Lessons From A Decade Of Trading

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I’ll be sharing a special 3-part training series to help you level-up your trading, so you can short-cut your learning curve without wasting years of trial and error.

To kick things off, here’s part 1 of the training series where you’ll discover…

  • The most important thing you need to become a profitable trader (that 91% of traders never find out)
  • Lessons from 10 years of trading: What I did wrong, what I did right, and what you can learn it
  • The biggest reason why most traders fail and how to avoid it
  • And much more…

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  • Hi Reyner, You look handsome.
    who was that guy, who can’t recognize the beauty in the world , that’s your thoughts. A humble service to the future winners.

    Its awesome. Keep doing. I support you.

  • i think am in the losing trend as your early days, looking forward to your next post of 1% successful traders

  • Rayner very very good webinar. I learned a lot about my trading and now I have to put into practice. Larry

  • I tried a multitude of different strategies, but never finding the one that I felt represented who I am as a trader or that I felt comfortable using long term. Now my edge is to scalp while waiting for the momentum to drive price in one direction or another and move with the momentum.

    • Hey Mr josep I really like your trading strategy and would like to be enlightened more about it sir.thanks

  • I am using the RSI and ADX tool to determine trade. I am a beginner.. I want to learn when to enter and exit. I found your videos useful. Infact I saw the video of yours on candle stick trade…I did not understand TAE.. want to learn about how to find out support/resistance rates

    • Follow one system and do it consistent to make profit. Nothing is so called best method. Repeatability and patience is key

  • Ave bin using rsi, stochastic and ema,sma but am still not cutting thru. nice piece Ray

  • Hey Reyner.

    Nice inspiration. Am looking forward to book a session with u.

  • Hi Rayner, thanks for the eye opening trading lessons you have been giving out, what i read from you have really help, even though i am not profitable yet, but i believe you have all it takes to guide me. i would like to know what you think i can do to be profitable in trading

  • Hi Rayner, I tried using moving average but I’m struggling to get the right period to use for different time frames, fibonacci is also not as accurate and sometimes gives me false entries even after confirmation. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos and following up on the emails you sending, they are really helpful, please keep up the good work.

  • Hey Rayner. Thanks for sharing your story. It is a great inspiration to know that you do have an edge and you are making money in the markets. I often don’t believe other ‘educators’ who say they are successful but you never see their trading results. You let us take a peek at your trading account and it was clear that you have far more ‘green’ results than ‘red’. I now have no doubt that you are the real deal and not hoodwinking us! Thank you. Looking forward to the next video.

  • I have tried ,Macd ,RSI and many of the indicators including Fib and even Naked but in still losing….I think maybe I do not have an edge as you say because I just trade based upon assumptions and analysis on that particular trade So I do not have a time frame that I trade or a strategy that I trade and also I trade all currencies I don’t know now what to do I have lost a lot

  • If anything, I’ve got to say you are hilarious…I’m still new and have watched a lot of your videos because you are very candid, and most of what you say actually makes sense…looking forward to the next video!

  • HI Rayner it seems the more you seriously want to make it as a pro trader it becomes obvious that the odd are really stacked against you i am 1 of the 99% by the way but i keep coming back after throwing the towel in when i looked at your back testing sheet on this vid your system did not produce profit every month but because of the work you put in to this method you had the confidence to trade it through the year i get this .Hats off buddy well done.

  • I am a believer in riding trends to their lengths and getting out quick if I am wrong. I have done some backtesting on this simple strategy with good results, but not great (generally matches the market, will beat downtrends, will not be as good in parabolic moves up). MACD cross = enter, set trailing stop below recent swing low. 2-hr time frame has been the best time frame consistently across various instruments. But in bullish environments, I’m constantly getting shaken out only to have price go back up and I buy higher. And in sideways markets, you get chopped up. So thinking there are better trend following strategies out there potentially. LOVE the ability to back test. That was the single thing that actually made me believe in my edge.

  • Hey Reyner I haven’t Even started to trade I’m in learning procesos bit eager to listen to your next post.. keep up.

