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AUD vs CAD, Here is a Powerful Trade Setup 

Last Updated: August 29, 2022

By Rayner Teo

A subscriber recently asked me:

“Hey Rayner, do you offer a signal service?”

So here’s the thing…

I don’t have a signal service.

I don’t have a trade copier service.

I don’t have a trading room.

So, the closest thing you can get is…

My weekly analysis on AUD vs CAD, where you can look over my shoulders and understand my trading thought process.

Because it’s my goal to make you stand on your own two feet, and become a consistently profitable trader.


So, in today’s video you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m long NZDUSD and the specific entry trigger I used to get into the trade
  • How to place a proper stop loss so you don’t get stopped out “too early”
  • A swing trading opportunity on AUD vs CAD


Then click below to get started…

AUD vs CAD, here is the trade setup:

Moving on…

These are charts you want to pay attention this week and their key levels:

Bund Daily:





I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s market analysis on AUD vs CAD.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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  • Thanks very much Rayner! Really appreciate your weekly analysis and loving the new format. Your thoughts and knowledge you share are way more valuable than any signal service! Keep up the great work! Adam

  • Any specific reason for u to short eurusd if like what u have mentioned if the price start to consolidate for next few days. Since many traders long on this pair.

    • Hey Robert,

      If EURUSD can consolidate near the lows, chances are a cluster of stops will buildup just below it. I’ll be inclined to short in anticipation that these stops will fuel further price decline.

  • Thanks Rayner! Always appreciate your videos to kick-off the trading week. It’s great to know the key levels to keep in mind. Thanks as well for mentioning the AUD/CAD opportunity. I am curious to see how it plays out after last week’s low-volume trading.
    Good luck with your trend following this week!

  • Hi Rayner
    Always looking forward to your weekly analysis. Thanks so much.

    Some questions hope you can advice.
    1) what are your criteria on whether to consider taking a swing trade or to take longer term trend following.

    2) do you consider taking both swing and trend following at the same time.

    3) understand you do not trade equity markets. Are there any particular reasons why you don’t trade equity markets?

    4) what is you opinion on trading Singapore equity market? It’s pros and cons?


    • Hi William

      1. My swing trading is usually shorter in duration and I take them separately in another account. The main difference is the timeframe I’m entering my trades on.

      2. Yes

      3. My brokerage doesn’t offer equities and indices provides exposure to the equity markets generally.

      4. You probably can only trade the daily timeframe or higher since it has lower liquidity. I can’t think of any upside but perhaps fundamental news may reach the average Singaporean first?

      • Hi Rayner
        Thanks for the reply.
        On my first question how do you decide whether to take a swing trade or to trend follow.

          • Hi Rayner
            Correct me if I am wrong, So your decision whether to swing trade or trend follows is due to the time frame of the entry. It is not due to the chart or market structure on whether you perceive the trend will persist for extended period to decide whether you will take a shorter term approach or long term approach.

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