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Market Wizards: Behind The Scenes (With Jack Schwager) 

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

By Rayner Teo

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Show Notes

Today we have Jack Schwager on the show!

I believe he needs no introduction but I’ll do it anyway…

He is the author of the Market Wizards book series and has inspired a generation of traders (me included).

Now during my conversation with Jack, we talked about…

1. Behind the scenes: How the interviews were conducted for the Market Wizards book.

2. His approach to writing Market Wizards (what type of content stays in the book and what gets removed)

3. Significant changes in the industry over the years

4. Why he doesn't believe the market are efficient (which gives traders opportunities to profit from it)

5. And much more...

Sounds good?

Then go listen right now...

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