  • I am using statistical trading system. I use a trading strategy (MACD, EMA & VWAP) over 20 trades. Currently, setting profit $.11 above entry and a stop $.07 below entry. Do this for every trade that meets the strategy. At the end of 20 trades, if I my win/loss ratio is greater than 50%, I should be a consistent winner. At the end of 20 trades tweak the strategy to fine tune the edge. With this 20 trade system I believe a person should find their edge to becoming a consistent trader.

  • Hey Rayner,

    thanks for this excellent video.
    I’ve been trading for 8 months now on a live account but just kept loosing money (not surprising). I really tried so many things. Different strategys, 10 indicators, no indicators, heikin ashi, renko and so on. But I still kept loosing money. Finally, it dawned on my what I have been doing wrong: No matter what strategy I followed, it was all about picking tops and bottoms, predicting reversal and so on. This is so stupid! Buy low and sell high is absolutely stupid. Trying to catch the falling knife is suicidal.
    After reading your trend trading guide and deep studying Clenows: “Following the Trend”, I finally woke up from my stupidness and started to trade with the trend. The difference is just enormous. Of course, this is only the first step on my long way to a succesfull trader but I feel like I finally cracked open the first treasure chest to be found along the way. A thousand thanks to you!!

  • Hi rayner, is that CFD platform that is shown in the video? May i know why you arent’ using MT4?

  • Great videos Rayner….That edge idea issuperb, but how do you “discover” that you have an edge. I understand it’s very personnal
    but how long you have to test yr system to recognize you cracked it?
    Wish you the best…

  • I am a newbie, but-have been trading off/on for 4 yrs….Raynor, you are the best!! Such clear and inspirational information. I use rsi, ema and donchain (my fav). Keep up the good work, really appreciated. Good day yesterday trading, bad today. Ho hum. Would like to get more proficient and have better success ratios, like everyone else.

  • I am using the MTF system that is I & 2 hours chart patterns along with stochastics as a filter. Problem I am having is being consistent and I know it’s me. I have come to believe that in trading one must fine something that fits their personally.
    Something I think knowing to much information is just as bad as knowing no information.
    Rayner, you are the greatest because you are so down to earth, and humble and I really appreciate that.
    God Bless

  • Student with OTA. Mostly supply and demand zones with rsi ma and support and resistance. Love your style of presenting information and am learning faster with you one suggestion- I subscribe and get regular emails but I have to “sign up” every time I go to the website or hit a link. Looking forward to the next video

  • Very inspiring story Rayner. I really want to learn from you. Looking forward for your next video. Thanks.

  • Thanks Ray, Finally found my edge – Daily chart – Entry on the pullback after confirmation with PB or engulfing pattern – Using FIB level but only 50 / 61.8% – trading only major’s (Overall a swing / trend trader). BTW, do you personally run a course that I can attend ?

  • Excellent video Rayner, can’t wait for the next one. It made me stop and think about my trading and how I could be more successful.

    Thanks for all your help

  • Hi Rayner,
    I havent started trading, I have attended a class of 2 on trading but I still felt lost after the classes
    This is the reason that has been preventing me from trading
    After listening to U on Utube, I am starting to feel more confident
    Am looking forward to listen to more of your webinars and start to trade
    Thank you

  • bro , i tried haiken Ashi with stochastic RSI, some premium scanners ,stock calls on telegram(that was a big mistake)Trend lines , bollinger bands, moving averages with RSI, and more stuff like scalping using EMA’s ,S&R using price action bt bro price action literally helps me bro bt as a day trader i’m confused about Time frames and area of value in day trading . if possible then plz leave a reply to my problems…….

  • Hey Hey Rayner

    Thanks for your educational trading materials. I started trading in 2018 October and of cause, I blow out my live and demo accounts. Then around December 2018 I came across your videos on Youtube and you made sense, so I started following you ever since. Ever since I probably watched all your videos and read all your materials.

