you can use to profit from the stock markets.

How much capital do I need to start with?

You can start with as little as $3000.

Once you’re comfortable, you can work your way up and trade with more capital.

Register for Stock Trading Secrets

Start time: 29th June, Saturday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

By enrolling, you agree to the terms and conditions stated below:

  • The information provided by TradingwithRayner is for educational purposes and in no instance to be regarded as investment advice.
  • TradingwithRayner is not liable for any losses incurred from your investment activities.
  • Any financial numbers referenced here are estimates or projections or past results, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings — all numbers are illustrative only.