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The Power of Price Action Trading That Nobody Tells You 

Last Updated: October 14, 2020

By Rayner Teo

In my last post, I said that if you want to be a consistently profitable trader, you need to stay away from trading indicators, fundamental news, and signal services.

Now you’re probably wondering:

“So what should I focus on?”

Price action.

Wait, what’s that?

I’ll explain…

Price action trading is a methodology that relies on historical prices (open, high, low, and close) to help you make better trading decisions.

Unlike indicators, fundamentals, or algorithms… price action tells you what the market is doing — and not what you think it should do.

And as the saying goes…

“Trade what you see, not what you think”.

Do you want to see the power of price action trading?

Then read on…

You can “predict” what the markets will do with heightened accuracy…

Let me tell you a secret:

The price can predict the future better than anyone of us.

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself…

EUR/USD is in a downtrend before the ECB cuts interest rate:

NZD/USD is in a downtrend before the NZ central bank cuts interest rate:

Clearly, it’s obvious that price leads the news.

So, if you’re always trying to predict where the market is going, then look no further.

Because all you need to do is just follow price and you’ll be more accurate than 90% of the analysts out there.

You trade what you SEE, not what you think

Here’s the thing:

The majority of trading indicators (like Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic, ADX, ATR, Bollinger Bands, and etc.) are a derivative of price.

This means the line (or value) you’re seeing on your indicator is derived by applying a mathematical formula to the price.


What if your RSI indicator is overbought and the Stochastic indicator is oversold, at the same time?

Won’t you have conflicting signal?


But no worries!

You can adjust the settings of your RSI indicator and make it oversold, so now, both your RSI and Stochastic indicator are sending out the same “signal”.

But let me ask you…

Does it make sense?

Heck no!

Why would you want to manipulate an indicator to fit your bias?

It doesn’t make sense.

Remember, you’re supposed to trade what you see, not what you think.

But hey, the good news is…

You won’t have this problem if you choose to focus solely on price.

No bias. No agendas. No manipulation.

You have absolute control over your trading results without relying on anyone

Here’s the deal:

Someone who relies on a black-box algorithm, magic systems, or signal service, isn’t a trader.


Because they are just “blindly” following orders. And the worst thing is…

They GIVE UP the power to be in control.

But no, that’s not you.

Because as a price action trader, you have absolute CONTROL over your trading results.

You make decisions like:

  • Where you’ll enter the trade
  • Where you’ll set your stop loss
  • Where you’ll exit your winners
  • How much to risk on each trade
  • What are the market conditions you’ll trade
  • How to manage your trade from start to finish

And here’s the beauty of it…

When you have total control of your actions, you can make tweaks and improvements to your trading.

The outcome?

You make more profits in the long run (that no systems, robots, or algorithms can match).

Now, I’ll admit.

This isn’t for everyone.

Because not everyone is meant to be a trader.

But if this sound like what you’re looking for and you’re prepared to put in hard work and reap the benefits of what trading can offer… then read on.

You can better time your entries and exits


You know that indicators are a derivative of price (after applying a formula to it), so naturally, you can expect it to “lag” the markets.

This means if you rely on indicators for your entries, you’ll be slower compared to someone who trades based on price action.

Here’s an entry based on moving average crossover:

And here’s an entry based on price action:

Can you see the difference?


How far ahead you’ll be if you can better time your entries using price action?

Unlike trading systems, you can apply Price Action to any markets — and it works

Now, unlike other trading systems that only work in certain markets, price action trading can be applied to all markets.

Why is that?

Because price action is not a trading system that “spits” buy and sell signals.


It’s a methodology that helps you identify the different market conditions, so you know which strategy to use under different circumstance.

This means if the market changes, so do your trading strategy!

The outcome?

You’ll learn how to constantly adapt to the ever-changing market conditions and you can be confident your trading approach will work for years to come.

You can be a consistently profitable trader without paying attention to the news


I’ll honestly say that fundamental news is NOISE to your trading.

I’m sure you’ve seen the market rallies on bad news and collapse on good news. And you’re probably wondering:

“What the heck is happening?”

Well, I’ve no idea too.

The only thing I know is… price is king.

This means you don’t know anything about fundamentals like the price to book value, financial ratios, interest rates, GDP, assets, liabilities, and etc.

And… you still can be a consistently profitable trader — if you follow price.

Here’s the proof:

AMD had 3 years of negative earnings but the stock rallied 700% in 12 months. If you shorted AMD based on fundamentals, then this would really hurt.

But what if you followed price?

Then there is money to be made by being on the RIGHT side of the market.

Or how about the US Presidential election?

If you recall:

The news and media were extremely bearish if Donald Trump gets elected as president because of his policies, his character, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and etc.

But look what happened…

The S&P 500 broke to all-time highs.

If you shorted this market based on the media and analyst reports, then you’re probably toasted right now.

So my point is this…

The market doesn’t care about you, me, fundamental reports, news, media, analysts, and etc.

The only thing that matters is Price.

At this point…

You’ve learned what is price action trading and the difference it can make to your trading.