    Fast forward to May 2019, 5 months later, I am back to my live account and TRADING LIKE A PRO. My risk and reward has improved dramatically. Thanks to you I found my edge and my edge is the TAE framework (Trend, Area of Value and Entry Trigger). After learning this Risk Management was easy and clear, and the Reward is limited to the trend.

    I also found my Identity, I AM A TREND FOLLOWER :).

    I’m so excited for the trading journey ahead.

    Thanks a lot Rayner Teo.
    Your such an inspiration.

  • I’ve tried everything..chart patterns, candlestick patterns breakouts and I also follow position sizing and risk management and still im losing money every month by making some emotional trades and overtrading. I risk limited amount but have many losing trades and still lose money

  • I have tried the parabolic.

    Currently am using the currency strength with support and resistance

  • Hello Rayner, Thank you for your story. I am now thinking of my next step. I am new at this and I think I have too much information swirling around in my head and have not idea of how to find my edge. Information overload. What I kind want to ask is, How do I get that edge. I need to know where to start. Again thank you so much, You just save me and my family.

  • Correct Ryan. I am in same dalmia to learn a lot but not identified my Edge yet. Hope to get the edge soon.

  • Hey Rayner,

    Thanks for this excellent video.
    I’ve been trading for an year but just kept loosing money (not surprising). I really tried so many things. Different strategys, 10 indicators, no indicators, heikin ashi, renko and so on. But I still kept loosing money. Finally, it dawned on my what I have been doing wrong: No matter what strategy I followed, I started feeling to panic when trend works against you and there is momentum so was losing trade.
    After reading your trend trading guide and deep studying Clenows: “Following the Trend”, I finally started to trade with the trend. The difference is just enormous. A thousand thanks to you!!

  • Love this stuff. I wish I could get subscribed. I never have received the confirmation email

  • Rayner,
    You do a very nice job on your videos–no lost time. You get right into the important part of your subject, show good examples, and move along quickly. You even talk fast. It’s very clear that you know what you are doing. Thanks for sharing this information with all of us.

  • Hey Reyner, once again thank you for everything you have taught me I really do appreciate it! to be honest I haven’t started up a live account yet, I want to be profitable on my demo account for at least 3 months before I start my live account. I would consider myself a price action trader naked chart, moving average and RSI for divergence indicators. Thank you for sharing this video with me, I am looking forward to the next one

    Whats your thoughts on forward testing?


  • Hi Rayner, I have tried the trend following method, but it is difficult on the nerves. I couldn’t withstand the retracements and I missed out on very good trades. Am still working on my nerves

  • I cant watch the video can u help me out?
    it said “player.vimeo.com refused to connect”

  • I’ve tried variety of strategies, but for some reason I can’t get ahead, I’m fairly new and still learning not only strategies, but different session, the fluctuation of the spreads, how the news impact, indicators, S/R, when the market is volatile, etc. I like your teaching, but haven’t made the transition to allow you to coach me, my finances is very low so I’m moving at a snail pace, so I try to gain as much insight of the free material that’s available…. Trading on a demo account and losing, definitely need an edge!!!

  • I Use 3 MA time frame are different for commodity and for stocks

    MA-50 high
    MA-50 Low
    MA-15 Close
    this indicators give good returns

  • I have tried using automated robots to trade,tried wave patterns, traded with fundamental analysis but I still got roasted all burnt out.

  • Your videos have helped me a lot man…can u please post the video on YouTube
    Or send it to me on my email I’ll appreciate

  • I like to trade Gaps intra day as my bread and butter …. 5 and 1 min chart and only indicators i use are VWAP, Volume Profiling and 10 ema. No oscillators. class myself as a more a day trader.

    • Same here Scalping works for me… I prefer small gains over time as i reduce the time i spend in the market.

  • Hey Rayner,
    I got into trading a year ago today. And I’ve had some major ups and some major downs. The consistency is definitely not there. The problem I’ve been having is listening to this educator and that educator. And everyone of them have different strategies, so I was trying to mold my style of trading with bits and pieces from each. THAT HASN’T WORKED. And after watching your video, I definitely DONT have an edge which causes the inconsistency.
    Thank you for all you do!!

