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  • tried to unlock the bonus, guide to the ultimate guide to price action but no pdf. cannot get the info despite unlocking and posting to facebook. help pls!

  • Hi I followed the instructions and didn’t see any downloads of any book. What should I do? Thanks.

  • Hi I shared to Twitter but didn’t see any of the bonuses appear. I already have the books but was really intersted in seeing the video too. Can you email me the link. Thanks.

  • Let me learn your books after downloading it. I would sent you my further comment later on. Thank you very much Rayner

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  • Your one of my favorite trader Rayner. I want to read your books. pls give me one for free. thanks

  • Hello Rayner,

    I added you view facebook and joined your group. Can you email me your bonuses?



  • Hi Rayner,
    can i get your contact no. to talk about regarding specific question of forext trading. I will be really appricated. I live canada(Easter time zone)

  • Hey Rayner Whatsup!
    I am not able to download PDF or it’s not loading. Only 0.2 MB/7.6 MB (Network error)
    Can I get it email to me? I’d appreciate your help.

  • hey mike, i love your work and your help to developed good upcoming trader like me.
    please ill like to have more of those your books.
    thanks boss

  • Hi Ray

    I am happy to know that there are people like urself willing to help others selflessly in their financial growth ..

    Thanks very much…

    Appreciate if u could send me ur guides and knowledge materials and hope to give a positive feedback on my trades with your help..


  • Hey Hey.. Whats up my friend? 🙂

    I tried unlocking the bonus, even posted om FB,Gmail and Twitter but still nothing… What does one have to do to get the bonuses Rayner?

  • i ve tried to download ultimate guid to price action trading its giving an error ive tried several times

  • whats the email for the free bonuses please

    thanks so much for the pdf …its very good

  • Hi Rayner,

    I’ve tried to unlock the bonus but still unable to get the PDF.

    Pls help.

    Thanx in Advanced

  • I think there is trouble with obtaining your books, can you send them direct to my email below, THANKS.

  • i need help of trading to be successful trading i am following you since 6 month you are great teacher and real teacher

  • Hi Rayner
    I tried to download your materials but I could not. Would you please send them to me via e-mail.
    I also tried to join the community but I could not see how. Would you also please let me know how I can join the group. I love the way you teach and share your knowledge for all those aspiring traders. Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards and best wishes.

  • hi nice to meet you.. I am very interested in trading in the market.

    Thanks.. a lot !!

  • Hi Rayner thanks for the informative videos and information. i just joined you yesterday and im happy to be part of Rayner trading community. may you please and please send me the book on my email im struggling to download it its my email address

    thank you.

  • Hi mate,

    Thanks in advance. Like the rest of the gang posting above me, I would love to have the book as well.

    Cheers mate,


  • I have spent over TWENTY minutes trying to click your system links in order to download items that you have offered. Each link returns me to the previous page or fields with zero option to download !

    How do I go about succeeding at obtaining the ebook and downloads that I would like to read please?


    • Hi Tor

      I’m not sure what the issue is.

      But just click the link above or the image of the book, and you’ll get your copy.

      Let me know if that works.

  • Hi Rayner, can I share this book with others, or do they need to come to your website for it?

  • Hi Rayner,

    I just started trading. Can it be possible for you to share the book, please? Would be really thankful.



  • I can’t download anything. I keep seeing the video telling me to check my inbox, but nothing else has come through

    • The link is right on top. Just click and download it.

      Or you can just click the book image and download.

      If you still can’t, drop me an email.

  • Hi Rayner,

    Would appreciate it if you can send it to me to my email.
    Thanks man!

  • Dear Sir Rayner,

    Good evening sir, this is Wilson James C. Daquiz I tried to download your ebook but the downloading stop when it reach 50%.

    Can you please send me the files.

    Your support is highly appreciated.

  • Hi Rayner,

    Can you please send me the trading material as soon as possible please.

    Cant wait to see. And do you have a live whats app or telegram channel for the set ups.



  • Dear Sir Rayner,
    Thank you so much for the price action ebook which I believed is the only indicator that is very realiable in forecasting market price. Been looking for this for a long time..

    Wish you success always..

  • thank you so much for the download really enjoyed reading it i read an article years ago saying that when a stock or currency pair is channeling and it breaks out it tends to follow the same trend and you stated the same thing Ive been trading 41 years and am still learning but a lot of the things you are saying is very true like candles getting smaller near a major support or resistance level signals a possible turn in the markets pinbars major support resistance zones all very true thanks for the privilege of reading your book on price action trading very well written and explained you are right trading is a lifelong journey and i am glad to travel down the same road with you THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for your good effort on forex trading education. However, I could not download the book as stated because no mail sent to my email address for confirmation. I tried several times but still the same thing.

  • Thanks Rayner! You are truly a hero!
    You are saving many trader’s lives by sharing your knowledge to us all for FREE!
    You are such a blessing to us beginners.. Thank you so much..
    God bless you more..

  • Hi dear, a great thanks from India for giving such a free most valuable book, everything is very comprehensive, I appreciate your personality


  • Hi Sir Rayner, newbie here….from the Philippines… I started to download some of your pdf’s and from now I am really excited to read and watch your videos… can’t wait for friday (my day off). Godbless and more power dear… PS congrats to your baby…

  • All I can say is: Thank you Mr Teo for this precious book. As a beginer in this adventure I have high hopes that it will be beneficial to me.

  • Hi Mr Rayner. You are doing wonderful work. Can i have your email id for further more trading details. Regards, Ramana Rao

  • Hello Rayner Teo wanted to say HUGE THANK YOU! for lending your FREE help, your truly a gem dude more power!

  • Hi Rayner Teo. Great thanks for this book. Have been watching your video and it is very helpful, so as this book. Thank you very much and more blessings to you.

  • Hello brother,
    thank you very much for your videos all were packed with knowledge and can easily understand. ive been recommending your channel to my friends. great job of yours. very generous on knowledge and thank you also this free ebook, I’m a Singapore based healthcare worker, i hope I can meet you one day.hoping for that. 🙂

    have a great day. more more power..
    thumbs up sir.

  • Hi Rayner i watch your video and read your blog for the past 3 months. its awesome. if you have any strategy on trading binary option i would like it

  • Hi Rayner, it’s Mbulelo from South Africa, thank you man I am now confident to face the market you are the best!!!

  • I must say Rayner that out of all of the “millionaire trader mentors” that i have been listening to none of them answered my questions the way u have. Best thing is that u did it for free whereas some are charging thousands of dollars. God bless u for all the knowledge that it freely giving away. I recommend u to everybody…..keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Rayner for the content, I watch all you videos and take notes then go back and study. You are a tremendous help and thanks for taking the time to help us. I subscribe to your channels and am learning a lot, you’ve one of the teachers out ther I’ve come across. You were born to teach, and trade.

  • Hi, I find your teaching/guidance pretty interesting. The way you brake down things and simplify it is awesome… I am currently searching for information on how to help me to ventures into the forex market. Thank you I am going to continue to watch more of your videos n read upon all the info so I can be a successful trader.

  • hey Im new here and just wanted to let know Im nevus and all but I hope to get as much infor as my hardrive (head) can contain. So let the teaching begin………

  • Hi Rayner! I have been following you for quite some time now. I am just wondering how to get the book?

  • Thank you Rayner for being a great person and friend for sharing this kind of information!!

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