Now you’re probably wondering:

“How do I apply price action to my trading?”

“Where can I learn more about price action trading?

“Do you have any price action techniques I can use?”

Don’t worry.

I’ve got another lesson coming where you’ll discover price action trading techniques that work—so you can get results, fast.

Then I’ll open up my premium training program, The Ultimate Price Action Trader (UPAT) if you want to take things a step further.

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  • Thats true all around!
    Nothing beats price action!

    I used to trade with 3-5 indicators in my chart. Bollinger, Moving average, alligators, snakes, stoch etc you name it i tried it all just to try getting an entry point!. (Well snakes is not an indicator btw).

    But now and then i get tired of waiting for confluence in the cluster of indicators . When i do get one most of the time the market turn against me and i cannot figure out why.

    Took me some time to realize that those indicators were in fact ‘Lagging’, means that it represent the past performance of the price. which means i am always late!

    Then i came across price action trading, which rids my chart of messy lines & waves. I just need to look at certain areas, patterns and candlesticks to get my entry. No weird messy indicators! (I still use moving average thanks to Mr Rayner Teo’s guidance)

    I find that my trade significantly better after that. Im not saying indicators are trash. Some people do make money from them and i agree but for me why do i need to put trust in my trade to something that also has no idea what is going to happen in the future. Better rely on myself and my own judgement. Let myself be the indicator!

    Then again, reading price action also needs a lot of knowledge & practice. Its not easy but then again trading is never easy.

    • Marius, thanks very much for your input. I have spent the last year following different people/methods, price action and an emphasis on horizontal lines definitely appears to be the most effective way of dispersing noise and fog from all the information and indicators out there.

    • I know that price action is best than any other indicator, but I didn’t have knowledge about the price action how it work. So pl. Help us all you people and special Rayner sir pl guide me regarding price action strategies,
      Thank you.

  • Hey RT,
    I’ve been trading on a live account for just on 4 months, but have actually been learning about FX trading for over 3 years.
    The first 3 months after I decided to take trading seriously, I traded using a auto signal platform, which gave me less then 30% success an less returns.
    I then switched to trying all the indicators I learnt about and tried that for the last month of the 3 months giving me better returns but even less success %.
    Since March the 19th till now I have put all my focus into trading on Price Action only.
    I currently have a 96% success rate with ever increasing returns.
    Price Action trading is in my humble opinion the best way to maintain a successful, and growing sustainable trading account and Trading experience all round.

    Thanks for all your insight since I’ve been following you for the past 2 months it has help me a lot.

    Much appreciated.

    Jason Maurirere

  • From all I have understood by what you have lectured about price action and minimal use of indicators it gives me the option of only looking at my risk and money management and psychological behaviour of the traders and me as an investor overall.

  • I think Price action Is about price crossing certain moving averages, trendlines, support/resistance zones like yesterday’s highs/lows, large and small quarters, balance lines, am I right? Problem is sometimes, the trendline or support/resistance line is crossed then price retraces. Is the winning formula in statistics? Is it that if for example……

    price is approaching a resistance level, you go ahead and predict a reversal if the next candle closes below the resistance line, and if price then fakes out and goes through the resistance line, you take the loss because statistically more often if this is your strategy you will be in profit more than in loss because price often reverse than continues if price approaches a resistance level

    • Price action is reading what the markets are doing objectively, and then deciding when to enter, exit and manage your trades based on the market price action.

    • Well then you also teading the candlestick bible it will guide you more about false breakouts and then combine it with Raynes knowledge… boom

  • Hey new to trading and really struggling…please help me out with a simple profitable strategy I can use on my phone,to grow a $30 Micro account with leverage 1:500.

    P.S.Do you recomment EAs?

    • I guess you first need to understand what Leveraging is all about…. 1:500 leverage? Wow

    • Hello Gift,i will share with you some of my personal experience.

      First of all there is no Holy Grail of trading or any magic EA that will help you turn your micro account in something huge overnight. Sorry if is dissapointing but is the truth.

      Trading is bout being patient and wait for an oportunity and then jump in with not more than 2 percent of wht you’ve got.
      That will help you to be safe if price goes against you,you’ll be able to survive few loses.U wount get rich in one day so accept the losses,take a break and try again the next day.
      Accepting the losses it means that you accept you’ve been wrong (it might be difficult but u will get to it),in this way you wount be overtrading.

      Second of all a high leverage (1:500 in your case) in deed will help you to open bigger positions with lower capital but u need to think that a big position (overleveraged) can bring reealy quick huge losses or even wipe out your account .

      If you are already struggeling the best thing for you is to save more money and start with lets say at least 200….it will take you like forever to build up that account but in the meantime u will also build up your discipline and when you’ll have a bigger account u will se that a 1:500 leverage is basically useles if you don’t have the experience and discipline.

      A good strategy is kinda like this:
      U need to learn the basics,build up discipline,add experience and the last thing added is leverage.

