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Breakout in this market, how far will it go? 

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

By Rayner Teo

So last Friday afternoon…

I was hitting the gym when I bumped into a fellow subscriber called, Max.

He commented how I’ve been producing my weekly videos for years, consistently.

And then he asks me something really interesting…

“Rayner, why do you do it?”

Honestly, it started off as a hobby, sharing my thoughts about the markets, and hoping it gets appreciated.

But things change. People change. Thoughts change.

Right now if you ask me…

I want to provide value to this world.

I want to make a difference to this world.

I want to change the life of someone I’ve never met.

And most of all…

I want to influence you, to put yourself out there, and GIVE BACK to this world — that’s my WHY.


If I influence 10 of you to my way of thinking.

And 10 of you go on and influence another 10 people and etc.

This snowball effect can definitely make an impact on this world, won’t it?


Now that you know my “hidden” agenda, let’s move on to this week’s market analysis (as usual)…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 2 STRONGEST trading setups this week — and how to trade them
  • Don’t be misled by the meaning of a good trade (it’s not what you think)
  • A detailed trade review of the trades I’ve taken recently (which includes entries, exits, and stops)

Are you ready to make a difference?

Then go watch this week’s video below…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s analysis.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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  • Hi Rayner, came across your videos last week and have been going thru them. Heaps of great advise and tips. Add me to your 10 and thanks.

  • Thanks Rayner I like your videos, It was helpful.

    Could you help me Meta Trader 5 how to use stop limit,buy limit and sell entry. ect


  • I love your articles and strong motivation. Thanks. Hey, what do you think about trading the weekend gaps? I read that it is profitable since the gaps mostly get filled. Does this trading system depend on the broker? I use this broker called Profiforex

  • I have incorporated your teaching on trading in my wealth building plan. Never would you know how much you have provided significant positive impact and values to the people you have never met. What more is that you have just made the first push of the domino making people in the trading world from being selfish to selfless so that more and more people can achieve financial freedom through trading especially for those who put all efforts in.

  • Hi Rayner

    This is your friend from south Africa .
    Please do a video that distinguish between swing trading and trend following because i am kinda of confused when i’m watching your videos. When exactly do you use the 200 EMA and when exactly do you ignore it?. I was watching this weeks analysis and i had that question in mind i really need you to do that video containing both of swing trading and trend following , i will be glad if you can explain and give examples.
    By the way i like the way you present your videos its better than most Forex tutors.

    Kind regards
    Siyabonga Mlumiso

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