The 1% Of Traders

So in the previous training…

You’ve learned that 99% of traders use the same tools and techniques in a similar manner — and that’s why they lose.

(If you have not watched part one, you can do so here.)

So now the question is, what do 1% of traders do differently?

Well, that’s what you’ll learn today plus you’ll also discover…

  • The trading methodology of the richest traders in the world
  • How to build massive wealth even if you have a small trading capital
  • How to know if your trading strategy works or not — in minutes
  • How you can beat the markets in less than 30minutes per day
  • The single fastest way to become a profitable trader (even if you have zero trading experience)

Sounds good?

Then go watch it right now…

  • Very good vedio, expecting more such vedios to enhance knowledge to beginners like me

  • Am very much into trading as my long term profession
    I want to be able to sustain my lifestyle through full time trading

    • iam concerned about how to trade , yet wanna know to do so ………….at the moment no money , buy , june month end …is it possible that I can get truthful help

  • Excellent! Successful trading for me means consistency and discipline. Always following the strategy.

  • Just want to say thank you and show appreciation for the effort you are putting in to help others. =)

  • Many thanks. Success in my trading means making a consistent, modest amount to add to my retirement portfolio so as to lower its volatility and risk but still “overall” (trading and other) let me live.

  • Succesful trading is trading with consistent profit with a workable pattern

  • As always you provide huge value. I like the idea of being a systems trader where I follow rules and keep my emotions and judgement out of the way. The thing is, we still need a ‘system’ that gives us that edge. That is the $64,000 question. Where do we find such a system? I have yet to find one!

  • Have been prodding in the dark all along until I came across your videos. They have been educational and insightful. Am hoping to put what I have learnt into practice. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Successful trading means being consistently profitable by having a well defined edge and having the right frame of mind to execute your trades by following your rules.

  • trading is my dream its my passion.i love stock market .but i lost money so i am studying here. I want to be full time trader

  • So what you mean is… if you’re young and have no fulltime job but your parents are willing to fund you.. you can’t make it??

  • Good day. I appreciate your fantastic support in video 1 and 2.

    Please may you do a couple of videos on back testing or show us how to do it properly?

    How do we back test our results on a free Software?

    Kind Regards

  • To me, successful trading would be making enough money to continue to grow capital and to be independent, even if most of the money goes back into the capital pool. I’m just so tired of working for other people. I don’t need to be rich (though, of course, I dream of it.) 🙂

  • Trading is one of my passions. I don’t trade in the first place for money. I love the challenge of performing as prospected on basis of creativeness. So even just ‘trading’ via looking at the charts can be a very satisfactory experience the more so if prices meet my expectations confirming he rules of my extremely simple trading system.

  • Being successful is being able to do it full time with constant profits on a daily basis while not becoming a day trading addict.

  • It means building wealth for my family and live comfortably… and I agree with the compounding interest !

  • Thank a lot but our my aim and most traders here is to make trading our full time job for financial freedom in life. We can talk about at lest 5 years learning, practicing and growing of account, but 20 years working full time job can also cause trading loss cos bosses can irritate you there.

  • Rayner, successful trading to me means having a trading system that consistently produces winning trades and produces an acceptable ROI that enables you to meet your financial goals.

  • For me, being a successful trader means the ability to make sufficient money to not only supplement my income but to replace it if need be.

  • To me, a successfull trader is one who can profit consistently from the market and still have ample time to enjoy life and be with his family.

  • becoming a successful trader means so much to me. i have found a new career that i am passionate about and if im not spending my time infront of the monitor looking for and expanding on an edge, im thinking about it all through the day. i am finding it tough going right now with information overload but a few hours sleep and good to go again. i love it

  • Hi Rayner,
    successful trading means consistence profits over time.
    Steve Games from Kenya

  • In my sense successful trading is indicator based system trading strategy which can be able to protect us from losses.

  • Really good advice Rayner. Successful trading means taking time to learn a skill and then seeing my account grow steadily off the back of it.

  • hi Rayner,
    Is that true that for particular trading setup/chart pattern (e.g. doji, triangle, etc), higher TF (e.g. daily, weekly) statistically has more success rate than lower TF (e.g. H4, H1) ?

  • 20 years ? some of us don’t have that time, how can you EFFECTIVELY enjoy 1.300.000 $ when you’re old ?

  • What does successful trading means to me?