      The best thing to do for you is to start practice on a demo account,practice until you will build up your discipline ,a strategy that suits your trading style,test whatever strategy you think it might work and once you found it then adjust it better and better and better. By then u will be disciplined enough,your greed aversion will fade (1:500 leverage wount be tempting anymore) and once you had at least 6 profitable months you can try on live account.

      Just keep in mind that you should not fool yourself because you will be the easiest to fool.

      Be honest with yourself,be patient!

  • This is like having a better or good life strategy to trade the market and not looking at the environmental factors and economic factors all inclusive fundamentals and technical indicators.

  • hi rayner
    Price action is my biggest challenge but i know with as my mentor i will be on top of the game
    God bless your work.

  • I agree with you that it make more sense to use Price Action Trading to trade so as not to fall into the trap set by institution traders. We read their actions rather than listen to what they say

  • Hey Rayner!

    Another great post about trading Price action. I agree that following too many lagging indicators, fundamental news and other distractions can cloud our trading judgment.

    The quote ‘Trade what you see, not what you think’ is PROOF that price will keep on moving regardless of what our opinions are.

    I came across a similar quote this weekend and wanted to share it….

    ‘Ours is not to reason why, Ours is just to sell and buy’


  • Price action could be the better way to trading, at this point nothing has been proven, it is a claim just like number of other programs that are available out there in the market .

    I have purchased a few programs claiming to have the “secret” to profitable trading but none of them have been proven to be 100% truly successful approach.

    I hope this is not just another attempt of selling bools and programs

    • One question…

      The systems and strategies that you have bought previously… did you execute at least 100 trades on it consistently?

      The reason I ask is that you can have the best trading strategy and system but if you can’t execute it consistently, it’s useless.

  • Price action trading is best. In fact also known as naked trading. Most indicators are lagging, some indicate bearish signal while at the same time others are indicating bullish signal. So which is which. As for EAs the least said about them the better. I will forever trade price action and keep learning price action trading.

  • Hey Teo,
    i am eagerly waiting for your premium training program, The Price Action Trading Institute. i have read your ultimate price action guide and i like your concept of analyzing market strength and weakness using candle sticks. i have not seen any literature before relating to this concept. when u will be launching premium training program, The Price Action Trading Institute and how i can access it ?

  • Keep up the good work Rayner. As a member of TFMP. I believe this is incorporated into that so I don’t need to say much except I like it. I believe this is correct.
    Even though I have recently done the TFMP home work and I’m on the charts everyday, plus the TFMP site,
    I still get a huge amount of good reading your email updates like this simply because they remind me of the obvious. I stick to my rules, but I can drift sometimes. You have a way of saying things that bring me back on track. That is the teacher in you.
    All the best. Doc es aqui…..

  • Hi Rayner,

    I have been looking at different strategies and reading your post I believe price action is my style of trading. Would love to learn about it alot as I have lost alot of capital but am willing to keep moving forward in the right direction for myself to become a great trader

  • Dear Teo,

    You have been doing great job. I burnt accounts trading news and found your price action post as a great reminder and.should rank first.

    Thank you

  • I am confused in that you are a fan of moving average and most of your videos have MAs on them. So what are you really, prove action, indicator of a hybrid?

    • I’m not dismissing moving average, indicators or anything.

      I said don’t use them “blindly” without knowing what it really means. A big difference.

  • Dear RT, I am from India and part-time trader, I am a follower of you and watching all your videos, I am a small trader but in my initial stage made a lot of losses due to wrong tips providers. Teo can you help me to teach any a strategy that can be helpful for me to make some extra income to run my family smoothly, at present my all hard earned money has vanished so I can’t pay your fees but as a mentor and good human being I hope you can teach me something.
    Thank you

  • Price action is not just a row of candlestick bars with certain formulas, but shows the overall movement of the market driven by the sentiment of the market participants. The longer we observe the movement of the market (or the higher time frame trading), then we will further understand market sentiment. The point is not just by looking at candlestick bar patterns.

  • Now you are turning to the trading system that attracts me alot. I have recently been following Price Action at Support and Resistance. It has opened a new world of opportunities in the trading arena for me.Your e-book on Price Action was an eye-opener for me too. I will be looking ahead with keen interest to learn your trading strategy.

  • Thanks Theo for your support in this journey. i was once addicted to indicators and EAs untill when i started following you. i trade preminantly price action with 3 indicators: stocharstic oscillator, macd, and ema( 200, 10, and 30). I usually wait for the stocharstic to be oversold on a daily chart with price above the 200 ema. Then i wait for a cross over on 10 and 30 ema and also on the stocharstic MAs. The i look for an entry probably the next day.

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us..May GOD bless you always and your family..

  • Hi Rayner,

    When is the next training program? Can I get the details of different programs/schedules/length of program/time etc.

  • Thank you, Though am new to Forex but your mails have been helpful and the way you explain extensively is superb. Have heard of price action but I haven’t gotten a broad knowledge on it.

    Please Ray, will you send guides for me on price action.

  • Thanks for the revelation, could you please include indicators that work with price.

