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Candlestick Patterns

Discover a new candlestick trading strategy that lets you profit in bull & bear markets.

Price Action Trading

Discover how to better time your entries, "predict" market turning points, and identify explosive breakout trades about to happen.

Systems Trading

Discover how to build systematic strategies that beat the markets — even if you don’t know a single line of code.

I first started trading back in 2009...

Because I wanted freedom, unlimited potential earnings, and have no boss (or anyone) to answer to.

So, I learned everything I could get my hands on.

You know stuff like Price Action Trading, Candlestick Patterns, Indicators, Chart Patterns, etc.

But here’s the thing…

Every time I wanted to dive in deeper about a specific trading strategy, I’ll be hit by a paywall which says…


What the ****?!

Here’s the deal: I was just a university kid and didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on trading courses.

Clearly, I didn’t enjoy that experience.

So when I started TradingwithRayner, I wanted to "shake up" this industry.

Here's how...

Unlike other websites that offer you "teaser content" and then ask you to pay for more…

At TradingwithRayner, every blog post and video you get here is the full 100% — without a paywall.

And who knows, if you think my free stuff is any good, then you might consider signing up for my premium programs.


Then let me introduce myself…

My name is Rayner Teo, an independent trader, and the founder of TradingwithRayner.

You won't see me post pictures of Lamborghini, Ferrari, or hot chicks because it won't help you become a better trader.

And if you find me familiar, it might be you've seen me featured or quoted in...

What other traders are saying...

Here's the thing:

I've only one goal down here. To help you succeed as a trader.

Here's how...

Step 1: I share with you proven trading strategies and techniques

Step 2: You apply it



That's why I'm here.

Every week I'll send you practical trading tips and strategies to improve your trading.

You'll also get:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading: How to "Decode" What the Markets are Telling You so You Can Identify High Probability Trading Setups Consistently — and Profitably
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