Discover How You Can Avoid Massive Losses to Your Trading Account — Even if Your Next 35 Trades are Losers…

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Let me ask you:

Do you have difficulty controlling your losses?

You know…

Sometimes your losses are small, like tens of dollars.


You’ve also witnessed your losses get out of control — costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Why is that?

Because you did not trade with the correct Forex position size.

Now, it’s not your fault as MT4 doesn’t have a Forex position size calculator.

This means if you want to calculate your optimal position size, you’ll have to do it manually (or use a 3rd party website) — which is a hassle.

But don’t worry, those days are gone.


Because I want to introduce to you…

The Risk Manager.

A Forex Position Size Calculator — for MT4.

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In less than 5 seconds, you’ll know the precise lot size so you don’t lose a huge chunk of capital (on a single trade).

Here’s how it works…

  1. State how much you want to risk
  2. Enter your entry price
  3. Enter your stop loss

And that’s it!

The Risk Manager will spit out the precise lot size you should trade according to your desired risk profile.

Simple, right?

Now let me ask you:

If all The Risk Manager did is…

  • Apply risk management on your trades so each loss is only an “ant bite”, how much more profitable will you be?
  • Help you risk the same amount on every trade, how much more consistent will your results be?
  • Automatically calculate your position size, how much time will you save?

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Now you might be wondering…

Is The Risk Manager for me?

The Risk Manager is for you if you want to…

  • Minimize your trading losses
  • Better manage your Forex trading risk
  • Improve your trading results and consistency
  • Have a Forex Position Size Calculator on MT4
  • Don’t want to manually calculate your optimal Forex position size (or rely on 3rd party websites)

If any of the above sounds like you, then click the button below to download The Risk Manager (it’s free).

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