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3 Secrets That Transformed My Trading 

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

By Rayner Teo


In the previous post, you’ve learned the 5 fatal mistakes traders make (that cost them years of frustrations and consistent losses).

If you have not checked it out, go read it here — it’s important.

Now you’re ahead of most losing traders because you know how to avoid the fatal mistakes that destroy most traders.

Moving on…

I want to share with you 3 secrets that transformed my trading and how you can apply it to yours.

So let’s dive in…

If you know this ONE thing, trading becomes much easier

Look at this chart below:

You’re probably thinking:

“The market is so high right now, it should reverse anytime soon…”

So, what do you do?

You’ll probably stay out of the trade for now.

For the more aggressive trader, you might even go short.

And here’s what happens next…

It’s hard to believe, right?

The market rallies another 430 points and you missed the entire move because you thought the price was “too high”.

Or if you’re short, you got stopped out (again).

Now if you pay attention, this phenomenon happens consistently.

Just look through your past trades and see it for yourself.

Every time you think the market is too high and it can’t go any higher, it does the exact opposite.

So the lesson is this:

The market is never too high to long (or too low to short) because it can trend longer than you think.

“Rome was not built in a day, and no real movement of importance ends in one day or in one week. It takes time for it to run its logical course” – Jesse Livermore

How to make more money without increasing your risk

Here’s the deal:

If you want to make more profits from your trading, you’ll probably do one (or more) of these things…

  • Trade more often
  • Risk more per trade
  • Increase your leverage

But do you know what’s the problem?

It increases your risk.

And it’s not something you want to do as a trader.

What you want is…

Increase your profits while maintaining your risk — or even reduce it.

But the question is:


Well here’s the secret:

You must trade more markets.

Let me explain.


  • You have a trading strategy that wins 50% of the time and have a 1:2 risk to reward
  • You trade across 5 markets and you have 10 trading opportunities each year
  • You risk $100 on each trade

How much money will you make?

If you do the math, you’ll realize the answer is $500


What if you traded 50 markets, how much money will you make?

The answer?


This means you’ve increased your profits 10 times just by trading more markets.

Can you see how powerful this is?

Now, a word of caution here:

You don’t want to trade many correlated markets (like eurusd, eurjpy, euraud, eurnzd, and etc.) because it increases your risk.

Instead, you want to trade uncorrelated markets so you can increase your profits while reducing risk.

And in The Trend Following Mentorship Program, I reveal the exact portfolio of markets you should trade, so you can diversify your risk and amplify your gains.

For now, let’s move on…

How to “extract” unlimited profits from the markets

You’ve been taught that when you put on a trade, you should have a minimum target profit (like a 1:2 risk reward ratio).

Now, that sounds fine — in theory.

But what you’re actually doing is telling Mr. Market…

“Hey, don’t give me too much profit. I can’t handle it!”

Does it make sense?

Heck no.

Why do you limit your gains?

Why do you prevent the market from giving you more?

Why not take everything the market has to offer — and “extract unlimited profits”?

I know what you’re thinking:

“But if I don’t take my profits, the market will reverse and stop me out for a loss.”

That’s possible.

The market could reverse and wipe out your profits.


Have you considered that the market could continue moving in your favor and it turns into a MEGA trend?

And by trailing your stop loss, you can “extract unlimited profits” because the market just keeps giving (like no tomorrow).

Here are a few examples:



Crude Oil:

Now, do you think it’s worth to endure a bit of “pain” for massive gains like these?

I sure hope so!

And the BEST part is…

You don’t need to constantly enter new trades.

You don’t need to constantly watch the markets.

You don’t need to “predict” how far the markets will go.

You just need to SIT ON YOUR HANDS — which is the closest thing to getting “free” money.


I’ve covered quite a bit and you probably have questions like…

How do I ride MEGA trends in the market?

How do I find a trading strategy that works?

How do I know when to enter and exit my trades?

Don’t worry. I’ll cover all these in my next post.

But for now, I would like to know one thing…

Why do you want to be a consistently profitable trader?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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  • Hi Rayner,
    What you mentioned reflected my behavior of trading. I like what you taught very much and I learnt a lot from you but I can’t get rid of such bad behavior. Now, I lost my job and I would like to have a consistent profit in trading so that I can cope up with my family living.

  • Rayner, the reason I want to be consistently profitable is because I want to be able to do all the things I love, like spend more time with my family and be able to afford the important things in life like proper health care. and to be able to have fun without worrying about finances.

  • Hai Rayner my superman.The is that now my workplace job not so good .ot also have been cut off montly income also reduce .So i need to make this thing heppenning to support my family maybe if i can help other people why not like wat u did now to me and to other.

