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Last Updated: December 27, 2020

By Rayner Teo

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  • Rayner, thanks for all these wonderful trading videos! I will be sure to take some time to go through them in detail this weekend. Thanks for all the great trading education and information you organize and share. Much appreciated!

  • IF you haven’t heard from me, it might be because you didn’t open my emails for the last few months and you got deleted.

    You can always subscribe to my emails again.

  • I’m keen to watch these but I have this error on every video – “Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

  • Rayner

    If possible Please upload these videos to youtube, so that easy to remind them in future

  • Good morning Rayner and thank you very much for all you do to help us in our trading.GOD bless you.

  • Thanks friend for your educational programs,please can you upload the tradersfest videos on YouTube?

  • Thank you Rayner for organizing the Traders Fest Webinars and the outstanding work you are doing as a trading coach and mentor to thousands of traders hungry for good information.

  • I am from India, I was so busy in meetings that i couldn’t be online since we are in different time zone. Thanks for the uploads. Really appreciate…

  • hello rayner,

    I would like to download the videos to view them a view times and to view them offlione. Do you have downloadable versions? And will these videos be on the website for a while?


  • I just want to say thanks for the videos, they are very informative. I have been studying lessons on trading and will start paper trading more consistently soon.

  • i was on webinar day 1, but had to leave when the 2nd speaker started. Please post videos for day 1

  • frankly i am offended: where’s download links? These videos are useless as we have to watch them from start to finish, as per usual for youtube videos, you can not always go to a time stamp in the future to resume watching.

    • OMG!!!, I think you should just be grateful since it was for free through the efforts of Sir Rayner (despite of not feeling well during the sessions).Kudos Sir Rayner.:) I really appreciate your efforts.

  • Hi Rayner, it would be great if you could share Robin Ho’s video. i was looking forward to contact him.

  • Rayner, all of the above respected traders have explained their trading rules and strategies very well but we also want to learn your won trading strategies as well as other factors required in your trading. So please arrange a separate webinar for that. Again a lot of thanks for organising this trader’s fest.

  • Thanks for the video Rayner, really appreciate it. Can you please extend it till sunday instead of 48hrs. I m full time employee and only get a chance to watch one video/ nite because of taking care kids. Hoping, i can watch them all on weekend. Thanks a lot Rayner

  • Hi Rayner I understand the videos are not meant to be downloaded. It’s okay, but please consider to extend it for one more day. Thank you Rayner.

  • Thanks Rayner for allowing to watch these recordings after the event. I coudn’t attend it live… Thank you!!
    However, I think you just uploaded the 2nd day presentations. Is it possible to whatch 1st day presentations also?
    All the best to you and thanks a lot once again. 🙂

  • Hi Rayner. Thanks for excellent videos on trading. Is there any option to download these videos so that we can watch during our free time.

  • hy Rayner. Thanks for your effort, why not add paypal to purchase the Program? hope u extend it some day more.

  • Hi Rayner, will you be leaving theses videos on your private website for your those of us who signed up for your course? Reason being that 48 hours may not be sufficient as I’ll be away for vacation. Thanks

  • Beggers asking why they didn’t get appetizers or dessert. I’m offended that that guy is offended for something he didn’t drop an ounce of sweat for. Thanks for the uploads. If you’re not satisfied, try attending yourself.

  • Hi! How do I check the videos? It says the videos are locked. Thank you so much and more power to you!

  • Hi Rayner, thank you for all your efforts and your awesome content here and on youtube, really appreciate it!
    I sadly missed the traders fest, is there any chance to watch these recordings somewhere?
    If not, no worries, just thought i’d ask.

    Thanks and best regards from Germany. Have a great start into 2019! 😉

  • Dear Rayner I want to buy trader fest videos send me the link.Now it’s locked.pls unlock to buy the videos.

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