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Awesome Trading Opportunities for the British pound In The Market! 

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

By Rayner Teo

This is an awesome period for trend followers. You have price-making multi-year highs and lows across the markets and most trend followers would have already been on board.

This week I’ll be looking for trading opportunities in commodities, S&P, and the British pound.

Trading Opportunities for the British pound:

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s market analysis. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

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  • Hi Rayner, hahaha great video as always. hahaha. May I know if you use different voice files for your opening and market analysis? As the market analysis part sounds much clearer. Maybe you can use the voice recording of the market analysis part for the opening part too. This might add more production value hahah. You might wanna create a title picture for all your videos instead of it being shown as a screenshot if you have time haha. This is unrelated to trading but maybe this can make your video look and sound even better haha. Good luck with trading! 😀

    • Hey Felix!

      Thank you for your constructive feedback.

      I record the first part of my video my webcam software.. and the market analysis is on Camtasia.

      I’m not sure if that resulted in a change of my voice quality. yes i agree my market analysis one sounded much better.

      Sorry but what do you mean by a title picture for all my videos?

      Thanks you for your feedback once again!


      • Maybe you can record your voice by opening both the camtasia and webcam then isolate the voice file from camstasia and then use it for the audio for your opening haha.

        The title picture I am talking about is the thumbnail that people would see on youtube/facebook. It can look something like this

        Design is a little sloppy but it looks something like that haha. Maybe you can have themes like support and resistance/psychology/trend following/market analysis and have them in different coloured backgrounds.

        Oh ya,maybe you can use the text function when you wanna write stuff like what you did in this video like you short into support. This will make it look neater and more professional haha imo.

        Hope this helps haha 😀

  • Hi Felix,

    Thank you for your feedback. I’ll work on it.

    yes the thumbnail is a good suggestion, i’ll figure out how to get it out.



  • hi Rayner

    good video as always. Ive been following your analysis now for a month.
    I understand you have been following turtle traders but added some more ideas and turned it more suitable for your own trading style. I think its great way of trading , and myself Im following same way of trend trading ideas.

    keep on good work you do

    all best


    • Hi Janek,

      Thank you for your comments, glad you liked it!

      Yes the turtle traders are trend followers and my trading follows the principles of trend following.

      However entries, exits and risk management I’ve modified it to suit my own personality.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around more often Janek! 🙂


  • Hi Rayner, for WTI since your last sharing on 16th Mar, it has broken above 50 ema H4, forming a series of short term HH HL on H4. However, price is still respecting 50 ema on D1.

    What would be your trade idea for WTI moving forward? Would you be looking to short at breakdown of support around 46.80 (which also happens to be around last closing price)?

    • Hi Jerome,

      I’m watching WTI closely. Possibly trade a breakout towards the downside.. will watch how it plays out this coming week.

      Can’t say how i will trade the breakout yet as i watch the price action before establishing my positions.


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