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The Upcoming Trading Webinar 

Last Updated: May 11, 2022

By Rayner Teo


I’m very close to finishing the long-awaited live trading webinar, and it will be free.

This upcoming webinar will be focused on Technical Analysis 101. It includes topics like

  • Support & Resistance and how to use them effectively
  • Different market conditions and how to identify them

And much more..

Before the Trading Webinar:

However I need your help, before I finalized everything I need to make sure I have everything covered.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey about this Upcoming Trading Webinar, there is only 1 thing I want to ask you…

What are your 2 top questions about technical analysis that I absolutely need to answer in this upcoming webinar?

Kindly leave your answers in the comments section below, cheers!


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  • plotting the S & R line is quite subjective cos not every traders are the same. Is there a way to plot the those lines objectively?

  • For support resistance do we need to look at the candlestick form, as sometimes if the last few candlestick is very big bar can I say it is very strong momentum so dun try to enter at support / resistance, wait for confirmation? Thanks

  • Hi Rayner,

    I am interested to know how do you manage various types of pullback in a trending market, and how to trade it better?

  • How to you trade if on the Daily 20 & 50 SMA pointing down and the price is away from both of them but in the Hourly chart the prices are bullish?

  • 1. Rayner, you say that instead of attempting to predict, you trade a diverse range of asset types, to maximise your chance of capturing a trend. But you have also on occasion mentioned how your intuition plays a role too. What clues can we look out for to increase our chances of success (at least on occasion)?
    2. Maybe another way of asking the same thing: From Market Wizards, we know how George Soros says, if we have conviction in a trade, we should – to put it mildly – overweight our position. Do you ever have conviction, and vary your position size accordingly (up to – say – risking 2% instead of the normal 1%)?
    By the way, thanks for your inspiring blog!

  • 1.
    what is the most reliable technical analysis for those who trade long term time frame whilst holding a day job
    What about volume in Forex?

    • I like your first question but can offer none. It’s my top most question too as well. Thanks very much for asking! And hopefully garner replies to help out here =)

  • Hi Rayner,

    I would like to know if and how you use trendlines in your analysis.

    Second one is just if you plan to record and publish webinars for the folks that can’t manage to attend live one?

    Thanks for the all the great work that you did.

  • Trade management would be great to talk about. Managing the trade for big profits when you are right and small losses when wrong.

  • 1. How do we know if the method one use has a positive expectancy?

    2. How can one change his mindset in wanting to be right?

  • Hi, Rayner

    I think the 2 top questions are:

    1 How to scan the markets to see opportunities

    2 What instrument do you use to enter, forex, futures contract?

  • Exit strategy please!

    Risk reward ratio is constantly being advocated in books and touted by all instructors out there. it can serve as a restriction for example a trader sets a constant RR ratio of 1:2 for all his trades with no consideration that each currency pair has its own quirks and unique behaviour. Rather than impose a rigid set of rules, a trader can exercise his judgement and know when is the optimal time to close his trade.

    Some highly successful traders have terrible RR ratios and yet are consistently profitable. Thanks Rayner!

  • Hi ,there I would like to thank for share your trading style .one of my question ,will be .how do you filter your signals to know that you are in the correct direction also is there a way to know where institutional trades do his trades ? thank you so much and good luck .

  • Could you expound more on your exit strategy… in light of many ccy pairs having completed their cycles.

    There are many types of support and resistance… what would you be covering ?

    Many thanks for your fantastic inputs and sharing.
    Looking forward to your webinar

  • Hi Rayner,

    What are the top 3 indicators that you always always always use ?

    What time frames that you always use to enter and exit from a trade ?

    Thank you.

  • 1.How to tell a false break out

    2.What is the best way to trade a break out of a support and resistance

    Thank you for taking time to share
    Be Blessed

  • How to tell if the price going to bounce back ?

    Do you enter a trade when the price bounce back ?

    Best wishes for you Rayner

  • 1) How do traders who trade price and focus solely on the screen without taking much from technical indicators can benefit out of your session
    2) Include some easy to implement techniques for scalpers like me.

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