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What if markets don’t move? (A comprehensive analysis) 

Last Updated: April 29, 2022

By Rayner Teo

The majors have been quiet over the last few weeks, are there still opportunities elsewhere?

What if markets don’t move?


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  • Hi Rayner,
    Thnx for sharing your thoughts. The last pair is of interest to me. Last week I noticed that NZD kept going up. As NZD went up so did AUD, so bcos of these movements I didn’t take the trade which you recommended i.e. to short AUDNZD. To short AUDNZD will
    1. AUD go down n NZD go up or
    2. AUD remain as is n NZD go up.

    Thnx again.

  • If you were to short Audnzd, you will be expecting the Aussie to depreciate against the Nzd.

    Meaning a fall in Aussie and a rise in Nzd.

    Hope that helps!

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