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What is a Stoploss? 

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

By Rayner Teo

In this video post, I’ll explain to you what is a Stoploss.

What is a Stoploss?

I hope you have enjoyed this video post. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

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  • Rayner,
    I don’t understand. Why is it a problem that the trend is going upward? Isn’t that a good thing?
    I am a complete newbie.
    I thought it’s buy low sell high. why did we sell first then buy after.
    It confuses me so much cause one transaction can mean both (buying or selling)
    Like the exchange of EURO to DOLLAR. It can be said in two ways:
    Let’s say I have the dollar:
    1. I SELL my dollar for Euro
    2. I BUY EURO for this amount of DOLLAR

    so whenever I listen to videos, it always confuses me. What are you selling? What are you buying?

    Can i use the USD/PHP currencies cause it is easier to understand for me. I am a filipino.
    USD/PHP = 50 (is it correct to say that? Cause 1 USD is 50 Php)

    In my initial understanding, Buy Low Sell High

    So, I have dollars in my hand.

    Do I say, Sell Dollars or Say Buy Php? It is so confusing which currency everyone is referring to.
    Like is it supposed to be USD/Php or Php/USD?

    It is still very confusing to me.

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