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Watch this… it’s worth it 

Last Updated: May 10, 2017

By Rayner Teo


I got a question from a subscriber…

Hey, Rayner, I’ve learned almost everything about trading. I know most of the trading indicators, price action trading, chart patterns, and etc.

But… I’m still not a consistently profitable trader.

I’m doing it for many years now… should I give up trading altogether?


I know it can be frustrating pouring in your heart and soul into something… and not getting the results you want.

And this is why I poured my heart and soul in today’s video.

I’ll share with you a simple solution to get out of the trading “rat race”… and how to go from a losing trader to consistent trader.

And in my opinion, it’s worth watch every minute of it.


I share with you a swing trade I took (that gained 1.3R) and explain my thought process from start to finish.

If there’s only one video you can watch this week, then it would be this…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s analysis.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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  • Thanks Rayner…..I just soo needed this video this morning.. perfect timing

    Back to the recipe…….

  • Thanx once for sharing what you know about the markets and what you seeing on a weekly with us much appreciated.

    I have a question for you Rayner….Whats your view on Pending orders do you after spotting a possible set up place an order with your sl or wait for the market and make a decision?


  • Oh That’s why am not profiting… i am not trading enough… I need more trades then… review them only after 10 or 20 trades… ill organize my trades this way then rather than weekly trades… thank you for the share Rayner

  • Hello,

    I have watched the video, there’s one thing I don’t understand.
    About at minute 5:20 you say you took “half off the table”. This is something I have worked a lot in the past years because it’s a deceptive way to feel “safe” (having secured money), however it brings a big danger.
    In fact, nothing says the market has to keep rising after you took profit. Actually, as you say, it’s an area of resistance so it’d not be a surprise if price stopped there.

    Statistically speaking, let’s say 50% of the time price will keep rising and 50% it’ll bounce back.
    In the first case – and only in the first case – you indeed achieve your 1.3:1 R/R.
    But in the second case, depending on how you trailed the stop loss, you might actually go below 1:1. If fact you risked 100% of your capital to earn 1:1 but then only take out 50%, from that moment forward you are trading at 0.5:1 until the trade is fully closed.

    Repeat this many times and the 1.3:1 will likely become 1.15:1 due to this, minus spread, minus fees (if any).

    Some trading instructors actually take 50% off before even getting to 1:1 or don’t move the stop loss of the remaining portion of the trade. Doing so, they deliver a below 1:1 R:R and over time they mathematically lose the account.

    • Hey Dario

      The thing about risk to reward is that it isn’t a complete picture without taking into account the win rate.

      Having a 1 to 0.5 risk to reward can still be profitable with a win rate of 80%.

      • Hey Rayner,

        thank you for replying!

        Yes, I did not talk about win rate, because I assume if you are a swing trader you win about 60%-ish of the time (if you are good).

        If you took these trades with a trend following strategy, it should be around 45% win rate. Maybe I am missing some fundamental elements here, I don’t know your trading style well enough 🙂

  • Rayner, you mention about the 200 SMA as bias to trade from daily. For example if 200 SMA is above current market price on daily chart.
    looking at 4 hr. chart 200 SMA is below market price.
    Should one wait until 200 SMA on 4 hr. chart is in sync with daily 200 SMA to trade,or just take trade short only from 4 hr. chart?
    If I understand this concept better my trading would improve.
    I know I am very inconsistent in this area, and it’s effecting my trading greatly.

    Thank You


    • Hey William

      There’s no right or wrong to this question.

      But if I’m getting my trend bias from daily, then I won’t wait for 200MA to align on H4.

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