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  • I started forex trading for about one year now when I come across your book on automate price action trader guid it’s open my eyes on trading naked chart, and some of your YouTube videos I am happy being with you are already my mentor in forex thank you for the good work you have been doing for me an other new and old traders out there that clarm to know noting.

  • Hey Rayner, what’s up!
    I have not been able to download your book “Systems Trading “, they say it is no longer there or I have no permission?

  • Bags of commonsense. I have been a technical analyst for some years now and Rayner’s use of combined strategies have given me a new confidence to use the market to compete with the big players.

  • Thank you Rayner for the great lessons . I haven’t started trading yet don’t know enough i’am a beginner, want to learn and understand the patterns first en more.
    And your lessons help me a lot with that. Thank very match

  • Two weeks ago I joined the trading world, I had no experience whatsoever, all I knew is buy and sell. I tried to Google and went to YouTube for learning but all I got did not make sense to me. Your materials and videos have opened my eyes and I am learning a lot from you.
    I watch your videos everyday and I learn.
    Thank you very much for sharing this. You are mentoring me and changing a lot of people out there.
    Again thank you

  • Been following you for a while, and watching your video on YouTube has improved my skill just wish to learn more and I pray this book guild me through

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