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  • I started forex trading for about one year now when I come across your book on automate price action trader guid it’s open my eyes on trading naked chart, and some of your YouTube videos I am happy being with you are already my mentor in forex thank you for the good work you have been doing for me an other new and old traders out there that clarm to know noting.

  • Hey Rayner, what’s up!
    I have not been able to download your book “Systems Trading “, they say it is no longer there or I have no permission?

  • Hey man I love what you’re doing esp for me as a beginner, just wanna say thank you and keep at it.

  • Bags of commonsense. I have been a technical analyst for some years now and Rayner’s use of combined strategies have given me a new confidence to use the market to compete with the big players.

  • Thank you Rayner for the great lessons . I haven’t started trading yet don’t know enough i’am a beginner, want to learn and understand the patterns first en more.
    And your lessons help me a lot with that. Thank very match

  • Two weeks ago I joined the trading world, I had no experience whatsoever, all I knew is buy and sell. I tried to Google and went to YouTube for learning but all I got did not make sense to me. Your materials and videos have opened my eyes and I am learning a lot from you.
    I watch your videos everyday and I learn.
    Thank you very much for sharing this. You are mentoring me and changing a lot of people out there.
    Again thank you

  • Been following you for a while, and watching your video on YouTube has improved my skill just wish to learn more and I pray this book guild me through

  • Instead of hiring a programmer you can instead learn to create Forex strategies on Fxdreema…personally it has taken me less than a month to create a working expert advisor

  • Hi Teo
    Well, after I was reading your article about “why Traders fail”, was sad, wery, just because It is true ,and it is hard to accept the truth from pro`s. But ecently it is true .
    And myself have aswell the same questions,like, How the hell Pro`s doing it to be good in the markets??
    Markets are alive, ja, I did noticed after a “while”, he, after tons of strategies was like you said, one strategie works now,later can kill you`r account.
    So, it is alive market, and basically, you need to take what market gives to you,,,,small or when you have lucky big. If you have a gut to risked that way,right?
    So, market is “blood sport” (teoretically) and you need to be educated about it, and ja, and dont know how to live with trading that way.
    Whoever saying that,,,,,,,,, hm,it is not true, just because it is not easy like marketeer saying,It Is Hard Work……

  • I’m very grateful for your work Rayner, since I made the site I have been understanding candlestick analysis like morning coffee.

  • I am a new trader, from Nigeria I came across your video on utube, it was interesting I followed your advice and it’s very good I decided to introduce you to others, honestly I started trading few years now but I keep losing my capital,

  • Hi’ Mr Rayner.
    I just got the ultimate trading guide, and I will take my time to study it well and I will get back to you on how it work

  • Hmm..I think, tbh, you get what you pay for. Unless you are a real beginner (Which I am not ).. But that’s the general problem I found quite often with such advice.
    Authors start writing in “normal language” but then get carried away by their wish to help quick and after a few sentences they jump back in trader /TA language which sounds cool but is of no help for most rookies at all imho.

    However, the best advice I found in this booklet was the reference to other books to be read. I know most of them and them and they are really worthwhile to read.

    Small hint, the “personality part” is way more important then the technical one. Technicals one can learn. Feelings, behaviour and emotions are very difficult to change and to control. Afterall, we are human beings and not meant nor made for robotized work.

    Consider who you are. Take a 100$ bill and throw it out of the window. If you still think about it 5 minutes later or even run down to the street for re-collection, chances are, you’re not going to make it as a trader in these markets.

    Recommended Software : All sound advice….when you know what you want, what you do and how to use it inside out. I know i.e. Amibroker since it’s earliest versions ( 15years ago or more ) and had several times thought I finally found the holy grail, only to find out after hours and hours of testing and code-checking, that there was a slight glimpse in one of the codes.Or some of data was flawed…well such things happen ins Systems trading. Also, no system works all the time and hence almost constant adjustments or even complete new developments become necessary.since you need to know what you, it may take a considerable amount of time to get such things done an backtested again..In any case, you need to know what you need and how to code it. One cannot always ask a programmer for adapting existing and developping codes for systems.

    Learning the programming language is hence a must imho if you plan to use TS, AMIbroker or similar tools. Takes time and effort. There’s no free lunch and quick solution.

    Data services : Yes indeed, all good companies with reliable service. People should not be afraid to pay for good data. Their systems can only work as good as the quality of data allows. One or two missprints in a series of 10 years data of a stock, index or commodity can ruin certain systems useless in backtesting.
    Garbage in / Garbage out = Stoneaged Computer wisdom.

