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Find Your WHY to Make You Successful 

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

By Rayner Teo


Find Your WHY

Before we talk about how you can find your “why” Let me tell you something.

When I was 15, I sucked at my studies.

Or rather… I hated studying because it’s boring.

The only thing I could think about was, counter-strike, counter-strike, and more counter-strike.

If you’re wondering what that is, it’s actually the hottest online game of my era (and my favorite weapon is the AWP).

A few years later…

It’s time to further my studies. Obviously, my atrocious results aren’t getting me into a local university. Thus, I took a private degree at the University of London (at SIM).


The first day I stepped into school, I knew I only wanted one thing.

1st class honors.


It’s not because I love studying. It’s not because I wanted a better prospect. And it’s not because of money.

Instead, the reason I wanted it so bad is because…

I wanted my parents proud.

If you don’t know, my dad slogged hard for the family. And when I mean hard, I mean he exerts physical strength for a living.


A carton weighs 20Kg and you’re carrying 100 of these each day.

Yup, that’s what my father did — carrying over 2000kg every day, at 60 years old.

It’s his sweat, blood, and tears putting me to school — a private university because his son was too playful in his earlier years.

Now, did that matter to him?

No, because all he wanted is the best for me.

And this is WHY my father worked so hard. Not for the money, not for the fancy things in life, but for my future.


When I realized this, everything became clear. Getting the 1st class honors was no longer a thing that I want. It’s something I MUST HAVE.


Because of my father’s sweat, blood and tears that are putting me through school. And the only way to justify it is to get my first class honors, no exception.

This is my WHY.

Was it difficult to get the 1st class honor?

Sure it is. I’m not a genius (and relied heavily on Youtube, Google, and Wikipedia).

But… whenever I faced hurdles, difficulties, or start to procrastinate, all I need to do is… imagine… my father out there in the scorching sun, slogging his guts out.

And it’s all I need to get back on track to focus on my goal — which is to make him proud.

3 years later…

I graduated with 1st class honors, came in 2nd in my cohort, and gave the valedictorian speech.

The reason I could do it is that I found my WHY.

Now, you’re probably wondering:

Rayner, what’s this got to do with me?  and how can you find your why?

Well, if you’re reading this now, you probably have a goal, right?

Perhaps… to be a profitable trader, to make more money, or to be your industry leader, etc.

And the only way you’re going to do it is to find your WHY.

Because once you’ve found your WHY, everything becomes much easier and clearer (like how it happened to me and my dad).

So, here’s what I want you to do right now…

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s your goal in the next 3 years, and how are you going to find your WHY.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Congratulations!! Welcome to the society…
    Just starting reading your blog recently. I got 1st class honours from NTU accountancy (+2nd major in banking and finance) few years ago. But i cannot even earn a single cent from my fx or equity trading after 3-4 years, just throwing all the hard earned money away. Of course, i had a goal, to break even…
    Guess whats more important is skill and bit of luck, not paper qualifications.
    All the best to your future!

    • Hello K,

      I graduated in 2012, so been out here for a few years now.

      My sentiments are the same as yours, intelligence had nothing to do with a trader’s performance.

      I wish you all the best in your trading, don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything, I’ll be glad to help.


  • planning to change my living to be a full time trade, make money without sweating and sunshine. I am currently a taxi driver, driving taxi on the road for 14 hrs everyday . I know I cannot rely on taxi as my future income. I am 52 year old now, how long can I drive , I want to be a full time trader so I can have financial freedom and time for my family. I hope u can help me, thk u!

    • Hi Steven,

      Thank you for sharing your goal. My best advice is to continue working and to develop your trading skills on the sides.

      When you’re consistently profitable, you can slowly make the switch over.


  • To become a consistently profitable trader and graduate from a prestigious university along the way
    Why? To achieve financial freedom and make my patents proud

  • Hi Rayner
    Unemployed at 54. Worked all my life and got nothing to show for it.
    Now got time on my hand to learn trading, but after months of studying
    still cannot win.
    If only i could make 200 dollars a day with trading, i’ll be living!!!
    And really be free

    • Hey John,

      Trading is a marathon not a sprint. Some take years before they get the “AHA” moment.

      Keep working at it and don’t give up!


  • Make 12-15% per year with drawdown of 15-19%

    This will secure my family, I feel it is realistic without some pipe dream of wanting to trade for a living and make millions every year. Markets won’t let that happen to 96% of people.

    People always talk about risk and reward yet they are at the biggest disadvantage from the start: over 90% of traders fail and lose money. Most better off just buying some municipal bonds, earn more income from their job and enjoy life and not have to deal with the stress and emotion of trading which will probably take off 15 years if their life.

    For someone to say they want to be a professional trader is like a toddler saying he wants to be in the NBA. Time to grow up…

    • Hi Kyle,

      That’s a reasonable goal you got right there.

      To me, being a professional trader isn’t the amount of money you’re trading, but your attitude towards it.


  • this is what I wrote up in my trading plan:

    … generate sufficient annual income to support my semi-retirement & that of my wife. My secondary objective is to get out of the rat-race and to avoid the searching for a job at age 59. These objectives are important to me because their realization will provide the freedom for my wife and me to lead a more interesting and less stressful life.