    Well for me, it gives me a way to make more money in the future. For my old age.
    we will eventually die at some point but I don’t want my children to see me broke and hopeless.
    I can write more but I am stopping here.

  • I am recently retired son supplementary income is something that really appeals to me. Likewise, an hour a day on the screen is also very appealing.

  • For me, successful trading means consistently to be profitable in the market, with spending just little time daily for trading, using simple proven-system, so that i hv then most of the time to spend and give to myself, my family and to my personal life. In other words, successful trading mean financial freedom.

  • Hey Teo, great video and great insight to being a successful trader. Successful trading to me means independence. I look forward to your future videos.

  • Trading with confidence and without worries. Sleeping wel at night and knowing that always can make a profit in any market condition.
    Thank you for your informative video.

  • Successful trading = DIY active investment. Any percentage gain more than what I would from a passive investment acct is a success to me.

  • Hi Rayner,
    Thank you for this instruction. You have just pointed out to me that I am more of an emotional trader than I thought. Now to correct that.

    Thanks again Rayner,

  • Successful trading to me means growing my live account let’s say from 10$ to 1000$ and more.

  • This sounds great except for the daily time frame. There are so few signals on the daily and to place a stop loss requires a second mortgage. Would this work on the 4 hour time frame?

  • Successful trading means a lot to me cos I admire traders who makes consistent profit. A met a trader whole told me before I can start trading I need to fund my account with at least $2000. And I asked him why? he said is because am going to make big losses before I learn. So that fear of losses has been my biggest treat to start, and also I can’t be able to raise such amount of money. I’ll be glad if you can invite me to a live trade to see how the “system trade” works. If possible a video to watch. Thanks.

  • Success to me means trading without emotion and making consistent wins at last 60%

  • Hi Ryan. I’ve been following you for a few months now and I’m super pumped for your next video. I’ve watched all your videos on Price Action Trading and how to be a better trader on YouTube but I’ve never been this motivated or excited after a video. I am also part of your mailing list and Telegram Channel. I’ve read each and every one of your blog posts on this site and I CAN NOT WAIT for your next video. Please don’t keep us waiting for too long!

  • Hello Rayner, Regards

    I always see your videos, I read your posts and they have helped me a lot to improve my performance in my real account, that I thank you infinitely.
    This series of videos, of which this video is part, is a very important information, information of very good quality, but that being hosted in VIMEO, it does not allow me to put subtitles, and since I speak Spanish, I need the subtitles because they are a great help to understand what you say.
    My suggestion / request (with great respect) is that you evaluate the way to re-upload this info to youtube

    Thanks and keep going
    subscriber “speaks-spanish-and-prefers-youtube” fan

  • successful trading is having a timefreedom which has winning system, good risk management and healthy trading psychology.

  • For me a successful trader is:
    1. Someone who can satisfy his needs (in a large sense – including luxuries) and at the same time to accumulate more and more capital
    2. Someone who can project the results from his activity BEFORE it is done. In other words – to forecast the results of his trading with a high degree of certainty.
    3. A person who is feeling constant satisfaction of his trading activity. Part of this should be due to the fact that his trading results become more and more easy, profitable and constant all the time.
    4. I completely agree with you that a successful trader could be only a person that manages his trading activity in a way to have enough free time to live normally i.e. to have time to enjoy his money -:)

  • Rayner I have an issue with account managing, even when I have a working strategy, most of the time I still lose money

  • great video! I’m glad you are one of the people who are really willing it help other traders to be successful

  • Thanks Rayner. You’re such a blessing. May the Lord of heavens bless you more…
    I’ve learned different techniques from you that really suitable in today’s market condition.

  • Hi Rayner, thank you for your numerous and highly educative video. Am really learning. Thank you for opening our eyes to what trading really is.
    Rayner please, I want to know if a 500 dollars account can generate a one thousand five hundred to two thousand five hundred dollars per month, using your pro-traders edge trading system? I need your candid answer, as you have always done in all your videos and write-ups.
    Thank you and God bless.

  • Hello. I am an intraday trader and I trade in options. Can you please make some tutorial videos on options trading? Or day trading.

  • Successful trading to me means being able to consistently grow my account by using a trading system that eliminates human emotion and error and scary draw-downs !

  • Successful trading to me means beating the market by at lest a factor two during a bull Market and making profitable trades in a bear market by trading inverse ETFs.

  • To be able to enjoy the trading with peace of mind and making good fortune out of it as a process of it.