  • This is what I working on to improve my trade. Price action is still the best in getting into the market! Hope to hear more on this from you Rayner

  • Dear Rayner,
    First of all thank you for sharing a valuable info about Price action.

    i just started my forex trading career. im just learning from an indian mentor who has won the best asian forex trader award in Hong kong at 2015. He also strongly recommend to avoid all coloring indicators, he just follows price action. he is still doing very successfull in fx trading also a very good trainer too.

    i proud to be a part of this price action swimming class.
    your free e book is so wonderful and easy steps for what exactly one must do follow, to go in right direction.

    All the best and please go ahead to insight on your great ideas!!!!

    thank you

  • Hi Rayner
    I hope u are doing well at ur side….keenly waiting for ur next post like waiting for rain after damn hot summer……….but truly afraid, do u charge us for sharing ur premium technique?

    • Yes, there will be a premium training offered at the end of it.

      There’s no obligation if you don’t wish to enroll in it.

  • Reyner Teo,

    I totally agree that the price action can predict where it is heading. In your example of EURUSD, the chart is on a downtrend prior to an event which is the ECB’s decision to cut rate. However, prior to that event, there are data that can indicate that ECB will be cutting its rate like CPI, PPI, PMI etc. That means that market priced in the event prior to the decision based on the economic data that precedes the interest rate decision. The same is true with other currency pair.

  • Dear Teo
    Looking forward to this course:) what i TFMP member and how Can I join .?
    Love your work and have been asking you for , courses, webinars. Etc
    I would say that Price action Trading and your rules regarding area of value….have changed my trading and hit rate tremendously…..but as you say price action is not for everyone …you need to have that “market feeling” to do this but I simply love it on the 60 minute/10 minute TF ( love your video on the different time frames ) .made 300 index points in Dow and Dax this Friday only price action trading ….nothing else ( a bit lucky but still ) .

    You have helped me more than you know and I have soon seen all your videos so I need more 🙂

    Your the Man, and your teaching is the best there is out there …

    Keep it up

  • Hi Rayner, thanks for the informative Price Action Trading secret. I can’t wait and excited for your next release on deeper understanding on Price Action Trading.


  • Someone says VOLUME is the king ….. Now I Realised Price is One of the Best KING in an all Kind of markets Thanks Rayner ..

  • Yes price action is the answer , I am new to Forex but the little knowledge I’ve come realise that indicators do lag and before you shoot the price has already left .. Price action then is the solution tonlate entries

  • thanks Rayner, though I have blow my account but am looking forward for ur training, so to learn very well before fund my account again.

  • Yes Rayner….PRICE ACTION is the best tool to use for any type of trading….indicators like RSI, MA, Stochastic are all lagging…

  • Hey Rayner,
    Keep up the great posts. I’m learning more from you than the last six trading books I read! And how true, with price action comes simplicity and clarity, with a host of indicators comes confusion and in decisions.

  • Hi Rayner, I totally agree with your statements on price action. On a couple of rare occasions I have got into a trade with a low risk, 5 pips and went on to take 15 & 19. I was happy with the result of course, so much so that I started questioning why can’t I do this more often instead of loose.
    I have read and re read your books, watched almost all your videos, and am considering wiping my charts to 20 and 200 sma.
    I sometimes think that I do not pay enough attention to the individual candles, I am often switching time frames, daily down to 5 or 15 minute, I like to try and trade those time frames in particular, excitement I guess. That would expose another aspect, EMOTION, I do not stop and think at times and become irrational chasing what I should know will not come.
    Enough of my ranting, Thanks mate fore your posts.

  • I am personally happy for your kindness, your posts have changed my trading journey, wishing you all the best.

  • Hi Rayner, I’ve been following you for over a year and find all your advice invaluable. I’m a price action day trader and achieve a success rate of a bit over 90%, when I apply a disciplined approach to price action trading.
    You know what it’s like though, every now and then greed tempts you to try some new indicator set-up and of course, you know what happens. The success rate plummets.
    Thanks for all your help and encouragement. You add real value for a lot of folks.



  • Hi Rayner, you spelt out the truth about price action. Since the day I started focusing on price action, my trading got to a new level. I am still learning price action with passion. Thanks for all your post on your website, they really gave me an edge. I hope to join your mentorship program in the near future. Regards,

    Gideon Dauda

  • Hey Rayner, what you’re saying is true. I have tried indicators and robots but still was not profitable until a friend tipped me off about the price action trading guide you wrote and now there’s an improvement. We appreciate your effort in making us better traders. Thanks once again

  • Hi Rayner,
    I too agree that Price is king and nothing will beat price action trading but the habits die hard though. If you can overcome that you will be consistently a profitable trader of-course.


  • Wow, can’t wait for your premium training program Rayner! Your free guides and videos already worth many gold nuggets by itself. What more your premium training program hehe. I just hope I can afford it. In case I can yet to afford it, I’ll make sure to save up until I can afford it for sure. Thank you so much Rayner!

    p/s: I’m barely 3 weeks into my forex self education but I am very excited to make this as a lifelong endovour and learning experience.

