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How to Use ATR Indicator to Set Stoploss? 

Last Updated: May 9, 2022

By Rayner Teo

In this video, I explain to you how to use the ATR indicator to set a stop-loss for my trades.

How to Use ATR Indicator to Set Stoploss?

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  • Hi Rayner,

    Your video is so clear and straight foreward… Thanks for the good work! stop loss 2 ATR … 60 pips and 30 pips respectively.

    How many pips for stop loss if GBP/USD pair, TF=1Hr, ATR value is 0.00184. Sold GBP @ 1.55873?



    • Hi al,

      Thank you for your kind words, glad it helped.

      For GBPUSD 0.00184 = 18.4 pips

      So just add 18.4 pips to 1.55873 and you should get 1.56057


  • Thanks Rayner,

    I can’t find ATR Stop in my chart, however there is Chande Kroll Stop. Are they the same?

    It says Chande Kroll Stop uses ATR… there are 3 types of setting


  • hey rayner my ATR value 10.2565 and chart value in some stocks 1356.28 .how to add ATR value with chart value . how to set stop loss here.

  • Hi Rayner, after I add 1 ATR to my stop loss, my risk is more then my reward for the majority of my trading setup. Should I not enter the trade in such a situation?

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