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How To Trade For A Living (With Peter Brandt) 

Last Updated: April 6, 2024

By Rayner Teo

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Show Notes

Now, just to share something with you…

I have 2 grandfathers.

One passed on before I was born. And the other passed away when I was 10 years old.

So when I spoke to Peter on the show, it felt like speaking to a grandfather I never had.

It was heartwarming, enlightening, and inspiring.

So, here’s what we covered during our conversation:

1. What was life like after WW2 (the jobs he did, the kind of kid he was in school, etc.

2. How he got started in trading

3. His favorite chart patterns and the ones he avoids

4. How he has been profitable with it over the last 50 years

5. Entries, stop loss, targets, trade management (from start to finish)

6. Risk management and position sizing

7. And much more...

Sounds good?

Then go listen right now...

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