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This Fatal Mistake in Trading has Destroyed Many Traders 

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

By Rayner Teo

The fatal mistake in trading in made,

I was guilty of this.

Whenever I saw a big move in the markets, I told myself:

Quick! Get into this trade right now. The market is leaving without you!


I’ll “chase” the markets when it’s so bullish, and looked like it’s going up forever.

The outcome?

I lost big when the reversal came — and I’m long near the highs. Ouch.

So, why do many traders make this fatal mistake in trading?

Well, I can only think of this quote…

A fatal mistake in trading most traders make is using their own fear as an exit signal and their own greed as an entry plan. — Steve Burns

Now after being bruised and battered, I’ve wisen up…

Instead of “chasing” markets, a better way is to trade is, to let the markets come to you.

Which is what you’ll learn in today’s video:

  • How to stalk the best entry by letting the market come to you — like a lion stalking its prey
  • One little-known trick to “chase” the markets like a pro (for advanced traders only)
  • The two best trading setups on my radar (hint: one of them has broken a key Support area)

So, go watch it right now:

This Fatal Mistake in Trading has Destroyed Many Traders

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s market analysis and explanation of a fatal mistake in trading.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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  • when you use a trailing stop or a stop loss ” on a closing basis” 1) do you have a max draw down? 2) if not how do you control your risk reward ratio if it closed with a fat tail wide range bar?
    3) do you have two stops–the closing but but also a max draw down stop loss? to prevent a large loss.. 4 ) how do you calculate your drawn down max stop loss ( your 2x ATR, or support/resistance as normal.

  • Hi Mr Teo

    I’m learning hence may I know, we can trade stock in 4 hour? Or any other timeframe?

    If U find my Qn stupid is ok U choose not to reply.


  • Hi Rayner,
    do you trade all those different Markets in your videos with CFDs or on Futures (high maintanance margins)?

  • Hi Rayner,

    I am confused with how to trade Wheat now. Currently, price formed a hammer on the daily chart. Let’s say this hammer works out and price retrace back to the 20EMA in the 4h time frame, I am confused if I should short on based on the H4 and or long based on the D1. Any advice?

    • Hi Jun Yu,

      The question is which timeframes are you trading? The daily or 4 hour?

      Hammer that occurs in middle of nowhere is usually a continuation move based on my experience.


  • hello, rayner..i read all your blog post, it very good and inspire..thank you for your knowledge.. Thank you, hoppefully you are blessed by market..cheers

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