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Hiring Consistently Profitable Traders 

Last Updated: February 16, 2022

By Rayner Teo

This is a remote working position, meaning you can work from your home, the coffee shop, or wherever you work best.

If you love helping traders succeed and have a passion for teaching, then you might be who I’m looking for.

Keep reading to learn more…

About TradingwithRayner

TradingwithRayner was launched in 2013 and quickly became one of the top websites for traders.

The goal here is simple: to provide the best trading education for retail traders so they can become consistently profitable.

To date, we have 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, over 50+ million views on our channel, and 150,000 traders read our blog each month.

Why I’m hiring consistently profitable traders

As much as I love trading, there are only a few areas I specialized in like price action, systems trading, and stocks trading.

At the same time, there’s demand for other trading styles like options trading, day trading, and crypto trading.

However, that’s not my domain of expertise and I don’t want to teach something I’m not an expert in.

That’s why I’m hiring consistently profitable traders who can fill the gap and make a positive impact on the trading community.

Why do you want to work for TradingwithRayner

Here are some of the benefits when you work with us…

1. You can work from anywhere (home, coffee shops, the park, or anywhere that you have a computer and an internet connection).

2. You have flexible working hours. You can work in the morning, afternoon, or even at midnight. It’s up to you.

3. Attractive profit-sharing scheme.

4. You don’t have to do marketing as we have an established audience.

5. You’ll be paid to do the things you love—trading and teaching

This position is FOR you if:

  • You are a consistently profitable trader with a 12-months track record
  • You love helping others succeed
  • You want to create another source of income
  • You’re open to learning

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You’re struggling to become a profitable trader
  • You don’t have a 12-months track record
  • You don’t like teaching or answering questions

Things you will do…

  • Create your online trading course
  • Conduct monthly coaching calls
  • Answering emails and questions from traders
  • Be active in your trading community

Are you interested?

Then here’s what to do next…

Thing 1: Fill up this questionnaire.

Thing 2: Screenshot the result of your trading account over the last 12 months.

Then, send the screenshot to with the email title “my trading result”.

If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be notified via email.

If not, it means you were not selected.

Best of luck!


Rayner Teo

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