  • Hi Mr. Rayner, I’ve been following your posts for the last 2 months. I’m still searching of the best way to be consistent and profitable in my trades. I’m curious about the price action trading, though I’ve read your book about price action, I want to dig deeper to it. Looking forward for your next posts. Thanks 🙂

  • Dear Rayner, 100% agree that PriceAction shall be far ahead than Indicators, following your posts from few weeks and keen to learn more and more !
    Thanks for the wonderful knowledge you share globally !

  • Hi Rayner, this really was an eye opener for me. I’ve been studying the markets now for quite some time using different methods to predict market movement and your take on Price Action is really reassuring.

  • Hi Rayner
    You condemn indicator based trading but your ultimate trading system relies heavily on indicators
    Any explanation?

    • I’m not sure where you got the idea I condemn it.

      I simply said indicators shouldn’t be the basis of your analysis.

      The Ultimate Systems Trader can do without indicators if you wish to (only that indicators make the process easier).

  • No more, no less, Price action is King indeed. been trading the currency market close to a year now, and indeed I can say for sure that following Price action puts you in control.
    Rayner, you are the best!!

  • Thank you very much Rayner. I’m hoping to learn more about price action in your next post. God richly bless you for your countless efforts just to help “ME” to improve on my trading skills.

  • Agreed that all indicators are lagging and sometimes confusing to select which indicators is the best.

  • I am new in trading and have also realized That indicators just follow the price so they don’t tell you what the price is going to do. Would love to learn about the price action

  • Price is the king truly as you have said Rayner but pls show us the way to trade it

  • I believe in price action….100%….and not” following orders”. Lol……
    .thanks for the info and
    Good day rayner

  • I trade price action alot better than I do TA. I also cant apply solid parameters like stop losses and target profits due to how these targets can change dynamically as I monitor the trade. With price action im able to cut losses and accept lower profit if I need too, which violates trading rules I know. But if you monitor your trade actively you’ll know instinctively wether or not your at a loss or the height of yout profit level wont be reached. Time is money, a 3 day swing trade to realize a 40pip losing trade is wasted time to me. Ive tried applying all the rules of being a profitable Forex trader and I simply have yet to succeed doing it through TA.

  • Thats True in India there is Prove ” Bhav Bhagvan Che” Meaning Price is GOD.

  • I want to lead the market by knowing price action so I could trade like a pro.I need it.

  • I believe price action is the ultimate as it tells you what the market is doing which is a guide to trading, thank you so much for the tips, looking forward to seeing more from you.

  • I want to learn more about price action your post has made me rethink my strategy and how I approach the market

  • I absolutely agree with you Raynor, price action is the way to go, indicators make you very late as far as entries and exits are concerned. Can’t wait for your price action trading lesson ma friend. God bless.

  • I think trading with the price action will make one enter trades right before indicators

  • Yes it is truly amazing reading all about price action, thank you for the information, it is really helpful

  • Hey Teo
    Your posts are really awesome and develops confidence in us.
    I am from India, could you post some analysis on Indian market.

    Keep continue your good work

    Happy and profitable trading.


  • Sir what your saying is absolutely true technical and fundamentals its a manipulation because they ensue are that traders will put their action based on the two method & accounts get blown up I mean also mine a several time…….just lack idea of following price action I know the market moves in waves no matter what but if u came later to the trades u took. U find the market move in that direction u decided to trade against thought it’s news release or technical

  • Hey is what u send us as price action guide self explanatory about the price action strategy?

  • Hello Ray, kindly show me how to place this S/R, at what time frame, the value of SL and TP, how long you can move your TP of the trend continues.

  • Price Action is the best but combination with few indicators for confirmation is not out of place

  • price action is the king. I too used to follow certain indicators but off late i realize that they really lag behind the real action.

  • You have my attention! I started finally having some success this year but I did not know why really. Now I see I had actually become attuned to the price action but quite frankly I didn’t know it yet. Then I got Burned one evening on Tesla after they unveiled the 35K Model 3. Went belly up in about 15 seconds and I was so slow to react (after hours session where you can’t place a stop limit order) I got crushed for 5 grand!!! Wiped out a third of my 2019 profits in 15 friggin seconds. I don’t have enough knowledge yet to fully understand your price action stuff just yet, but I AM on board dude. I am tired of all the other so called experts. I think you are a breath of fresh air here and I KNOW you will help me make a difference in my trading. Thanks man!

  • Sorry, am not commenting on the qtn above cause an still a new be but, want to sincerely appreciate your sacrifice for teaching up. Keep it up, the most high God’s blessings are upon.

  • nice one I’m really excited about this community I like to know more about price action that is the problem I’m having right now thank you

  • Dear Rayner,
    Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge and tools.

    I am looking into your YouTube videos and posts quite often. They are more about fx trading.

    From your experience and thinking – is price action trading working on stock markets both US and non-US? Or on stock market it is better to use different techniques?

    Cheers and thank for knowledge sharing!

    • Hey Pavel

      Price action concepts can be applied to markets with sufficient liquidity.