  • Hey Rayner, I don’t really have an edge now, new to trading, but I try to move with the momentum. Looking forward to your next video.

  • Hey Rayno, Thanks a lot for sharing your journey. In trading I started 2 years ago with gambling based on tips, then started learning indicators etc but kept on trading and lost big. All indicators confused me. Then I found Price action 6 months ago. I learnt chart patterns and risk management and trying to work discipline. After 6 months of trading in price action (Now trading with very small capital) now I am able to somehow anticipate the move and the price indeed moves to that anticipated area sooner or later but the major problem is I am not able to correctly time my entry. When I enter It take my SL and hit my target. still trying to find out where is the problem. Let me wait for your next video 🙂

  • Expected nothing less from my no.1 trading mentor. Can’t wait for the next video

  • I have tried trading pin bar on support and resistance but well I didn’t make in a long run

  • I have tried all the indicators (rsi, macd, ewc, SAR, etc etc). They give some insight but I’ve learned you can’t rely on them. Have also used candle patterns such as bullish engulfing and all the others. Looking for high probability set ups such as pin bars and fib levels. A big fad now seems to be these discord groups where everyone works as a team. I’m not a fan.

  • Hey Rayner
    That’s Exactly RIGHT, All aspect has to come together plus Edge
    Equal your winning rate.
    You are the man

  • Hi rayner
    I try so many ways and still struggling and in the loser part. Finding a edge its great words and motivated

    Do you havr any advice from were to start


  • I buy a share of a particular company in 4 to 5 parts (like in SIP mode) for swing trading and I buy it in every possible support zone which lower the risk of my capital loss and increase the profit.

    99% of traders don’t do SIP buying, they just buy big quantities @ one go and use stop loss but I do vice versa.

    That’s my edge.

    Please let me know if I can improve my edge more.

    God bless you.

  • I have tried ATR trailing stop with squarewave and points.
    My strike rate is close to 60 % and a risk-reward minimum of 1:2.
    Working well, now I just need to follow my trading setup with proper risk management.

    Love from INDIA.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  • i followed no discipline and i blown my account 3 times…
    now trying to learn

  • Excellent vid Superman. I`m speculating that the 1% answer is (edge + 100% consistency to roll that die when the edge sets up)

  • Hey Rayner, Thanks for ur effort in educating the masses. This is my second year in trading at some point i was self destructing, but after i started following you, puzzles in my trading experience started to patch up… am enjoying this now and keeping up to your daily information.

  • Thanks Rayner l have found your videos very useful, you make Forex so simple & l am beginning to understand it after a year .

  • You are the one walks on ones own talks. Keep up this spirit of spreading your learning. May God bless you with all your needs and keep you happy.

    My experience:- I tried using technical indicators, like RSI, supertrend. Checking the fundamentals and take trades.. But I am not satisfied with the performance.

  • Hey Rayner,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have been learning by myself like you did in the beginning. Im mostly looking at youtube, books and other sources. Ive also found simulation games and have been doing alright. I have not found my edge but i hope to find it soon. Thanks for the help!

  • Hi Rayner,
    Thank you for being a friend & sharing your excellent trading skills. I have had limited success with 5&10 MA cross over with RSI below or above 50 & also with following the trend as your PDF shows.

  • The best trading set ups I have found are when a stock breaks out of a long basing stage (say a few years) on impressive volume. Often the move is large and quick. You should always buy on the breakout and then on the retrace at the new support (area if value) with the stop loss a few pips below the old resistance/new support.

  • Thanks Rayner for such inspirational video…i am new to forex and have tried most of the things i read, however not all of them are worth practicing. I have also learnt alot from your videos.

  • I have tried everything.. don’t know what am doing wrong and most especially how to get an edge.. I need your help

  • My take aways, focus on one thing, master it and own it. Make it your second nature. Thank Rayner!

