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  • hello rayner,
    i have been searching & learning from everywhere about technical analysis. suddenly, your video on you tube was like popping up on my screen..
    u know what.. you are awesome GURU for me!
    Simple, Straight forward & Compact..
    THE BEST!!
    Thank You Very much !!

  • Thanks Rayner.
    Your forex’s trading strategy and knowledge sharing on youtube was very awesome , I have found easy to digest with your clear logical & straight forward explanation . I like it very much !

    • Hi Fendy,

      I’m really to hear that. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’ve got any questions, I’ll be glad to help.

  • I emailed you already but I signed up for the webinar big time difference wasn’t aware but tried to log in maybe 10 mins after start time no more spots Ive been signed up and waiting for a month. I don’t see where to watch the recorded video of the first webinar

  • Hi Rayner,
    Thank you so much for the free download. Also thanks for your weekly market analysis.
    Really appreciate and admired your effort.
    A Big Thank You from me. Cheers.
    Charlie Chan.

  • Hi Rayner,
    Thanks for the books and I have watch some of your videos. The more I watch, I get confuse whether you are trading using Trend cos you recommend others Trending stratgies books beside your. Sorry, as I was trying hard to understand which time frames 15M, H1,H4, Daily or weekly you base to trade. Would very much love to follow some of your livetrade if possible to clearly see which time frames, TA, MA 20,50,100,200 you are using for trending. Most importantly, I really admired and saluted you for your selfness, effort, your times & explanation on the videos to teach strangers on the internet. That’s not all, you are not even charging a single cents and totally free. Many gurus in Singapore makes millions for all these courses they conducted and endup most of us are not getting back our ROI especially me who spend 20K on various courses and still bleeding. Put it simply, we are being conned. You are Awesome and very charitable in your teaching. Good blessings will come to you and family for your hard and charities works. Cheers!

    • Hi Wee Yong,

      I focus mainly on daily and h1 for my trading. I use 20 & 50 MA if it makes sense to do so, and I try not to go against the trend on daily timeframe.

      • hi Rayner do you do scalping …can you please recommend which indicators to use …I have been studying the indicators at meta4 nothing works for me …Bollinger.renko shen ichimuko fibo and etc…..which one works for you on your 1 hourly or 4 hourly ,,,thanks Gilda

  • Thanks for the free downloads Rayner, as a newbie it helps me to understand trend trading even deeper.

  • Thank you Rayner … appreciate all the hard work you have done to put together this book and various other materials.
    I don’t use Facebook when everyone around me are so my question goes to how do I unlock the content? However I have shared links on Twitter though.

    “Bonuses are locked
    Please use one of the buttons below to unlock your bonuses (worth more than $100).”

  • Hi Rayner,
    I just happened to watch your youtube by coincidence today. I opened a live account in August after months of trading in demo.Your guides and tips are very logical and convincing. The issue is, what happen was after making continuously gains, I tried trading live and you know what my equity was start hitting down each time and whenever I tried again in demo, the trades took gains only.Please guide as my equity now is only 42% from the initial capital. Any advice/tips on how to accumulate back my initial capital.Now,it’s kinda of phobia and fearsome to even view the live account.

  • good day rayner im from South Africa and i trully appreciate you for sharing your powerfull knowledge about forex trully appreciate it, and i would really love to read your book but i dnt know how to access it i cant seem to download it

  • My friend Reyner, Thanks for the self sacrifice of your time to individuals. That is a big gift because you are a busy man. Blessings. Harry West.

  • Just downloaded the book.

    Thanks so much for your generosity.

    Take a good care of yourself


    • Hey Reyner your videos are always full of insight I wanted some advice do you think it’d be wise of me to take out a small loan to help fund my trading account? Then obviously pay back when I’m secured?… I need capital to start.. I’ve been studying trend following for the past 6 months and It works for me.
      Please get back to me

  • Hi Rayner,
    Just come across with your videos in youtube and find your it very interesting trading approach very interesting and easy to understand.

