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How to Use Stochastic Indicator in a Trending Market? 

 May 14, 2015

By  Rayner

In this video post, I share with you 3 things..

1. What is the stochastic indicator?

2. How you can use it in a trending market?

3. 3 tips  on entries and exits

I hope you have enjoyed this video post. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

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  • this set up was first presented on Babypips back in 2009 on a popular series of threads & also on a thread of the same title on Forex Strategies-revealed around the same time.

    I’ve been using it successfully for the past 4 years.

    • Hi Mark,

      Great to hear you are having success with it.

      Most traders usually use stochastic in a range markets, but in a trending market it can be useful too.


  • Hi,
    I’ve seen this strategy recently on a trading website. It looks quite positive judging by those using it.
    Did you see it on a website somewhere Rayner?

    • Hi Harry,

      I didn’t come up with this approach for looking at Stochastics. I saw it somewhere before but i can’t remember from which article or video.

      But it’s not an exact strategy per se as there are other elements that you have to consider as well.


  • Hi Rayner. I was wondering if u trade non USD pairs such as GBPAUD?

    Is there an “advantage” trading these over USD pairs as the NFP and FOMC announcements can cause the USD to whiplash

    • Hi P,

      I do trade them if for example GBPAUD is in a nicer trend compared to GBPUSD.

      News don’t really affect me much because my stop loss are usually based on my entry time frame. Either the 4 hour or daily and it can usually accommodate the whipsaw.

      Hope that helps!


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