      It”s not an exact strategy per se but a framework to trade the markets

  • Hi , price action is good , but its very simple yet complexed , as it works only at support and resistance , so one has to get the area of support and resistance before applying price action , as you yourself have done articles on how an engulfing pattern doesn’t work , and sometimes it does , its called candles out of context , hope this helps

  • You are right price is king and learning how to apply it in real life situations would be beneficial to any trader for me personally that’s what i want to Master and turn my loses to gains plus it gives you a sense of security whenever you enter the market even if the market goes against you…you understand its the cost of doing business and now eagerly waiting your next price setup. .trading with emotions goes out the window and you start thinking about it professionally…would love to get more content on the subject to understand it better

  • Hi, awesome videos and posts. Love it all. I want to be a good trader, infact the best in the business, please guide me through the process. I am a fast learner. It would be fun working together.

  • I’ve now only been trading or at least shall I say ‘attempting’ to trade, for around a month, with not too much luck at the moment I will add, but it’s a learning curve after all!.. If you are only following price, are Renko bars not a good path to try?

  • I have taken sidesteps from price-action and I have experimented with trading based on technical indicators. I started to look only at the indicators and based my entries/exits on what these indicators told me. It didn’t workout for me. So, I am back in price action trading and I love it and it works. I find price action kind of a relaxing way to trade, because I am not bothered about the news, indicators or whatever. I just look at the naked chart and decided when to enter/exit on what the chart tells me. Very straightforward.
    Thank you Rayner for all the info you provide. It has helped me enormously to improve my trading.

  • Hello Rayner, what am awesome post you’ve got as always. I have also had the nudge that even fundamentals do not change price action – the best they can do is to deform it a little (especially for swing traders like us), but price action is king. Thanks for this!!!

  • Good point. I completely agree that the market does not care about anyone’s predictions….

  • I don’t understand simple concepts! Vocabulary that u use needs in to be explained in full! Volume, what to do when the different descriptions of candlesticks appear. Crossover-what to do! Where do I find different indicators on the platforms, and are all platforms the same? etc etc

  • Please give some idea on mcx India futures. like gold ,silver,zinc,lead,natural gas,aluminum,nickle,copper.
    as u said in Forex the best time frame is 1d, please identify and give some tips for those commodities. Which time is best for Indian commodities. If possible!!!!!

    • It’s not an exact trading strategy.

      It’s a framework, a way of looking at the markets and then trading with a set of actions that best fit the market conditions.

  • I just past a year in forex learning price action thanks to you Rayner for your videos and books. I’m doing well on my technical analysis, drawing of my levels, but I kind just hold my winning trade or no when to close them when they are running over 100pips. And also I don’t have a good trading plan to back me up, and also the discipline to follow it. Rayner a word of advice is highly appreciated. Thank you

  • As a beginner I have learned a lot from you, this is also great, thank you brother

  • This is so true Rayner, your ultimate guide to price action pdf is still the best brotherman.

  • Am a new trader from Nigeria in Africa. I do much love price action and you post are so interesting. Keep them coming

  • After reading the lesson from other mentors, this is the best advice so far. Price action+market context are the best way -at least for me- to be a profitable trader.
    The key thing is you must understand the story behind the market structure, listen to what market is trying to tell you.
    Moving average and support/resistance are more than enough for me.

  • Hey Rayner, I completely agree with you on relying more on price action then using indicators, fundamentals ect. Great information thank you.

  • First of all you doing a great job…secondly i agree price is king..I know the basics on how and where to enter etc.however I would like to see what u show next..although I always prefer to use support resistance with price action for better results..also focusing on what is long term trend..I will trade only if it’s in wide range market or I don’t like to go short ever..on anything

  • I don’t use indicators when paper trading forex. I only use S&R and patterns. By doing this my success is higher in conjunction with Risk and Trade Management. I have adopted this by watching countless tradingwithrayner videos.

  • Thank you for sharing Rayner! I use price action for analysis and indicators for confirmation. Learning everyday!

  • Your trading idea is perfect. I trade signals and news and is being up and down, I even have more losses than win trades.

    I think I would rather go by your price action idea.


  • I like your tutorials on price action and I want to know it very well. from what i see one can be profitable on price action. my problem is i am new, i am on demo account and the whole thing (chart) is confusing me. Pls Mr Teo where can i start from the scratch. I am 55 yrs retiree. I want to make a living by trading. Any hope for me? I am a nigerian from the northern part of the country.

  • I agree with you my friend I’m a price action trader myself I only trade support and resistance I normally use the stochastic to confirm my bias or my edge…I know I wont win all the time am I using it correctly or not

  • Further Rayner….please make a article on the role of big players and the effect on retail traders with examples from currency pairs….Thanks….

  • Thanks for your thoughtful insights into price action over and above indicators, waiting anxiously for Wednesday.

  • Now I clearly understand what is price action trading, sir. Price action trading is the best because I can understand market condition without any indicator and can apply to any market. Thank you very much sir. Wating your next post.