  • Hi Rayner,

    I learned a lot from you as I m a newbie.. really appreciate your efforts and BIG thanks to you. Currently, I am at the bottom of my life.. I quit my jobs long ago and trying to do something to live free from long hours of works and stressful. Now, the economy is getting worse and I m struggling to support my family. Thats why I wanna be a consistently profitable trader..

    Best regards

  • Wow…. Great article. And all that you have said makes a perfect sense. Consistency helps in account growth. And withdrawing profits is probably everyone’s objective. Thanx Raynar.

  • Your explanations make so much sense, sounds wonderful, I wish I could really master this theory in daily profitable practice but the reality is that I have lost money so far.

  • I want to be a successful trader… Only profit trader are successful and I want to be one of them.
    Be a financial solution for people around me.

  • Good sharing Rayner… but between gold, silver, 6 major currency are all correlated.
    Oil not correlated. You agree ? That’s what my broker offer.

    Any suggestions pairs . Thanks.

  • Hi Rayner and all on this webb site.

    First of all Rayner again an execellant description of trend trading .
    I myself have been trading for 18 years and made some massive mistakes eg having no stop loss over the crash that happened in April 2000, woke up in the morning in UK, and the markets in US and Eastern had crashed and my trades were down by 90K sterling !!!! completely wiped me out, there was no online trading that i knew of at that time, so deals had to be done by telephone, and by the time they answered the phone and got to my account another 10k was gone !!!…. but I carried on trading , but my trades over the following years have dramatically shrunk in size.
    The problem with traders like myself is bad habits, and these bad habits just seem to take over.
    Over time Ive learned to minimise these bad habits with your simple teachings.

    Thankyou !

      • Your story is similar to mine though on a smaller scale. I turned over to Forex three months back following the crypto crash. I have lost over 12k dollars foolishly breaking all the rules: not setting stop loss, over trading, avoiding long trends, trading against the trade, poor lot size selection. My trading psychology was zero.
        In fact, I considered quitting. Sincee I met Rayner my story has changed. Am not so huge like before with trading account but am hopeful. Am sure we will have the course to smile soon.

  • I have spend most of my life working for other people and now I want something that will keep generating income for me even when I grow old

  • I want to be consistently so I can grow an account big enough so I can be free from being an emoployee while I inspire and help others learns from the markets

  • I notice alot of people are wanting to be profitable sooner rather than later. The problem is you have to “learn to walk before you can run”. If you want to make money, what is your plan? How are you going to get there? Rayner talks about this in his previous videos. It’s going to take time.

  • So I can make a consistent secondary income. If i’m consistent and have a considerable capital for trading and I loose my job and become unemployed then trading can be a means to make money so that I can continue living fine at-least.

  • Hi Rayner,
    All sounds good on paper, translating to real world situations will be the key, and your 100% correct in assuming we basically all make the same mistakes and it’s because of the many variables we confront. A lot of the problems new traders (and old) face can be down to the basics of how to actually access and trade in the markets, and once again your correct in assuming we tend to stick to what we find can easy to fit in to busy schedules, which severely limits our trading range and leads to the predictable results. What you so correctly suggest makes perfect sense but it’s the putting it into practice that is difficult, because the unknown always seems difficult, I’d suggest no one is really looking for the mythical silver bullet, just a light to show the path will prevent many stumbles

  • Hello Rayner, I want to be a profitable trader for build my PARADISE !!!! And Also find what i can call paradise Hahaha

  • Hey Rayner!

    It’s an absolute pleasure to learn from every post you make & videos you do in a weekly basis, my reasons wanting to be a consistently profitable trader is that i’m 29 years of age & have been working for 11 years now with nothing much to show & yet working very hard let alone the long hours i put in to my job.

    So i so feel if i cannot think of a business to start up then i’m bound to work until i retire of which it doesn’t sound great every time i get to think about it, so i’m intrigued with trading at the moment, sleepless nights have been spend trying to figure out this market & have incurred big losses as well this far, thankfully i met you on youtube which has changed my trading style ultimately!

    Thanks a million!

  • I really want to be a consistently profitable trader so that I can afford the finer things in life that my salary does not afford.I want to be financially free and be able to take care of my family.

    I am so grateful for all the videos and trading guides you provide.Ever since i came across them my trading has improved a lot.

  • I want try to gain maximum profit but the problem I facing, when everytime the trade is in profit, at the end become be+1. Example for gold/usd and eu.

    Last few day in profit, after it triggle my stop loss when I wake up tomorrow.

    Is it my sl put too little?

  • Rayner, but the mega trend only happens 10% or less of the time and to ride that you need to lose 90% of the time… agree?

