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#1 When is the best time to enter a trade? 

Last Updated: August 28, 2022

By Rayner Teo

What the heck is AskRayner?

I’m glad you asked.

AskRayner is a weekly video where I’ll answer your trading questions. Because over the years I’ve gotten a ton of questions like…

When is the best time to enter a trade?

How do I exit my trade?

How do I be a more disciplined trader?

I’m new to trading, how do I start?

Which broker should I choose?


Instead of keeping those answers to myself, I figured…

Why not share them with you?

And that’s how AskRayner is born. I want to help you become a better trader by learning from others before you.


In this first episode of AskRayner, I’ve got a question by Elton who asked…

“When is the best time to enter a trade?”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A little “trick” I use when trading breakouts and how it improves my winning rate
  • The only 2 ways you can enter a trade, and what are the pitfalls to avoid
  • How to trade Support & Resistance and get favorable risk to reward on your trade

If you want to know when the best time to enter a trade is, then go watch this episode below…

Do you want to learn more?

Then go read these posts because it will improve your trading entries…

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Now, if you want me to answer your question…

Just let me know in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Hi Rayner,

    First of all a big THANKS to you for taking out time to help other traders in distress like me. I’ve recently started following you and though have not yet become profitable but trying to apply the learnings and it feels good.

    My question for now to you is this: In a lot of my trades I think I’m able to get good entry, the trade goes in my favor but then a lot of times I fail to book the profit properly and end with losses or little profits instead of what I could have got if I exited early or sometimes waited a bit more. So how do I plan my exits, or rather when to stop riding profits?

    Thanks in Advance, looking forward to more wisdom 🙂

    • Aakash question is mine – emotions of dealing with a winner retracing, or something that eventually turns into a winner, but immediately goes against. I get the math, the logic, etc, but find it hard to let trades just ride. Hearing more about how you trail stops – to where, when, why, etc, would be very useful.

      To our other friend who lost $5800 and is thinking about taking another loan – DON’T. You must learn trading skills only with money you can afford to lose, and if you don’t have any, paper trade. One $5800 loss will turn into many more losses if you have not yet shown to yourself a proven ability to earn profits over time. This is called an “edge”. Without a proven edge, you will get deeper and deeper into debt. I’ve traded for 2 years and only now earning small profits. I finally have an edge, but still make mistakes – emotional ones – and the more important the money is to you, the more likely you will make more, and bigger, emotional mistakes. You sound like someone about to ruin his life if you think you can trade your way out of debt with more debt when you’ve yet to prove you can trade. Just because Rayner makes it look easy – it is not.

      This brings me to my other question. Rayner – what’s your winning percentage? And your average gain vs. loss. This should be instructive for those who think you never lose. Also, what percentage of your account do you put at risk in any one trade? Much appreciated

  • Hi Rayner, i post this question on ur fb page but didnt get any answer. R u familiar with using EA/Script on mt4? I notice on the mt4 there no risk based lot size function when placing a trade. So I’m thinking of making a script and host it on a vps. The thing is i always use my mobile phone to trade. Is it possible for the mobile mt4 to detect the script and auto calculate for me the lot size? Would be great if u can asnwer my question cause i have been trying to find the answer.

  • Hi Rayner

    Good video, Rayner, and what you addressed is what has been troubling me. I now know that I should place trade right at the area of value. I used to wait for price to move away and exceed the last pullback candle to touch S/R zone; and, by the time I enter, price would be a distance away from the safe stop loss area.

    Keep it up.

    Lucas Mgidi.

  • My Dear
    Mr. Rayner This is the reasion for I affrid for trading, Please help me

    Thankyou verymuch helping for poor people, I lossed $$5800 =Rs.5 Lacks in forexmarket, I was taken hand loan on that time still to day I paying interest only, now my account is 000.Your Trading Strategy If it’s work without losses, defenetle I will take hand loan again and I told for this Strategy my forex trade friends also. Once again I tanking you for give this operturnity.
    please reply as soon as possible. What can I do now?

    • hello Ms. Karttiek maybe im not a proper person to say something on this page, but to tell you I already encountered the same situation you are facing right now. Our only difference is the value… I mean mine is bigger amount… I also borrowed twice but I didn’t made it.. what i did is i returned the money i borrowed little by little to keep myself away from emotional pressures……
      All just I can say is… Its very hard to trade when your thoughts and emotion are driven by pressure. So better to listen properly, carefully and practice what a forex mentor advice you. If you fail to follow his rules on trading, then its not the mentor’s fault….
      Just think about like this…. “can you promise to make ONLY a 100 pips a day”? and thats 500 pips a week. And thats approximately 2000 pips a month. If you think you can, then its good because discipline is on your way… Or, “could you minimize your losses upto 1/4 from all your 10 trades?”….

    • Hi Karttiek

      You should stop trading now and learn more about this business first. There isn’t a strategy that wins 100% of the time.

      Take it slow and steady.

  • when you trade the stock indexes are a stock is there not a 7% up side bias meaning they go up that much over time. so when you short those is that not a counter trend trade for the most part. my real question when you factor in the market comes down up to 3 times faster than it goes up, making short trading much more dangerous and blows up many new traders. why would most students even be doing any shorting,,,there are plenty of longs

  • Hi Rayner
    You share a lot of good stuff, thanks for this. Recently you shared how you draw support/resistance lines. When it comes to futures what chart type do you recommend? Single contract, continuous, nearest?

  • Hello Rayner my question has to do with entering trade on multi time frames.
    I trade the 1 hr. for direction and entry is base on the 15 minute t/f.
    I found out something waiting for the 1 hour you can miss a lot of the move according to the 15 minute time frame.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank You

    • Hi William,

      For me, the higher timeframe is to get a bias and that’s it.

      All my trading decisions are based on the entry timeframe and not higher timeframe.

      So what you can do is get your bias on H1, and find your setups on 15mins.

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective Rayner! This seems like a great segment and will look forward to seeing future questions and answers to help improve my trading and trend following. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  • I’ve got a question.
    When trading the side ways market on a daily time frame, can I use the 200ema to decide if I should go long or short?
    … or I should not use it at all in a side ways market.
    …or should I use a smaller ema to track price movement within the side ways trend.
    …or should I use the preceding trend that occured before the side ways trend to make that decision.

    Thanks Rayner.

  • Hi Rayner,
    thank you so much….learning so much from your training video…I had one query regarding trading….how to decide to take entry in trade or exit from trade…on live or closing basis?

  • Hi Rayner,

    Thank you for your details course that you given to us. It help me a lot. I just learned your tutorial for a week by now I can win daily about 50 pips and above.

    The only I confusing right now about support resistant. I trade daily an I’m using hourly as my base and trade on 15 minutes chart.
    My question is in which time frame should I use to draw snr line.

    Tq sir

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