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The Crude Oil, How Low Will it Go? 

Last Updated: May 9, 2022

By Rayner Teo

This week we will cover crude oil, eurusd, and gold.

Also, I discuss with you why being stopped out on a trade does not mean the trend is over.

Rather it is a sign that you can get in at a better price!

How Low Will Crude Oil Go?

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  • Another great weekly analysis Rayner. I was really looking forward to it. Let’s see if this week I can jump into EURUSD & Crude Oil trends, have been waiting some days for it.

    • Hey Gonzalon,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes had a good break from making videos the last 3 weeks.

      Finally get back on my game today. Yeah let’s watch how price reacts to the levels this coming week!


  • Rayner love your videos! What is the longest/most profitable ride from your trend trading career? And the most R you have ever achieved from a single trend?


  • Thanks for the education! What do you mean by scaling in?.

    Fundamentally,with price wars between Opec and Shale plus weak demand globally,crude can go to $30.

    Gold remains an unpredictable asset to trade,staying away from this.

    • Hi Vikash,

      You’re most welcome!

      Scaling in means averaging into my trades. E.g. i long at 100, then again at 105 then 110 etc.

      I’m not too caught up with fundamentals, so can’t really comment on it.


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