  • Wow Rayener this is awesome, this is my beginning of consistency in profiting, and thus a sign of better things to come, thank you, price action is number one.

  • Yes! you are absolutely Right! Many times i too observed the same thing. Your article is inspiring! Thank you very much for posting such nice articles. I appreciate your selfless service! God bless you!

  • Thanks Rayner! For your help! I am newbie! While your lectures is very nice to me!. All most a month I followed your pattern Price action!. But the problems I have is from me,! Its happens to me, when am reading candlesticks, I confused in timeframe, please if any timeframe that you know price action will work best, help me & tell me, I have lost more than have of my capital in my account! Thanks!

  • I’m very much interested in learning price action, it seems simple and less stressing

  • On 15 mins candle if it breaks 3 or 10 points any of buy/sell side we can take an entry.. Then check for an exit until any of the candle closes 75 % of its body on opposite side of the 13 period moving average line.Stoploss fixed to 13 points so that we will be in 1:1 risk reward ratio at first eventually can also leads us to 1:10 times may profitable(based on crude trade) ..(Im not yet tried this) it ok rayner bro.

  • Please folks; try to not pervert this guy’s work. I mean whats the point of making empty suggestions and additions over such calibre of free education…..?? Rayner.., you a Star my man

  • Make absolute sense. Really interested to know how to use for trading.

  • really nyc sir u r soo good and ur rules r very diffrent please sir help me i want profit in market bt cnt do this

  • That was great, indicators were really messing me up, but now will learn all about Price action to better my trade, pls can you update me on Price Action, Thanks

  • Good Day, Mr. Rayner,

    I started following you Last Month and I have gained so much knowledge especially about price action. I just started trading a live account this month and already I am able to apply all this knowledge to my trading and I’m successful. I will keep on reading and watching every resource you post. I have started trading lessons for young people in my community whereby I’m teaching them whatever that I’m learning from you and its working wonders. even though they don’t have smartphones to trade, I’m hoping to make enough profits so that I can assist in buying one for each then they can start trading as well.

    Lots of Love from South Africa

    Thank you

  • Going by your teachings on price action, it would be great to trade based on PA, but how can one trade it successfully. Thanks a lot Rayner.

  • This Rayner is very great I wana tell you, I was one of many people who traded fundamentals and what the news analyst are saying

  • Rayner you are awsome man i like your everyday you tube video which i always watch to make sure all the price action trading go in good direction
    Thank you so much ruchee

  • Rayner…you’re such honest people, and really big ♥ . Ur speak the truth.. Hope you’re always healthy so you can contribute and spread this amazing content.

  • Hey! my friend,

    I am Lunga from South Africa. I would like to lean more about price action.

  • You are partly right and partly wrong. An indicator cannot be wrong because it just does what it is programmed to do, the only question is whether it is useful or not. Some indicators are just statistics, the ATR is a measure of relative volatility, it is always correct, but how you use it takes skill and understanding, just like any other tool. Other indicators, eg the SSL or Williams%R, pick up the start and end of a trend, and they have different degrees of sensitivity and reliability according to their parameters and how well they work in the forex or metals or stocks or a particular timeframe. It is the design and back/forward testing of the algorithm that makes the difference between blind algo usage and empirical algo trading.

  • It has been long that I hear Price Action.But I do not actually know what actually it is.So,I am very eager to know Price Action.I want your help.

  • Good article Mr Rayner, Price action is indeed real time trading and makes you avoid late entries accassioned by indicators.

  • Thanks Rayner…..this info you give is a million dollar tip…
    Thanks again for your effort in trying to make sure we become proffitable traders.

  • Hi Rayner, love your take on price action, i agree price is King. I haven’t started yet to trade because I couldn’t understand the concepts but I thought to myself, what is the thing that I can really learn that would make the real difference when I start trading, and I believe it’s price action.. thanks for the teaching.

  • HEI HEI HEI Rayner the champion.., i believe in you bro even if you say we should do our own research NO… NO you have changed all my trading career completely…,I am a soldier by profession on logisticks ryt now i am planning on retiring.Hope next video will be on me on things to consider that youll say yah now is time i quiet my Day Job…My name is Abdular Moyo in Botswana…………………..

  • Hello Rayner, I’ve being following since months now but your lessons dramaticaly changed my trading. Thanks you for the good job. I’m greatful haha I got all your videos in youtube it’s quiet huge what you’ve got to show us. Thanks champion.

  • Hey Rayner!,price action is profoundly incredible it is efficient when coming to making proper trading decisions

  • I think this thread is more skewed towards Forex but price action still applies to other vehicles. What will be good to augment to the price action trading are automated scans to identify the handful of potential candidates to apply price action to. The forex currency pairs available to trade are much smaller than the thousands for options (weekly and monthly expiry) or even just plain stocks, ETFs.. indexes….. you don’t want to be staring at you computer for long periods so the process should be run scans to identify potentials, quick look to pick the ones via your favorite methodology, calculate your positive expectancy and probability of success and execute and all this should not be more than a half hour per day to initiate the trades and another 10 mins later in the day or following days to monitor and adjust.