  • Dear Rayner,

    Your videos are crisp, to the point and full of knowledge about trading. Great work.. keep it up..

  • as an Ex paramedic who suffered a breakdown 12 yrs ago, after 30 yrs service, the last few years have seen my savings disappear. I now live on State pension. Its livable, but only just. If I can make just a few hundred dollars more through consistent trading, it would make life a bit easier. Also trading keeps my brain active at the moment.

    Can’t wait for your next video. I am a little worried by some of the claims out there for systems that earn like 900% profit every year, but cost an arm and a leg to buy. The claims are a bit out there. So hoping what you can teach us, makes more sense to me.

    Thanks Rayner

    • I don’t know of any trading systems that make 900% a year. The best in this business average 20%/year in the long run.


  • Great video Rayner , I think what successful trading means to me is just to be consistently winning trades that add to my trading account without having to break my back with fundamentals ect and using my trading system consistently to achieve that year after year .

  • Hi Rayner, John here from new Zealand, successful trading to me means replication the same strategy over and over again. If you have a winning system don’t change it. Am enjoying your training videos. You keep it simple and I especially like a comment you made in one of your training bids where you said, trade what you see if the setup is there place the trade. Many thanks John

  • Successful trading means buying when the right signals are seen, selling when the right signals come in and minimizing risk.

  • Rayner
    What been a successful trading would mean to me:-
    1 It would allow me to retire knowning that i have a regular income coming in that i could live my life and provide for my spouse and leave something for my grand children.
    2 It would enable me to be able to help other people less fortunate then myself.
    3 it would also allow me the benifet to pass it on to the younger genaration so they to can learn to help others.

  • Thank for sharing. Successful trading mean using the right system to trade and keep my money grow.

  • Still don’t really understand systems trading too well but i believe with your next video i will. thanks for this man, also Successful trading to me, is when you’re consistently hitting your targets.

  • Hi Rayner, trust this meets you well. Thanks for your valued teachings. I am a big fan of yours! For me, successful trading means dedication in making consistent little profits daily until you are content ($1m, $10m, $100m, $1b’s…) and your capital is large enough to trade very few times a year and still beat the market as the hedge fund managers do. I trade full time right now and hope to retire soon, to travel the world, give back to the society and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

  • Hi Rayner, I am one of your followers. You are a very generous person, sharing so much good info with us. When should we expect the video that would show the way to get /build a system to trade?

  • Wow, thank you Rayner. I love your insights. I look forward to more videos. I have been following your videos and I have really improved.

  • For me successful trading means trading for a long time…learning and understanding the skill. I enjoy watching your video, you are a great teacher. Will be following for more on this system trading. Thank you

  • Hello Rayner. Successful forex trading means consistency of winning trades. And of all my years, trading, on my forex demo accounts, I still find this impossible to achieve!!!It’s a good thing I have never used any real money over the years or else I would be living on the sidewalks and be homeless. I have never found any consistency in this game called forex trading!! and I am beginning to think that it cannot be achieved. It is just an illusion and a dream.But I still enjoy your videos and educational materials.I feel like King Arthur in search of the Holy Grail…which he can never find!!

  • Of the comments I did read, Vincent said best what I think. I can’t follow the rules if I don’t know what they are.

  • what successful trading means for me… that I no longer have to work for a boss, can plan my own working hours and workplace, so in between I have time left for even more things I love to do, with financial independence in the end.

  • Successful trading for me, is to stick to your proven trading strategy with discipline without deviating from it.

  • Sucesfull trading ,mins 1 -money ,2-knowlidge about the financial market 3- life style 4- independents, 5 -interest in not every day jobs ,freedom.

  • To me Consistent trading means:
    1) Having a professional attitude towards my trading.
    2) Having a consistent method to make money.
    3) Feeling as though my trading is in fact My profession & Provides food for my family.

  • Rayner successful trading to me mean being able to gain trust from as many people as possible, because here in South Africa people are very sceptical with such investment due to alot of scams that went on, so if I can do it successfully and talk about probably they would believe it.

  • Successful trading to me means having a strategy that make u have more wins than losses that is sustainable.

  • Hi Rayner,
    Successful trading to me means having the extra capital to do the things I currently cannot do. It also means I can gain more capital as and when I need it from what-ever location I’m at in the world.

  • It means having the time to spend with your family and the funds to provide them with a comfortable life

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