How to Insert Indicators on TradingView


Let's talk about how to insert trading indicators on TradingView.

So there is this button here called Indicators:

Click on this and there are a few categories of indicators.

There are Built-in indicators inside TradingView.

There’s also a Public Library where others have created their own indicators and uploaded it for anyone to use.

My Scripts are indicators that you have scripted yourself.

Let’s look for Moving Average indicator:

You can see that there are different types of moving averages over here.

You can see below that for the moving averages in Public Library, there are different numbers of likes.

These are moving averages which has been custom coded.

These were created by other people and not from the default TradingView database.

If you want to use the default ones, just go to the ones under Built-in (on top).

Let’s just click on this Moving Average:

Now there’s a moving average on your chart.

The indicators can be customized to your liking.

Just double click on the indicator and then a settings box would appear.

You can adjust the Inputs and its Length, Source and Offset.

You can also adjust the Style and the colour of the MA as well:

Click OK once you’re done.

You can just play around with the indicators.

if you are not sure what’s the name of indicators you're looking for, just type in a short form.

So instead of Moving Average Convergence Divergence, just type MACD.

You can type in ROC as well:

And you’ll have the Rate of Change.

So just type in something like how you do a google search.

Most likely you'll be able to find the indicators that you're looking for.

You can even go to the Public Library.

It has ranked the most popular indicators based on the number of likes.

This one by LazyBear got almost 50,000 likes.

You can you just play around with all these indicators which are very popular here on TradingView.

You can insert a few indicators on your chart as well.

Let’s insert the RSI, Relative Strength Index.

This appears at the bottom.

Just double click on the RSI line or click on the settings on its left to get this:

And you can adjust the RSI indicator to your preference.

So that's how you insert indicators to your TradingView charts.

If you want to save your template, you can click Rename here:

So that's how you go about it.

Moving on…

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