  • I started trading ForexTime 2 years ago. I was trading with indicators( you know all of them) and they were frustrating. Win one trade, lose 3. If you complain, folks will tell you that you need to combine them. Combining them made the chart look like a web!

    I wa was introduced to price action and wiped my chart of all indicators. I’ve learnt to trade based on demand and supply, and nothing beats this because this is the only factor that moves the market in any direction. I’m now wining trades confidently!

  • I would like to know more about Price Action trading, but I don’t have the resources to take an expensive class.

  • Hi Rayner,

    I enjoy reading and watching your videos and you are putting a lot of hard work for a learner to learn trading. I appreciate your effort.
    I agree that indicators help to take trade to some extend, but its always price action which takes the center stage. Knowing how to trade with price action will give you an edge, but my problem is not knowing when to consider the level as an entry point or exit point. Also which time frame to be taken into consideration.

    hence if you could help the major points to be considered to trade based on price action, then it will be very helpful.


  • In the past tried a lot of indicators with no result, now learning price action.. and yess please i want to learn more.

  • just as I was thinking of giving up on forex trading due to frustrations, you came in like a light at the end of a tunnel, and ever since then, I trade happily till now.
    price action is the best way to trade forex, I don’t need the service of any signal provider again.

  • I realy like price action the only thing is that in crypro Lot of tomes that meens To put the stoploos fatr away from entry

  • I completely agree with your explanation for consistent trader. I am learning price action. Hope to be successful PA trader.

    Meanwhile, I need your guidance now and then. Thanks.

  • as i can see now price action trading is the best option for everey one, but i wuld add volum to it. waths your teke about this.

  • I only trade SPY options and since I started to pay attention only to price action my trading has taken a huge turn to the positive side and Ive been accurate with almost all my trade. I trade both way multiple times in one trading sessions which took me a while to be able to do. I find SPY more predictable than any other stock or etf as I believe That is because it’s traded vastly by computers and computers only follow the price action therefore it Is very easy to predict the next move. Now I’m trying to learn more about how the algorithms work in respect to price action and if you have any thoughts or lessons to share I would really appreciate it. Thanks Rayner

  • i can’t to watch and learn about the price action method. the moving average is a good indicator but most of the times i’m late in my entries so i get lil or no profit.

  • Hi everyone
    I can’t agree with you about what you just said, the market is driven 80% fundamental and 20% technical. A price action is coincide indicator and it tells you what price us doinig not what will do.
    If you can not understand fundamental stick to price action but don’t ever say fundamental is not working. don’t follow what us said in the media.

  • I was one of the people that used to wait for th MA crossover but price action really makes sense to me now

  • My opinion is that, the price is the protagonist of the chart, but how do I know when is the exact time to go into operation?

  • Hi, Thank you very much for your tip on trading price action, how can I see best entry and exit Im using 15m time frame
    Thank you

  • What you told is right how can we enter & exit trade successfully PL make videos for this topic.

  • On your charts on upper left side , you have a controller to hide MAs or to show: what is that, where to get it?

  • Seems like price action technique is the way to go, it definitely fits my way of thinking.

  • I believe you’re right. I ‘ve looked at several indicators and found they often conflict. Which do you use? Answer – probably none of them.

  • Exactly what i want to learn, Price action. Thanks Rayner. Clearly understood. Need to Work

  • I am really fed up of indicators. Interested in Price action. A lot of VDOs have been a great help to me till now. Specially the support resistance. And BOS technique.

  • THanks rayner for bringing this information to me,but the issue is u dont know anything about price action and i will love to know much more about it.thank you

  • Sorry not u but i dont know anything about price action and i will love to know much more

  • I agree 100%. I think that where a lot of us go wrong is as beginners we use all these trading tools to try to predict what the market is doing when we have no real understanding. That is why so many people lose and give up.

  • I agree, all indicators give their signals after the price action. I use them just as an approximate estimate what the next action of traders will most likely be.


  • You are totally right Rayner. I used to make losses following fundamental news. Blomberg would say…the Yen is getting ready for an all-time slip….then the Yen would suddenly be very strong and dominate the markets for 10-weeks and counting. Then Forex Factory would say, gold is slipping….then in a record 3 days it would go up 1000-pips and counting…..until I began wondering why the outcome would be opposite. I didn’t realise also, that my losses were coming from my RSI. The day I hid my RSI, and focusses on price is the day my account never crashed again.

    Thanks Rayner,
    For indeed saving the retail trader from self destruction.

  • Been Following for 3 weeks and learned a lot from you Rayner. Expecting better power trading ideas. Getting to see your blogs makes me feel a confident trader.

    Thank Rayner.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello Rayner
    I really wish to master this price action technique. Thanks for your updates

  • I have not tried it… not able to offer any comment…… however am keen to learn about it….. looking forward to it

  • im trying to work off the charts but its not easy temptation to look up more info is a challange.
    i am using pepper stone but im finding it hard to execute trades some time it can take minutes is this normal can you recommend a platform that is reliable and secure.

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