  • I am not profitable because i am not focused on a single thing. i always on the look out for new things . i hear them, study them and again start looking for new things. That is the biggest problem. I want to focus on one thing but not able to do it.

  • Hey Rayner, right now I’ve been full-time dedicated to Ichimoku system. I been doing this for almost a month, and trying to find how to acomplish 100% this indicator/strategy.
    Thanks for everything you are sharing with us.

  • I love you man, keep up the good work, your videos are awesome and easy to understand ! help me a lot in stock market ! seriously

  • Hey Rayner, great video with great insight. Specifically for forex trading, personally, do you think fundamental analysis is useful? We know that banks are the ones who influence price action so if we are able to follow info from banks will that help with forex trading?

  • Hey hey,what’s up rayner?.thanks for the mails and posts you’ve been sending me,I’ve never been much grateful.you made me know what forex is all about,though I’ve not been profitable trading cos I don’t trade often but thanks to you rayner,for making me more knowledgeable about how the forex market operate.bless up boss*rOg3r dAt*

  • Thanks for a great presentation.
    I do trend following, I identify a trend in the price action that is consistent over two time frames. ADX for confirmation. If yes I enter the trade, which I manage using the lower time frame . I use the ATR to trail my stop loss.
    It is very successful for shares, good for commodities, indices seem to be ok, but I am short on data, and forex doesn’t seem so good, but again I am a bit short on data.

  • Hi Rayner. Thanks for sharing your story. It is a great inspiring to me and i am looking to fw to learn what 1% doing.

    My thought is they are reading price trend behaviour very well in advance…… Also Them may be just following market trend…

  • Thanks. Waiting for the second video. Tried supply and demand , indicators , these days trying to do MTF analysis. Wave theory and other typical patterns like Cypher/ bat are to difficult for me. I just follow the price structure, and try to follow. But problem is I let the SL hit, but do not let the winners ride. I cut my profits. Trying to work on this now. It is difficult to see the pullbacks and seeing all the profits eroding, and not cutting the position till my level is not breached.

  • My strategy is to find stocks that are in the beginning of an uptrend, 20MA crossing up 50MA, and trading at the resumption after the first pullback and confirmation from a momentum indicator. No, still not profitable.

  • Thank you Rayner, I am just a year old in this business but I have not been able to make Head ways…your videos are helping me a lot. I have been to IML…and nothing is coming from it..

  • Reyner thanks for the updates you have been giving. I hv really learn alot. Hope to have an edge over the market and become successful retail trader. Keep the good work going n may the Almighty God bless you n your family.

  • Thank you for sharing this story. There are many takeaways in it.

    I have tried trading with indicators, I tried support & resistance trading and now and trying your trend following system. In all, I think entry is my weakness.

  • Thanks man. Looking forward to the next video. It’s inspiring to know that I can make money in the market if I have an edge. I don’t have one right now but hopefully after listening to your videos I will have one.

  • Good evening,you have been of tremendous help to me and I can confidently say you are my trading idol.just want to ask if u give trade calls.thanks

  • Hi Rayner , Great story . I have been trading on and off for a few years now with some success and have been a predominately a ” Breakout Trader ” using support and resistance along with MACD , OBV end of day data with only about a 50% win rate .
    After watching your video I now am starting to see were I am going wrong ( listening to too many people and following the crowd like a lost sheep ) plus putting too much faith into chart patterns and fundamentals .
    I am looking forward to your next video on ” Lessons From A Decade Of Trading ” and really getting that winning edge .
    Watched the ” Traders Fest ” you had just recently and picked up some very useful tips .
    I love the way you keep it simple and I think this is one of the important things I need to do and stop reading too much into a stock or the market as I have done before .
    Keep up your great work .

  • I watch for trading ranges, wait for a false break, then a W for a bottom. This way all the trapped shorts will be forced to buy when prices reverse. An example of this is TSLA on the Monthly chart. Another example is SLV on the monthly chart, waiting for the bull flag breakout to close high up, then watch prices explode as the shorts buy to cover adding fuel to the upside.

