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The Art And Science Of Technical Analysis (With Adam Grimes) 

Last Updated: February 16, 2024

By Rayner Teo

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, we have Adam Grimes.

Adam has been instrumental to my development as a price action trader and I’m excited to have him on this session.

Adam has been trading since the 1990s and has traded for institutions, prop firms, and even hedge funds.

He is a discretionary trader but unlike most discretionary traders, Adam does rigorous testing on the patterns he is trading so he knows it has an edge in the markets.

So in today’s episode, we cover:

1)  Adam’s growing up years and how he got started in the financial markets

2) Patterns that every discretionary trader should know

3) Failure test pattern

4) Trend continuation pattern (when exactly to enter a trade and how to combine multiple patterns for a higher probability setup)

5) Complex pullback

6) Snap pattern

7) Trade management: where to set your stops and targets and how to manage a trade from start to finish


Then let’s get started…

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