    Downloaded your Trend following book and started reading it and your explanation is very logical and sensible.

    Thank you for sharing your trading strategy for free and i will be watching and following your videos in youtube.

    once again thanks a lot.

    • Glad to have you around, Michael.

      Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’ve got any questions, I’ll be glad to help.

  • Raynor

    Spare a thought for those of use that do not have or want social media accounts, please offer an alternative solution to down loads/special deals you offer.

  • Hi
    lol be already downloaded your book and like some others I don’t not use face book but would love to have the VIP content

  • Many Thanks ..I only just saw your clip, Rayner… I already liking your vib….. you sounds like an Angel from Heaven coming to help us trading fellows ……… May God bless you endless joy, peace and love on this mother earth ……..

    Much appreciated. x

  • I posted on Google+ but the bonus material did not unlock. Thanks for what you are doing for traders.

  • Hi Ray, Have been following you on facebook for some time now. Just love you analysis. I want to start with my trading journey now. Can you assist. today i have downloaded you book. Thanks Antonio South Africa (Johannesburg)

    • Hi Antonio

      Thank you for reaching out.

      Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything, I’ll be glad to help.

  • Hi Rayner, Thanks so much for the lessons and youtube webs. Trading the NQ, it is eating me up . I really hang on too long on my Stoploss. Can you tell me what FX markets {USD-GBP} that you think are trending . Maybe those would be better markets for me . Thanks, Dave

    • Hey Dave

      The market doesn’t trend all the time. You’ve got to put in the screen time and work on your trading plan.

      Plan your trade and trade your plan.

  • Hi, what brokers do you recommend for trading. I use XM currently, but it is only forex.


  • forex is very difficult to trade on a small account of $100. I heard that there are forex brokers that won’t refund your profits, how true is this?

  • Thanks Rayner !~ I am learning how to trade as a beginner. This will be a good start!

  • hi i shared on facebook unable to download The Ultimate Guide to Trend Following,,please send me email


  • Hi Rayner, your trading videos on Youtube are packed with valuable info, very detailed and well explained – thanks for all the time and effort you put in.
    I don’t use Facebook, would you mind sending me the VIP content, that would be much appreciated! I am primarily focusing on the ASX200, and your analysis has been very helpful in uncommplicating trading for me.

    Thanks Ray! (Sydney, Australia)

  • Many thanks for your generosity , Rayner .

    I look forward to enjoying your book!


  • Hello again Rayner,

    Please would you mind sending me your VIP content as I am not on FB.

    Many thanks


  • Thanks Rayner all the way from Compton, Ca

    You are a God send to help out traders like myself, and many others.

    Thanks again

    • just click the “facebook share” button.

      If you can’t get it, drop me an email and I’ll send em over.

  • Thanks Rayner
    I’ve watched 100s and 100s of hours worth of educational videos over the last year to try and get into trading and you are one of the best educators I have found. Your videos are great. I have decided I want to do your style of trading as a result. I’ve only had a demo account but now think I near to taking the plunge with real cash so could you please recommend to me the best broker to open a micro account with . I live in the UK.
    Thanks again Rayner

    • Hey Terry

      I don’t publicly discuss brokers because in this day and age, we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

      If you want a recommendation, drop me an email me and we can discuss it.


  • Hi Rayner !
    Thanks for your great guide . I’ve read it and made some question for me :
    1-Is it necessary that price should test and touch the MA for 2 times and then we place our position ?
    2-Imagine you have bought the stock ; If the candle completly passes the 50 MA do you give up on that trade or u give it some time ?
    And unfortunately the share button didnt work for me . I would be so glad if u can email the VIP thing for me 😀

    • Hey Amirali

      1. The 2 test is to “confirm” that price is respecting that area of value.

      2. I’ll give it a miss

      Sure just drop me an email and I’ll send them over.