    • Hi Jeff,

      That’s a nice plan you’ve got right there.

      The next question to ask is how much capital is required for you to get out of the rat race, and work backwards from there.


  • I want to be a successful trader and meet my goal of having USD.1 Million by 1st Jan 2018. Why, to provide better opportunities for my family, for myself and many under privileged on a continuous basis.



    • Hi Wilfred,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      I won’t say the goal is impossible, but the success of it largely depends on the amount of capital you’re starting with, and the trading experience you’ve got.

      Keep working on it!

  • 1st , congrat on ur success. Ur parents are proud of you!

    My why is to became a better trader and financial freedom.
    20 years of baggage servicing for an airline is a long time and A LOT OF WEIGHT I have been carrying; loading and unloading people’s luggages.
    My 2nd job is a train mechanic for Metro overhauling the trains. Skin and bones against irons and steels. Torquing 500 foot pounds on all the nuts.
    I have been trading off my Samsung Note 3 in the back of the shop. Some days I win most days I lose. Just started trading ES about a month on 5mins chart. Lost 7k this year already. Haven’t traded on a desktop or laptop twice.
    Im still working because I planning to retire or quit in 5 years.
    My why is because I want to be having consistent gain and be able to teach my children to do this. My why is able to preserve the capital to pass it on to the children.
    Again, congratulations on your hard work. As the parent I would very Proud.
    Your coachings and guidance would be appreciated.

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks for sharing your story here.

      Take it slow and start to review on your winners and losers. This tells you where you need to improve in your trading.


  • To achieve consistent profits from trading so as to build up investment pot which should in turn generate a source of income from consistent dividend payouts. In the long run, in hope to achieve financial independence and choosing to work because I want to and not because I have to.

  • my son wants to be a professional cricketer and my daughter wants to go to le cordon bleu college to be trained as a chef…i need a huge amt for this in another three yrs….i want to be consistently successful profitable trader to make that amount

    • Hi Dev,

      Great to see you want to do this for your children.

      But be careful, forcing the markets to give you money is dangerous. It usually leads to poor decisions and ugly results.


  • I have to say, it kills me to see so many people struggling and they are putting all their faith in active trading. They will be left broke and heartbroken

    Please be smart and only actively trade/ trend follow with a small portion of your money and be conservative with the rest. Many of you who think you will have millions in a few years are destined to fail, you will have lost all your hard earned money and will have to Work the rest of your life because you weren’t smart and let it all ride on trading to support you

    Big mistake

    Be careful!!!!!

  • Hi Rayner,

    Thank you for sharing your stories. It is heart warming.

    My goal is to be a profitable trader like you and so far your videos have helped me much. I’ve applied your techniques and made money in stocks.

    Thank you!

    Warmest Regards,

  • Hi Rayner,

    Thanks for your inspiring life story which serves to inspire all of us, to have a goal and purpose in life. Only when one’s goal and purpose is aligned there is nothing un-achieveable in the face of challenges.

    For myself, my goal is master the Art of Trading, the thought process and its mechanics and never give up.

    Thank you for sharing

  • My mom who works even now full time at the age of 66 and my friends who struggle is my why. My why is also all the people who have no access to clean drinking water or a chapel in which to pray for food to eat. That is my why. My goals are to become consistently profitable with R:R:R and to grow my account to trade more contracts at a 1% risk. The rest is in God’s hands.

  • I am from humble beginnings and now I have a son my utmost goal is to give me a better life. I am a single parent mom who works full-time, while studying part time. It’s hard sending both of us to school and also providing for both of us. I also have other family members who also look to me for financial support too and it hurts when I have to put my son needs before theirs. My why is to help my family and provide a better life for my son. These are my whys for everything and when things get rough I remember these just to get the push to continue. In three years I want to be there financially for my love ones and be a successful trader especially that there are so many skeptical (they don’t believe in my trading dreams) people in my life.

  • Hi Rayner,
    What: In 3 years I hope to have better quality of life, health and time for loved ones and for people meaningful to me. And to to be a skilled and profitable trader 🙂
    WHY? 1) there is more to LIFE than just (too much) work, 2) life on earth is finite, 3) in the end, to know I have done my best for a fulfilling life.

  • Thanks for sharing your story… I want to be successful and discipline trader …. In my early age I always do mistake but never learnt from it… After following your blog.. I am learning systematic trading day by day. For example .. earlier I will in short position when Low is below MA(20) and create huge loss… Now I m waiting for price reversal for going long again in bullish trend… thanks for sharing videos… Satyam

  • Hi, Rayner!

    My why, is to help all those who struggle with trading as much as I did, but only those who will show a genuine interest and pasion will be accepted.

  • my goal? to make the money i need to buy a house where my family will be safe. then, to find good and decent friends like you, rayner. ty.

  • I want to be rich….All my life my family and I have lived in a very small little house with almost nothing. In these times, I saw my parents work hard and endure all the pain just to give us a better future. This is why I want to make them proud someday by achieving also first class honors in my university and being rich enough to have them experience a comfortable life.

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