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How Johnny made a return of 13% on this trade with low risk 

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

By Rayner Teo

So How does Johnny made a return? Let’s get started!

I’m PUMPED whenever I get an email like this…

Hi Rayner,

I took notice of the Soybean trade from your previous video and I went long on it. Got out yesterday and pocketed about 13R.

Thank you very much for posting that video.

Now, you’re probably wondering:

What does 13R mean?

This means…

If you risk 1% on your trade, you get a return of 13%.

If you risk 100 pips on your trade, you get a return of 1300 pips.

If you risk $100 on your trade, you get a return of $1300.

And, this is what Trend Following is about. Reaping big rewards with minimal risk.

Thus, in this week’s video, you’ll learn:

  • How Johnny made a return of 13% on a single trade with low risk
  • How to spot trading opportunities like this
  • How you can “steal” this exact trading setup

Are you excited? I sure am!

So, go watch this week’s video below:

How Johnny made a return of 13% on this trade

I hope you have found this post helpful, if you have any questions related to trading, please do not hesitate to reach out. I always love to help my audience in finding their desired information.

also, go through my blog section I have written articles on almost every topic related to trading. As always comment down your thoughts on the post and what you liked and didn’t about the post, It helps me create better content for you and provide the exact piece of information you are looking for. Cheers

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  • What I liked/appreciated was your telling that, there is no guarantee if a trade will win or lose. As beginners I thought ( and I am sure most of us do) that losing was a sign that I am a failure at this. .

  • Rayner, your videos are so amazing!! Thank you for showing these type of trades and especially for reminding us that this is not the way it always goes… you are a great teacher!! 🙂 I get very excited every time a get an email from you because I know I am going to learn a very valuable lesson!! 🙂

  • Hi Rayner,

    Thanks for the great video, again! Love that you being honest about break out trade, which most of them usually fail, lol…But when it works, we can enjoy to ride on the trend, which can be huge, just like the 13R!

    One thing that I am currently still exploring is to develop a pre-trading routine, i.e. to scan through various pairs to identify trading opportunities. Would you mind to share yours? How did you prepare your trading plan / routine?

    Thanks in advanced!


  • Hi rayner, dis s mandeep,u r alrdy doig a grt job by guiding ppl honestly, my query s dt normaly belw 30 rsi is oversold jone, so if we enter say a stock rsi arnd 14 den it goes lower bt.if misd it goes highr n sam.thng hapns whn stock s in overbot zone. So can u guide us how find botm or top n do right entry in oversold n overbot zones. Thx. God bls.

    • Hey Mandeep,

      You would need more than RSI to identify tops and bottoms in the markets.

      I’d prefer to let the market go into a range, and trade the breakout of it.


  • Hi Rayner, enjoyed your videos and more importantly learnt a lot from you. Admire your enthusiasm, energy and selflessness in posting these training videos.
    Always looking forward to your videos and emails. Thank you

  • Hi Rayner, thanks for the tips as always. I did the same trade and closed at 10.80 to wait for retrace to around 10.50 or so to re enter, sadly it never reached and it’s now 11.48. Any further comments on soybeans? And might be nice if you’d do a follow up on this with some advice about re-entry on trades, which is undoubtedly much trickier.


      • Hi Rayner, it never retraced, too bad for me =( anyhow, thanks for the advice, will stay patient.

        on a side note, have you any insights on a EURGBP trade? the uk eu membership referendum on the 23rd this month has prompted some brokers to lower max leverage on GBP pairs for the week. much appreciated.


        • Hi Edwin,

          I don’t have any setups at the moment on EURGBP.

          One thing to caution is to close position before the 23rd. Especially so for day or swing traders.

          You don’t want any sudden gap to wiped out a huge part of your account.


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