  • Hi Raynor,
    I got lazy and stopped documenting charts when trades were closed. A few weeks later I decided to visit those undocumented trades. WOW what a lesson. Now I always wait a week or more before marking up a screen print. Seeing what happened after the trade was closed really drives home what you are teaching about trends, areas of value, pull backs, etc.
    Thanks for the videos

  • Hi Rayner,

    It’s very good stuff you are giving out here. Very helpful. More Power to you Man! I’m going to read this over and many times more.
    It helped me clear things out about using indicators and understanding just the price action.
    May you be blessed all the more, Thanks!!!

  • Just subscribed to your page. Can’t wait for the copy of The Ultimate Guide to PRICE ACTION TRADING!!

  • A very good good-morning to you this morning Mr. Rayner. The works you are doing online is very marvellous. And all these you are doing them for free is unheard of in the industry especially in a time where there are many ripoffs. Thank you very much and may God bless and replenish you always.

  • You are AWESOME… You are AWESOME…
    You are AWESOME…..
    Great Quality Stuff Gauranteed…
    God Bless You….

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. This means a lot for learners like me.

  • Hi Rayner,

    Do you provide face to face classes?

    I would like to enrol for your classes..

    I live in Singapore.

    • I don’t publicly discuss brokers because in this day and age, we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

      If you want a recommendation, drop me an email me and we can discuss it.


  • Hello Rayner!
    Thank you for the wonderful book/article, It helps me a lot.



  • Thank for the price action knowledge it helps me a lot in my investments in the future

  • Dear Rayner

    how are you.Glad you have put this course on the internet.
    there is no one who guides so much information.

    i want to discuss something very important about trading in email.

    i want to screen share my Ea results these results are good but i believe i can make it better
    i need a help i can pay a fess if you you help

  • Hello Rayner,

    I watched a few of your videos and its really good . I like to know if your focused mainly in the Forex market or stocks as well .. Ive been trading in the Indian stock market for the last 1 year and i have not seen any sucess…

  • Thanks Ray for all your efforts at sharing your knowledge. It is much appreciated.

    Babs Ade

  • Thanks Rayner, Great stuff you are a Star. Greatly appreciated. God Bless. Thanks

  • Hi Rayner!
    I want to ask this question.
    If for instance, I’m following M15 trend using 20Ma, 50Ma and 200Ma and the price breaks through my 50Ma and I spot that for H1 or H4 the trend is respecting the 20Ma, will it be a good decision to not take profit or loss based on the M15 50Ma breakup and wait for the price to follow the trend given by the H1 or H4?

    Thank you.

  • Mr Rayner i cant believe you give out this teaching out free , my gratitude has no end thank you so much may God bless you and your family… i have one question sir can use this site finviz currency strength metre to trade forex just support my signal…please i need your opinion

  • Hi Rayner,
    I’m a new trader.I came to know about forex trading just 1 month ago.I’m still trying on Demo account.I have been testing several videos on youtube and websites to learn forex are the one who impressed me a lot.In fact you cover almost all of my doubts in your videos.Thanks for your services.I want to learn more.thanks again.

  • Hi Rayner,

    I just started trading a month ago and it didn’t go so well, so with your help i hope i will be a profitable trader too, thanks a lot.

    More power

  • There needs to be more people like you in this world. Can’t wait to be apart of your trading community.


  • Hi Rayner,

    I’m a new trader. just start 1 month ago.I’m still trying on Demo account.I have been testing several videos on youtube and websites to learn forex are the one who impressed me a lot.
    Thank you for the book.
    I would like to get the other one and the bonusses.


  • Thanks Rayner. Your techniques installed confidence in me to take the trades.


  • Thanks for giving up your time and knowledge to share with us , you make it very clear and easy to understand .

  • Thanks My Dear Bro,

    I am so appreciated with your free download books and many of your guidings on Youtube.

