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The Stock Trader Who Made 941.1% In A Year (With Oliver Kell) 

Last Updated: April 19, 2024

By Rayner Teo

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Show Notes

Today, we have Oliver Kell on the show.

What’s interesting about Oliver is he took part in the US investing championship in 2020—and came in first place!

Achieving a staggering return of 941.1%!

That’s like having $10,000 in your account in January and seeing it become $100k in December.

Moving on…

Here’s what we covered during our conversation…

1. What is the market making and how it work (his father was a market on the Pacific Stock Exchange)

2. How Institutions trade with size without being easily detected (unless you know what to look for, which Oliver shares during our conversation)

3. Oliver's early failures at stock trading and the lessons behind it

4. His favourfavoriteite trading setup (what are the things he looks for on a chart)

5. Trading examples include entry, stop loss, and targets

Sounds good?

Then go listen right now...

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