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2 Forex Trades But 2 Different Results? 

Last Updated: May 15, 2022

By Rayner Teo

I took 2 Forex trades recently with identical setups but vastly different results of these trades. Why?

2 Forex Trades But 2 Different Results?

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  • Hi Rayner .thank you for your very clear and logical analysis….. What’s your average R on your winners? Are you looking for daily/weekly targets with your 4 hour entry, thanks

    • Hi Shane,

      Thank you your kind words. With regards to your question, i do not have any daily or weekly or even monthly targets.

      Reason being is i don’t have a fix profit target in mind. I simply let my trade run as long as possible.

      I can’t give you an average R on my trades either as it won’t be an accurate representation. I typically get series of small losses, some small winners and small % of large winners that puts me in the green.


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