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How to Place a Proper Trading Stoploss — So You Don’t Get Stopped Out Unnecessarily 

Last Updated: July 26, 2019

By Rayner Teo

Let me guess.

You’re placing your stop loss below support and above resistance.

Then you realized you’re getting stopped out of your trades way too often…

…Only to watch the markets reverse back to your intended direction.

Sucks right?

Well, fret not.

Because you’re going to learn a simple concept that allows you to set an effective trading stop loss.

Whether you’re trading Support & Resistance, chart patterns, breakout, pullbacks etc. This concept can be applied universally.

It’s what I call… “Placing your stop loss where your initial trading idea is invalidated”.

Once you’ve understood it, you’ll learn how to set a proper trading stop loss, so you don’t get stopped out unnecessarily (and improve your trading results).

Now… go watch this training video below, where I’ll explain it to you step-by-step:

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s video post. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

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  • Thanks again Rayner for your sharing.
    These 3 ideas of putting SL really make sense, however I think these are quiet large SL taking many pips.
    It’d be great if you could explain your 2ATR SL comparing to these SLs your share on this topic whether which type of trade would fit best on 2ATR or S/E or even dynamic from 20EMA.
    Thanks alot man, Phum

      • Hi Jeremy,

        The concept can be applied as well.

        If you’re using Fibonacci as a means for an entry, when the entry is invalidated, it’s time to exit the trade.


    • Hi Phum,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Yes I think that would be a great suggestion for a future post.

      Regarding using ATR for stoploss, you can check out this post here.


  • Hi Rayner,
    If i still want to keep my risk to 2% of account size, and the SL position where my entry decision would be invalidated will result in a bigger loss than my 2% limit, what should i do?

  • Hello Rayner,

    After many months of research i am ready to fund my account for 3,000 dollars.
    I read somewhere to risk 2%, but i know forez is a little different.
    How much risk per pip would you suggest when making a trade?

  • Several times I have experienced that my trade was correct but a wave suddenly kind of wipes off my SL and then again continues back in my direction.

  • Hi Rayner,
    I just want to say thank you for your videos. They are full of good information and right to the point.
    Regarding the SL, can we also base on swing highs and lows for eg.. 2 swing highs or lows from the entry? What are your thoughts?

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