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  • How to decode what the markets are telling you so you can identify high probability trading setups—consistently and profitably
  • How to identify hidden strength and weakness in the markets so you can “predict” market reversals before the crowd
  • A simple trading strategy that allows you to profit in bull & bear markets (without any indicators)
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Yes, Give it to me


Last Updated: October 21, 2020

By Rayner

  • Trading for 180 days. Fluctuating between stage 1/2,
    5k cash account. P/L -452.00 to date bal 4554.00
    Risk management 10.00 per trade
    Trading 1200.00 per day. 1-3 trades per day.
    This business continues to humble me
    YourTube videos been a strong correction to my initial trading strategy, which was no plan!
    No money management, no stop loss.

  • Hello Rayner,
    I want to buy your book , pull back stock trading system but l want a soft copy , l mean in PDF format, how do l get it .
    I don’t want the hard copy.
    Just let me know so that l can access it as early as possible

  • Still at the first stage. This is quite expository, I could easily find myself in the mirror of these highlights. I still have a long way to go.
    Thanks for these nuggets Rayner

  • This is so mind opening, although I have blown of 4 accounts already. I’m sure this book would be a game changer for me and a start of great things.

  • I just finished stage three, I am now at stage four, where capital is what I am tryining to gather to grow my trading account,

    Thanks Much for the education Teo

  • Awesome article Rayner. Now, with the statement, does it mean a strategy may work on one broker and NOT work on another?
    “So go with a broker that suits the markets or strategies you’re trading.”
    Thank you so much

  • Baby steps..Keep to one stock or whatever you r trading in its present mode like day scalping if there’s volatility
    change it when a change in activity occurs .multitasking different ones at same time is no good leveraging is no good

  • Hey Rayner, I have experienced stages 1-3 in almost 9 months since I started Day trading, I have blown my account twice so far, I am resting now

  • This article perfectly summarized what trading financial Markets is all about. My greatest discovery is that it is practically impossible for Market to behave in an irrational way, however one thinks about that, the opposite is true. Markets has its own rules and follows it in a disciplined way. It is a herculean task however for everyone to find that out for himself or herself. Market is highly disciplined. A lot of us joined the Market on a erroneous conviction of a get rich quick promises. Men!!! Too far from that. It’s a get rich slowly.

  • Stage 1. i totally agree with everything you said. I went into trading blindly and I had humble pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner and got served it as dessert also. Lost loads of money. But My uncle and Rayner gave me hope. Uncle retired at 50, went into trading and still at it at 80. Learning hard and fast. Thanks Rayner.

  • Very nice article. I came into the world of trading in 2014, now i am between 3 and 4. I have my daytrading with futures and my swing trading with forex on different brokers. I have my long term real stocks investment account with another broker. The article above is like a 1:1 mirror. I remember I came to a point where i wanted to quit trading like 2-3 times but i always knew there is something. Now i am here and its good to know that i am not alone going through this. I have learned alot about myself during that time and i know the best ist yet to come 🙂

  • Stage 3 …..i knw i have a system with edge but still doing some silly mistakes trying to improve them…..thanks rayner for your contribution in my trading carrier struggling from last 3 years bt now with you hope is there…Thanks to u

  • I think I might be fluctuating between 1 and 3. I bought few courses, indicators and then signed up with account management services for Forex trading. All of which lost me money close to 25K + plus the valuable time I missed with my wife and kids. I have been at this for 10 years now. Still not a single penny won. I demo traded for over 5 years and still doing it with live trading sometimes. Since I demo traded for too long, I am stuck between demo and live trading. I think I have couple of winning methods when back testing. When forward testing I loose money on them.
    This is where I find problems with back testing. See when you back test, you will be taking trades on all sessions (Asia, UK, US). However in reality, one cannot trade all sessions. So my forward testing fails due to think (I think). So I think my methods are good on all sessions but not on NY (I can trade only in NY session). So I am back to the drawing board to find something that works on NY session.
    If I can give one advice to others, put a daily time limit to your trading/ learning and don’t forget to enjoy spending time with your family. Otherwise, you will regret it one day.

  • Hi, Sir, I’m in the beginning stages. Been eye opener, not what I expected, but I’ve jumped in reading, watching, writing etc.
    Your comments are true, not an easy choice but it’s one I know I will succeed in. Having platforms like this is super. It expands ones knowledge, connects etc.

  • Thank you for sharing and putting all this learning material together of what you have learned over more than a decade of trading. I know the importance of risk management, risk/reward ratios, consistent trading of your plan, being patient for your setups that match your plan. I barely started forward testing my strategy with my son, so I guess that would put me in stage 3.

  • Stage 4. Part-time options trader now. Scaled account up to significant proportion of my total net worth. Became “consistently profitable” 5 months ago, traded 95 positions, but still building up track record. Main challenge is still training mental fortitude to be very comfortable with trading at this size and prepare to scale up in the future.

    I was at Stage 1 when I discovered you about 3 years ago! Thank you for getting me started and saving me lots of time/money by not falling into the common traps.

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