  • Hi Rayner, Great video. I have been following up on couple of your videos. They are awesome and really appreciate you sharing the knowledge with us all. I use volume, support and resistance and averaging techniques most of the time. I am trying to be consistent in profits and i am yet to find my edge. Looking forward to learn more from you. Thanks once again for sharing your insights

  • Hi Rayner, Great video! I am an aspiring full time trader as well, and I am currently on my early second year in trading. As a newbie, what you mentioned in your early years is what I am currently experiencing, just inconsistent results. But I am not giving up.
    Looking forward to your next video.

  • I have a good system for exiting a trade, bur I am still looking for more consistency in entering a tread.
    I have tried many indicators and decided less is better. So many variables in a setup, back testing is time-consuming. Thanks for your help.

  • Hallo Rayner,
    Thanks for the video by sharing your experience. Am currently residing in Zambia, Africa. I only got two people I follow, you and the guy who introduced me to Forex, Sam.

    Newbie yes, but an enthusiastic learner to swallow whole and personalize new information.

  • Hi reynar thanks for this video, in my capacity have learned and try to follow trends but Still not yeilding any positive results win today loose tommorow as been my trading

  • I have tried candles pattern but it still goes against me many times that the strategy am trying to mainly focus on

  • thanks Rayner for the informative,easy to understand material that you provide and for your generosity. A few weeks ago i was struggling, i didnt fully understand price action,risk management why i always got stop hunted until i run into you. now am more confident and am able to identify proper enteries. Thank you.

  • Hey Rayner!
    I’ve been trading for three years now and I’v not got any profitable strategy. It’s great that you finally found yours, I hope you may pass it down to us as well. Thanks

  • Hey Rayner. I think everybody liked your video. I learnt many things from you and hope others too . When I started trading I always lose my money and I always watched video lessons on youtube but you know many of them say indicators trend bla bla bla I felt that there is something wrong and you tought me very well thanks bro.

  • I do mostly equity option trade. Recently, I started to narrow down my focus to two strategy and repeat it weekly. I mainly trade 0dte and 1 dte SPX option by selling call or put spread based on probability of success. It has been consistently profitable on a daily basis on the put spread. My question to you is do you do any option trading? Any tips you can share to us?

  • Hi Rayner,

    I love your videos and you are super passionate in what you do. I wish to be as good as you some day as I am just a novice trader right now.

    My biggest issue is I have huge fomo and I never know when to take profit and I often get killed because of this.

  • Thanks Rayner for the useful videos. I just started my career in Forex but already lost lot of money, so now I am preparing myself for stronger bounce back by watching all your videos/blogs from basics and implementing the same in demo account. Is there any possible way to contact you personally for better planning of my trading and investments.

  • importunately, i gave up after 3 years wasting my time, money, nerve, negative effects on family,…it was really tough time. this business is not for me, sorry for the negative info. u have to learn first at least one year, never let a broker trap u and teach.

  • Hey Rayner, thanks for your video, I started my trading journey a year ago. Am not yet profitable, but following you gives me hope that am not far from having an edge in the market. I use RSI, Stochastic, support/resistance and Fib. But am still testing my strategy because am still loosing. Am addicted to your videos.

  • I have attended talks on the cookie cutter topics such as Elliot waves,indicators etc…as you correctly mentioned I’m still a losing trader because I do not have an edge…”You can’t have a different result if you keep doing things the Same Old Way(sow)…looking forward to another way

  • Hey Rayner,
    This is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks very very much. Ok so my attempts so far involved following an account manager with an unregulated broker, he advised to follow Investing.com and others in their technical forex screeners, and almost put trades on randomly, then average losing trades until they turn around, or use martingale strategy. After a string of losses I realised I was simply giving my money to them. I am in the process of removing my remaining capital and moving to regulated brokers in Australia.

    I have been following you for a while, and have also tried the 200, 100, 50, 20 EMA and pin bar strategies with ATR stop loss placement. Unfortunately I lossed again.

