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A Simple ‘Trick’ for FOMC to Make Sense of This Messy Market 

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

By Rayner Teo

This week we had the FOMC and saw massive volatility across the board.

You can look at your charts on the lower time frame and it pretty much looks like a mess. And in this video, I share with you a ‘trick’ on how to make sense of this mess.

A Simple ‘Trick’ for FOMC to Make Sense:

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s market analysis. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

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  • Hi there.
    May I know what app you used to annotate/mark up your screencasts? Is it Camtasia?

    Thanks bro. Good video.

  • Hi Rayner,
    What do you mean by 1.5R or -1R? What is that and how do you calculate in them in the charts? Can give us a example on the video.


  • Hi Rayner! About your analysis on 30 year treasury, the trend is up but price is currently very near multi year highs on the weekly charts. As a trend follower, would it be a good idea to wait for price to break out of the highs first before entering long? You might miss out on a few pips of profit but this is a small sacrifice as opposed to entering long immediately only to see price bounce off resistance and hitting your stop.

    thank you Sir!

    • Hey P,

      Or perhaps price could breakout out of resistance and never look back. Honestly i can’t predict what the markets will do, the only concern i have is how much i will lose if i’m wrong.

      And this applies to all trading systems out there. You could be right or i could be right, the things is we never know what may happen. So manage your downside and let the markets do it’s thing.


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