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Why Trend Followers Trade Price And Not News? 

Last Updated: May 9, 2022

By Rayner Teo

This week I talk about why they focus solely on price, and not news.

And trading opportunities on Gold & Dax!

Why Trend Followers Trade Price And Not News:


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  • Hi Rayner,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video and your trend following analysis. It certainly gives me a wider view on how to trade a trending market and as well as it really bring “the trend is your friend” saying alive.


  • Hi Rayner,

    Great website and thanks for all of the great Trend Following resources you kindly share. Please could I ask your experience with strong trends and momentum, that a good trend would`nt need to retrace much, perhaps up to 23-38%? Many thanks for your time and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Niki,

      You’re most welcome!

      I don’t really use fib much, but still to answer your question it depends on the timeframe you’re looking at.

      The higher timeframe you go, chances are the trend would appear to be like a series of green/red candles. E.g. look at crude oil on the weekly chart

      When you drill down to the lower timeframe, then you will see the ebb and flow of the market. Higher highs and lows e.g. look at crude oil on the daily chart.

      So it is on the lower timeframe that you will see price perhaps retracing to a fib level. But once again, i don’t use fib in my trading.

      Hope that helps!


  • Hi Rayner,

    Been looking at your analysis for a while now..thanks for the great videos and resources…

    Question : How do you determine when to take profit since you have mentioned that you let the winners unlimited R but limit losses to 1-2R..Thanks..

    • Hi Justin,

      You’re welcome and hope you enjoyed it.

      Regarding your question, i trail my stops using moving average. You can check out this video for further explanation.

      Let me know if that clears up.


      • Hi Rayner,

        Thanks for the link to the USD/JPY video. That really helped.

        I am currently trading FX (typically majors) and looking to trade selective commodities (WTI, Brent, Gold) with CMC markets..especially since WTI and Brent spiked higher on month end..CMC markets does not have an ATR calculator..

        Is there a method/app/calculator to calculate ATR easily? Alternatively, how do you calculate ATR?

        Calculating it using the greatest of the following for 14 periods will be cumbersome..Got it from the link below..Cheers..

        Method 1: Current High less the current Low
        Method 2: Current High less the previous Close (absolute value)
        Method 3: Current Low less the previous Close (absolute value)

        • Hi Justin,

          I’m glad that you liked the video! 🙂

          The ATR indicator that can be found on MT4 trading platforms.

          I would suggest asking CMC if they do have that indicator on their platform because it is actually a very common indicator.


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