    Many thanks agains.

  • I have already finished reading your books about the following trade, but I can’t download The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading, can you help me?

  • Hmmmm! You are great, found all of you resources helpful to my trading journey, have almost pass through your journey. The sad story is that am still on the journey to be profitable/ consistent trader for almost 9years

  • could not get email. tried to download other books but never got confirmation emails. i could understand what is . more than one month gone. i donot hate u. some misuderstanding is there.

  • You have a heart for other people’s life and can say Rayner Teo you are a superman and may God bless because you are doing good for other and remain with your loving heart.

  • Thank you rayner for the material, i must say you always put smile on my face with your introduction anytime i watch you.

  • Your are amazing in the manner you deliver your lecture. Straight to point, very clear explanations

  • Thank you Rayner for this free material.
    I watched bulk of video tutorial on forex, but you are the first that open my mind with very easy explanation.
    you have great heart to share your knowledge and experience to people that you never meet before.
    Wish you all the best.

  • thank you very much for making learning simple and easy understanding.with your guide iam a winner now rayner.Good work God bless u

  • Rayner thanks for letting me join your email group. I am a new trader who is eager to learn. Cheers!

  • Thank you very much. This is a very good help for those who like to study stock trading. God Bless you Rayner

  • Hello Rayner, I am not getting the two downloads ebook. Instead each time I click on the confirm my subscription link in the email, it wants me to enter my email address all over again. Please email me the links to both ebooks, Price action and Trend following, thanks

  • This is absolutely interesting, Kudos to Rayner for your great work and knowledge to put all this together and make the world smile… Thanks and hope to meet you in person.

  • Hey Bro, I have been following your videos. So now for me it’s back to the start so I can learn more only trade in ASX Stocks as well

  • i am one of your subscriber on youtibe and i want to read your book i thinks it is helpful for me as a beginer on trading

  • Hello Rayner, I am not getting the two downloads ebook. Instead each time I click on the confirm my subscription link in the email, it wants me to enter my email address all over again. Please email me the links to both ebooks, Price action and Trend following, thanks


  • Hello mate,am new in forex,I love your presentation is really cool,am seriously looking for a coach and a mentor because i believe someone can’t be successful without one. Hopefully you can help me through. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi my friend Reyner! I m glad that saw your video in youtube. My goal is I want to be a Pro trader under
    your tutorial. I hope will help me. Godbless my Friend

  • Hello Rayner brother…Am new to here..I’m the beginner of this trading…Can u send me your videos to my mail

  • Thank you Reyner! I am looking forward to read your material this weekend and edge up some more. I love all your contents on YouTube. The best out there in my opinion.

  • Thank you Rayner for the material. I am looking forward to read your materials every week. I love all your contents on YouTube. The best out there. Thanks!!!

  • I can’t believe you’re doing this for free…most have a price on their course…if I do manage to be profitable I’ll repay what I think the knowledge is worth. Thank you so much, you’re doing such an honor

  • Hi Rayner, thank you for the material and your unconditional sharing/teaching of ideas. Your guide is my foundation in trading and always following you.

  • Hey Rayner love your content it’s excellent my friend! 1 question what is 1 ATR for your stop loss?

  • Hi there. Thanks for the materias.
    Before I started watching your videos, i was on the verge of giving up trading. Then I subscribed to your channel and I regained my confidence.
    You are a good mentor. Thank you.

  • hi mr.rayner…U are such a very good lecturer..u are explaining tricks & basics of pattern like awesome… my heartful thank u to you and your deed…

  • I watched one video so far. Sounds authentic so far. Liked what I learned. See If I can implement it in the real world. I am curious to see what else I can learn from Rayner. I give him props for teaching others to elevate them. Thanks!

  • I’m just about starting out in trading. But I figured I must acquire good knowledge before starting out, and you came handy for free. I’m so grateful.
    Rayner, God bless you real good.

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