    Not mentioned in the booklet but very important : Risk/Reward, requirements for market access ( funds in your trading account ) , Margin requirements, Money-Management, reliable brokerage.
    And some degree of Market knowledge or even the slightest idea of how economics, commodities, currencies and other financial instruments work and influence each other could be helpful.

    Again, the booklet is for free and a nice collection of good ideas and experiences and clearly written with the desire to help people.
    That’s fine. It’s probably a teaser for the vids on Utube. Which is fine for me, as they are for free as well, which underscores the honest wish of the authour to help and let others profit from his own experiences.

    Every aspiring trader has to consider, however, that this is not only a computergame or E-Sports.
    Trading the international financial markets and trying to compete with your couple thousand dollar account against literally thousands of pro’s every day who see the same tickers, run systems trading billions of $ requires a ton of knowledge, experience and is not for the average Joe to learn easily.
    Why do most real pro-traders work for commoditiy-industries, trading houses, banks etc. rather then working on their own if it would be so easy to extract millions out of the markets year after year after year…. or day after day after day….whatever you prefer ? So maybe, just maybe, consider to put your hard earned money wisely to work…and never ever trade on margin with your private money.

    Good luck and all the best

  • Since I come across your materials, videos in YouTube channels, as a new trader for 2yrs now I’m doing great I made $1000 – $500 every day. I thank you sir you are my mentor in forex trading, you give everything free online you expose major secret in trading you are most important to me, today my success comes from all your lecturers an free materials I thank you God bless you Mightly. Keep it up I believe I will be coming to see you in your country.

  • Hey hey my friend!!!, My Mentor, my teacher, favorite trader, well I may say alot but in summary, I Wana thank you for this great work you’re doing and the good heart of sharing this rich scheme information to all of us, new and old in the market, oh I want to say I appreciate the 3 free books on your website and lessons each day in your telegram platform, I will say you’re a blessing to me Mr Teo,…. Your strategies damn work for me , thanks again!!

  • hi thanks for the educational material. I’ve found your YouTube sessions very good and I’ve managed to turn the knowledge to my first profitable trade!
    thanks. One question: on the daily time frame say on an uptrend, when price hits the 20ema, it suggests a point to long. But when I look at the lower timeframe the price is below both 20 &50 ema which confuses me. Should I follow the daily or look at the lower time frame for the long entry? thanks

  • Mmmm I’m speechless since I meet these man YouTube is why I was an account blow before but today I can prove to you that Rayner Teo gives me pips by following his advice and training

  • Good morning Rayner..
    My friend you have changed my life, and for my family and the community, I’m now equipped with skills that will better my life and my community because of you. I wish I know where you live, I would come to your house with the whole village to thank you in person..I literally learned most of the trading theory from you. And you very funny my friend.. I get excited to here your voice…. my name is Cameron Zizi from South Africa, Johannesburg… as soon as I make a little bit of money I’ll buy you a gift. And you are welcome to visit my South Africa when everything settles down…. thank you God bless you with long life. I’ll keep following you every day, for more knowledge… you family my friend

  • Thanks Rayner, you have been very generous with sharing your knowledge…. in this selfish world , people charge for thier strategies and want to jsut milk everyone……

    God Bless you , stay the way you are … Generous….
    As they say….
    sharing makes our life easy baba…. the more we share the more we have BABA 🙂

  • Hey hey what’s up rayner. I’m PRERNA. I want to give you a big thanks because you give me a new way to see TRADING in a different way. I’m a big fan of you rayner sir. But your team are not able to ship to India due to restrictions. And because of that i don’t claim my free copy of “PRICE ACTION TRADING SECRETS”. Can you please give me the soft copy of your trading materials. That’s a big help of you if you do it.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  • I found your videos on YouTube and just wasn’t to say the content you share is extremely helpful and you are a very gifted teacher! I am going to order all of your books and reverie more of your videos and see no reason I won’t be pucks your premium upgrades soon. Thank you!

  • Thanks man,your book an youtube channel,learned me a lot of simple but POWERFULL thinks like anything else.You are top best on yt and youre style of explaining is worth millions.Cheers from Romania !

  • Hey Rayner , you never talked about gap up/gap down opening. What should be the strategy in that case. Do we still buy the next day?

  • This is good even more knowledge and i think so concepts will suit Indian markets becoz am Indian market trader .