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NFP Is Over, Now What? 

Last Updated: May 11, 2022

By Rayner Teo

On Friday we saw bullish price action across the majors due to bullish reports on NFP.

With the bullish bias on the dollar, here’s my take on Usdjpy, Gold, and Crude Oil in the coming week.

NFP Is Over, Now What?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my weekly market analysis! As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!


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  • Hi,

    Saw your video for this week. Thanks for the highlights. Have some comments regarding the trend trading method on the Crude Oil chart. It seems that it has break 20 & 50 EMA , from Trend analysis perspective – Isn’t this an opportunity to long Crude Oil ? or you will wait by the sideline to check if it manage to break out another resistance to ensure the trend ?

    In short, i would like to understand from typically how is one see the opportunity to enter a trade in Trend analysis perspective ?

    will very much like to hear your thoughts here =)

    • Hi SA,

      I would stay on the sidelines till i get clearer indication of where price wants to go.

      You’re right that the 50EMA is broken, but that’s not a sign to go long yet, at least for me.


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