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Should You Let News Affect Your Trading? 

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

By Rayner Teo

This week, I had a question by Bobby who asked:

In the event that u are positive profit in your ongoing trade, and there is big news that could go against your trade, what do you do? Do u move your stop loss? Or break even? Should You Let News Affect Your Trading?

My answer is:
A news release is a 50-50 thing. It can either propel the trade in your favor or go against you. But in the long run, you can expect the positive and negative outcomes to negate one another.

Because of this reason, I don’t shift my stop loss to break even just because of the news releases. I only trail my stop loss according to my trading plan and nothing else.

Then I also discuss and share with you possible trading ideas on Gold and AUD/USD.

Lastly, I talk to you about the S&P markets and why it’s the worst markets to trade right now, especially if you’re a trend follower.

Should You Let News Affect Your Trading?

I hope you have got the answer to your question “Should You Let News Affect Your Trading?” and I hope it will be of any help to you.

As always, Don’t Hesitate to reach out whenever you have any questions related to trading or if you are having any problems or issues with your trading strategy.

I love to help my audience and the people who are new to trading, And be sure to give feedback about this blog post, Cheers!

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