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Analyzing the Majors! 

Last Updated: July 25, 2019

By Rayner

Let’s look at the majors this week and where they could be headed.

  • Hi Rayner.
    Forgive me for asking a not so smart question. In fact, i have 2.
    I can more or less understand what you are actually saying, but i just couldn’t get the real picture in my mind when you say this,
    1. ” A trade with 20 -25 pips SL on a 4 hrs chart & manage to get 150 pips “.
    2.And that’s the beauty of trend trading,” Getting your entry on smaller time frame and riding it on the larger time frame “.

    Hopefully, you can explain in a way that my mind can conceive this idea.
    Thanks Again.

    • What i meant was that i take the setup on the 4hour charts and base my SL on the 4hour. However profit target wise, i look to take it on the weekly charts instead on the 4hour.


  • HI Raynor,

    Thanks for the insight. I first saw you posting in sonic r system, and I have found that your insights are very common sense type. With Sonic it has become very noisy as it has a lot of people posting there idea on how the system should work

    I am currently watching all your videos and reading all your entries to get the gist of your trading strategy. I know that it has to do a bit of harmonics and PA. Will get the whole idea in about a week or two.

    Thanks for your site. Please continue to share as when you teach you become better as it organizes your thoughts and become more accountable with your trading strategy.

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