    Right now I am stopping live trading whilst I attempt to find my “Edge” I am seriously hoping that you can help me learn this and apply an edge, because at 67 the extra money would greatly help my meagre retirement funds. LOL.

    Please keep up the excellent sharing. There are not many traders willing to help others without the huge $ amount tagging along for their courses. So once again, thanks, and looking forward to your next video in this series.

  • Hy Rayner
    My name is Raymond Cohen living in South Africa.
    Have never traded before heard how much one can make in trading and was intrested .
    Reasons was firstly to help my Company as i was retrenched and opened up a company to be able to feed my family. The company is doing ok but now i want to be able to help my retirement as all i have is invested in my company.
    I started looking around and found that most broker have a good and bad review i Picked to go with a company Named FSM Smart not sure if you know them.
    Was been guided by a broker but due to me doing small trades he dropped me. For months i request another broker but they never came back to me. Started searching the internet came across you and now i get all my info from you but i still having problems still with FSM Smart they just looking for more and more money from me with dozens of excuses.
    i have a 2400 dollar account with them i invested 1900 so i have made some profit but i need a lot of help. I believe if you do not trade everyday then you do not make money.It like any Job you need to work at it and understand it to make money.

    Primaly i trade in gold, Sliver and Copper the reason is i work in the earthmoving industry and crushing and screening i understand this.
    i believe there more to be made in forex as there more opertunities there but i do not understand the factors that drive that industry.
    You talk about an edge how does one get an edge in this industry?
    When you do not understand anything that going on in this industry but you need to make it happen?
    We have a place called Learn To Trade but they looking for 135000 Rand for a course to train you to trade.
    They showed me the T wave of trading and i have read on what you have out there on this subject,
    What i would like to know is how to calculate the t wave to take advantage of the wave?
    How do i work on collecting at lest 100 pips a week ?

    Rayner thank you for been out there and wanting to help people like me to try and better their lifes by using trading to do it.
    Raymond Cohen

  • Rayner, I have tried trend trading but the odds are very low in forex pairs. About 20% to catch a trend. And then i loose money in the remaining 80% of the time. My best win is 2 ATR. And I am always loosing. My account is always red. What should I do ?

  • Studying every aspect to market price action. Reading the chart as it says it, candle by candle and structure with context. How to read MA’s to quickly identify the strength and weakness of the market. What defines a up or down swing. Setting up to anticipate trades, not chase trades. Cheers

  • 1) The 200 Ma have to be positive then ..
    2) I look at the last 25 days and shares should have dropped about 10%.
    3) Then I using Investing.com 4 windows on the screen
    1- daily with Stoch (12,1,1) under 19 and OBV = need to be

    2- next window 4hours Ma8 = price will close above.

    3- third window daily Renko , Traditional Price/200 as a
    parameter. when boxes change to green I compare “no 2” if
    price are closing above Ma8. Then its a “hot” potato !! 🙂

    4- forth window is also use Renko but 4 hours with traditional
    but then a small price diff checking last weeks ATR.

    I think this gives a good edge for me to be on the “right” side.
    I run this on the Stockholm stock exchange.

    Please let me know if I’am totally wrong!

    I have followed you for a long time here on the internet, from the beginning I did not take a crap what you said. Fast talking and Singaporean English was not so easy for a guy from Sweden 🙂

    I really want to THANK YOU for an outstanding job that you do and share! Thanks so much !!

  • Hi Rayner,
    I am still in the struggling stage getting so much information from wherever i can – mostly youtube and i must admit that i lack the edge. Its encouraging to hear that you also went through hard times but emerged a winner. Looking out to you next video.

  • Fibonacci retracement and candlestick patterns. But im a losing trader still, sadly. Trying to find that edge youve just explained. Love your videos. Hope I will find my edge soon. Keep the videos coming!

  • Thank you Rayner. I feel so like you right now and I wanna change my career from teaching to trading. It seems like a hard work, I should admit but your story keeps ne going.

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