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The 10 important charts you must see this June… 

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

By Rayner Teo


Before I get to this week’s video, I want to share with you a daily affirmation I’m using that will make you a better trader.


Then say this out loud…

I am a Super Trader.

I build my own freedom.

I define my own edge.

I create my own luck.

I follow my own plan.

I change the world.

Super. I am.

Say it every day for 21 days and you’ll see a difference — and you can thank you me later.

Moving on…

In today’s video, you’ll learn:

  • What’s happening in the global financial markets right now so you’re not left behind…
  • Why I suspect the bond market could explode higher and how to take advantage of it
  • The best forex trading setups for the week and how to trade them

And much more.

So, click below to watch this week’s video…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s analysis.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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  • Thanks for the great charts and the awesome trading affirmation. I’m not sure which one will help me more 😉 Good luck with your trading this week!

  • My first time to see your Weekly Video and have to say it was very informative. I am learning a lot from you. Thank you!!

  • Thank you Rayner- I am a newbie, wannabee struggling trader and hope to learn a lot from you- thank you for the videos!!

  • Thanks. Rayner.

    I’m learning a lot.
    Simplicity seems to be the key.
    May I ask, which you are using with TradingView?

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