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Beware of Trading Gurus! 

Last Updated: May 14, 2022

By Rayner Teo

Throughout your trading career I’m sure you would have come across trading gurus.

Types of Trading Gurus you should be aware of:

Below are the category of these so called ‘gurus’ I encounter regularly and hopefully you can detect when you see gurus

Hindsight guru

These group of trading gurus tend to post regularly. However all of the setups posted are after the fact. Meaning the trade is already over and they show that it is a winner if you follow his trading strategy. Anyone can do that by trading on hindsight. I don’t see any value in doing this except to mislead the masses.

Ninja guru

These group of trading gurus tend to post a number of trading setups. However out of all the setups that’s posted, probably only a handful will be winning trades. The rest are all losers. When the winning trades are achieved, they will go around posting their winners all over the internet. Giving the audience the impression that they are very accurate and suffer no losses. What happens to the losing trades? Well they hide it and keep mum about it. Just like a ninja hiding in the shadows!

Honest Ninja guruninja

These group of trading gurus are a little more intelligent compared to the earlier. They behave similarly as the ninja guru except for the fact that they do post their losses. Wow, finally something honest! But wait. They’re not stupid either.

Say for example they post 10 trades and only have 3 winners and 7 losers. They will go around showing off their 3 winning trades but when it comes to the losing ones, probably only 1 out of the 7 will be mention. Thus giving the impression that they are being honest and credible. But they forgot, we’re not stupid either.

I hope you can now better detect such gimmicks that’s circulating in this industry and not fall into the trap of these trading gurus.

Feel free to leave your comments 🙂

  • Hiya Rayner, Spot on my man. It’s a crooked industry out there. The education aspect of the industry is simply enormous with people paying small fortunes for the dubious privilege. and you could spend your whole life learning and there are a zillion different strategies which I’m sure are successful. In my mind, at the end of the day it boils down to support & resistance, risk reward, & your own psychology…

  • You forgot thouse one who wrote a book. 🙂 I know some examples. They take price aktion and market strukture witch is allready known and give them his own name like “market aktion” or other non sense and sell it as he would be the founder of it.
    Maybe you could give them the name “Oracle” that would describe this guys wery well 🙂

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