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Where is the Dollar Headed? 

Last Updated: May 14, 2022

By Rayner Teo

Is the rally on the Dollar over? And Where is the Dollar Headed?

Where is the Dollar Headed?:

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  • Nice explanation, I like the NZD/USD pair setup.

    I was waiting for USD / JPY to open long position but I was not completely satisfied with the market movements, hopefully I will get a long entry this week.

    Thanks for the NZD / USD pair wanted to hold it for more pips but TS hit and closed my position.

    Learning day by day from you how to hold the position longer.

    When you get time please explain when to move the SL to BE in any trade. Do I need to wait until it hit the next SnR or if my SL is 100 pips and TF is 200 pips, price move 100 pips towards my TF can I move my SL to BE or there is any other method I can follow. Thanks is advance.

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