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I’m Speculating this Currency Pair will Break Down 

Last Updated: May 14, 2022

By Rayner Teo

If it closes below this key area, you can bet I’m looking to short this currency pair market.

Know what’s the thing I like about it?

It’s been in a range for the last 15 months.

And as you know… the longer it range, the harder it b _ _ _ _!


You’ll discover something you’ve invested a ton, but are probably unaware of.

It’s not your capital. It’s not your time. It’s not your effort.

But something else.

And if you’re not careful, you be part of the 92% of traders who give up within the first 2 years of trading.

So… go watch this week’s market analysis below:

I’m Speculating this Currency Pair will Break Down

I’m Speculating this Currency Pair will Break Down

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s market analysis.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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  • Thanks dear man 🙂

    It’s so right, the emotion we waste on bad trade will never come back with good one.. the best advice I know, is to stay away as much as possible from any kind of screens and news, and always remember in our mind, trading it’s all about probabilities.

    Thank for your diligence


  • Hi Rayner
    Please could you help to be more specific with enrty and exit positions on the pairs you are trading.
    At least try and make a couple of sent here and there while you learn.
    Promise to not hold it against you if i lose any money,because i can see you mean it from
    the bottom of your heart to try and help folks.

  • Thanks Rayner for your generous sharing. when you say lunch break what gmt / Singapore equivalent time are you talking about given that we watch different markets.. Asian, AUS/ NZ, Europe, UK, US.

    What hours do you trade daily?

    • Hi Agnes,

      This depends on the markets you’re trading. Different markets have different lunch hours.

      I usually trade from London open till closing.


  • Hey Rayner, great insights as usual.
    Nothing worse than sideways markets. If in doubt, STAY OUT!
    Was wondering if you can show us best way to trade RIGHT side of the chart.
    I am finding good opportunities that are middle and left side which are only in hindsight.
    Do other traders have troubles with focusing on the NOW, current price action?
    Thanks, regards

    • Hi Trend,

      Essentially I trade what I see, not what I think. I believe this comes with practise.

      If from left to right price is heading higher, it’s an uptrend and I’ll ask myself “where do I want to be long?”

      Then I can decide an entry, exit, position sizing etc.


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