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How to find an edge in the markets (a proven approach) 

Last Updated: August 9, 2022

By Rayner Teo

A few weeks back, I heard someone asking this question:

“How do you find new trading strategies and setups?”

Now the truth is… setups and strategies are useless if it doesn’t have an edge in the markets. You can have the best risk management, correct trading psychology but, without an edge, you’re still going to lose money in the long run.

Instead, a better question would be…  “How do I find an edge in the markets?”

Now, if you are interested to know, then today’s video is for you.

Because you will learn…

  • The SECRET to finding an edge in the markets
  • How to profit from losing traders (by thinking one step ahead of them)
  • Practical trading techniques which give you an edge


If you are still struggling to find an edge in the markets, then today’s video could be the answer you are looking for.

So, click below and find your edge:

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know…

How did you find your  edge?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  • Great video Rayner! I think the concept of Edge is something all trend followers can appreciate. And not only that, in my experience it takes some time to fully appreciate that edge materializes over a series of trades. As Mark Douglas has said, technical analysis doesn’t predict what will happen on the next trade, but it does help put the odds of success (over the long term) in our favour. Just keep placing those positive expectancy bets – of course, that’s predicated on having a great edge! Thanks again for your enthusiasm and great trading tips.

  • Hi Rayner,

    Thank you for another insightful video. As a new trader, I am still struggling with the idea of finding an edge in the market, and you just explained it all in very clear and simple way. Thank you for sharing.

  • As always thank you my friend for the video you made me realise that I’ve done the correct thing with USD/MXN and I also wanted to thank you for the Traders fest it was great to get some good inside view on what other trades do.. I would love to become the Bruse Lee of trading some day have a different tecnic for every scenario I hope my hard work and effort pays off some day… Take care

    • Hi Alessandro,

      Thanks for reaching out. Glad to hear you enjoyed TradersFest.

      Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything, I’ll be glad to help.

  • I watched the whole video but at the end, found that not all parts of it was useful. When you said that to have an edge you need to find points where the traders trading in an opposite way to you feel the pain and then try to profit from them, that in itself can be a toss up between a win or a loss for you who is trying to profit off other groups of traders. You might or might not have an edge when you try to profit off the losing trades of other traders. Out of say 100 times that you do it, you only have an edge if you win 51 or more times. But what you said in the middle of the video, something about finding a set of conditions under which you would trade only if these conditions exist to get an edge, I agree with. With backtesting and forward testing, if say when conditions A, B, C,D exist, out of 100 or 200 times when all these conditions exist and you took a trade, as long as you win 51% of the time you can say you have an edge, albeit a small one. The larger the sample size and the larger the win rate, the better for you as you can be more confident when taking trades, without worrying about or even caring who you are trying to profit off. That is all there is to finding an edge, to find a set of conditions which when they occur together, lead to you winning more than you lose. No need to care about who is on the other side of the trade coz for most retail traders, it would be their broker who can see where your stops are. If you can win more times than you lose against your broker, and if your average wins in dollar amounts are at least equal or larger than your average losses in dollar amounts, then you will be in the 5% or less group of traders who make profits from trading. I am not disagreeing with what you said in the video, just felt that there’s no need to over complicate matters.

  • dear mr. rayner, could you get transcripts for your videos so that we dont miss any point please. grateful.
    thanks ramesh

  • Rayner, I have learned a lot from your free classes, I always use impact of fundamental news as my edge in my daily trade, technical analysis confirms the market sentiment most of the time for me, I look for a good entry to take my trade, and this work a lot for me. thank you very much. I am making money but still need risk management class.

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