  • Rayner,
    I’ recently retired. I have studied trading for about four years. I have my process and method identified for day trading. I try to manage my risk effectively. I am not trying to get rich by trading. Actually, I am comfortable and day trade to stay active. My biggest issue is committing to the trade and then watching the name move as expected without me.

  • Hi Rayner,

    Thanks for sharing, I am taking time to learn more and practice with minimal risk, and infact it help me in future for my financial growth.

    Thanks for Sharing, Cheers!

  • I have been trading for a couple of years but lack of confidence has been responsible for my down times but your simplicity in your teachings which is quite comprehensible have only increased my confidence which have made the difference in my trading habit and by extension made me a better trader
    Thanks plenty.
    My best regards
    Gladstone Ate

  • Rayner, I am retired and I trade to help supplement my income on which some months it does and some months it doesn’t anyway Rayner just following you advice, and programs have really help my trading. I follow all your advice, and videos they are like golden nuggets.
    Plus the fact I really enjoy the challenge that trading brings. It has help in my trading and personal life to be a better person.

  • Hi Rayner you’ve been of great help to me, actually am just starting out to be a trader because I’ve worked for people all my life and no longer want to continue, I want to be an employer of labour.

  • Hey Rayner, i have been learning trading for sometime now. I would like to make constant profits mainly to make a living, and create time for other interest of mine in an effort to help the community. I have traded demo and live, it hasn’t been my best experience yet but am hoping to perfect my efforts. Your lessons are helpful, i have been getting resources from you but this time i have opted to follow through your course. Hope will help each other into the future. Good work Rayner.

  • Good day, Rayner!

    I’ve found your blog through your posts from Investagrams.

    I’m practicing Andreas Clenow’s 50/100 EMA Trend Following on Investagram’s paper trading system. I’ve seen from your post and Andreas Clenow’s blog post that we should apply trend following systems on as many markets as possible.

    I’m from the Philippines and I only have experience with our local stock market. Can you suggest other markets that can be traded for someone like me that is located here in PH?

    Thanks a lot! I’ll be reading your previous posts and your future posts!

  • I am looking some advice on leverage,

    1. Many strategy I have experimented but due leverage hit stop loss most of the trade, failed risk/reward , money management
    2. another concern we unable to keep position open long time because of fees, brokerage etc

    Could please advise me what type leverage help for trend following? Or price action?

    Anyone have idea how professional trader use leverage?

  • Hi Reiner
    my problem is
    1. I do not have a setup to understand if a stock is going up from 1st 5min candle onwards. I always fear that it will go down and hence don’t take risk, hence loss of opprtunity.
    Can i have a setup pl?
    I have a setup for reversals. which works well for me.

    • I suggest focus on the stuff that works for you and ignore the rest.

      You don’t need to know everything to be a profitable trader, but just focus on one thing and doing it really well.

  • Hi Rayner!

    When i try to trade all markers , i face problem to execute order because Most Brokers not allow to trade below 1 lot for some markets (ex-futures, bonds etc) They minimum allow to trade 1 Lot, Then it affect to money management , is there any solution ? special if we have small account like 1000$.

  • HI Rayner

    I am Zamokuhle from south Africa,i want to be a profitable trader so that i cn help my community, u see my dream is to become the best businessman south Africa has ever produced, i know money is not a symbol of being goof at wat u do, ever since i was born i hv never went against my self in life, i hv read that when u are trading, u not up against a million of people but u arw against ur self so i want to be able to defeat myself if thats even english nd also i am inlove with trading it has opened my mind in so many ways thats no one can imagine

    You se where i am coming from,it important to follow ur dream nd to make sure at whatever you do, u give it your 101% effort… Nd being profitable will truly help me understand how much do i know nd trust myself,it wll show me my confidence,my self-esteem nd self awareness…..thats the reason why

  • Consistently profitable cos:
    I’m undergoing long term treatment & have more time to trade.
    Maybe make some money to subsidize my medical bills

    Thank you

  • I strongly believe in learning , I want to consistently be a profitable trader not just to grow wealth steadily but to also impart this knowledge to my community at large.

  • Why do you want to be a consistently profitable trader?

    Because this is my source of income after quitting from my previous job… and i’ve been doing this full time since September 2016.. now nearly 2 years and ive not even made a break even.. far from it..

    Sorry for being whiny.. thanks for all the tips you’ve given in videos and printed texts like this.. i keep going to your videos to consolidate my learning

  • Hi Rayner,

    I have been reading some of your articles, and they are surely useful. I want to be a trader because it has been my dream to contribute significantly through an organization. For example, sponsoring a sick child in a hospital without asking for something in return.

    More power to you and stay blessed

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