The Ultimate Systems Trader

The Ultimate Systems Trader (UST) teaches you how to generate an extra 10%, 20%, or even 40% a year so you can earn another source of income—without spending hours looking at charts or reading financial reports.

Here’s how it works…

  1. You’ll be taught the trading system so you have the confidence to trade it
  2. You’ll be given a scanner to scan for setups so you can save time (without having to manually flip the charts one by one)
  3. You’ll execute the trade so you can profit from the market’s inefficiency

The best part?

It takes less than 25 minutes a day so you have the freedom to do the things you love—without having to watch the markets all day.

So here are the 4 proven trading systems you’ll discover in The Ultimate Systems Trader…

System 1

Momo stock trading

So you can buy “under-the-radar” stocks that could increase 594% without looking at charts or financial reports

Momo stock trading system seeks to capture explosive gains in the stock market.

This is for you if you want to buy “under-the-radar” stocks that could increase 594%—without worrying about the day-to-day fluctuations of the market.

Here’s the result over the last 22 years…

“I can honestly say The Ultimate Systems Trader (UST) was well worth every penny I spent. Not only has it saved me an incredible amount of time from having to experiment and find my own way, but the information provided is practical, understandable and best of all presented in such a way that as soon as you've completed each module of that course, you already have everything you need in order to start trading it yourself, be that on a live account or a demo account.”

- Ben Lauritson

System 2

Mean reversion trading

So you can earn a yearly income and generate consistent profits from the market

The mean reversion trading system seeks to capture swings in the stock market.

This is for you if you want a high winning rate trading system (close to 70%) so you can capture consistent profits from the stock market.

Here’s the result over the last 22 years…

“My performance changed from having erratic returns to consistent and good returns.”

- Francisco Brito

System 3

Systematic trend following

So you can profit in bull & bear market—even during a recession

The systematic trend following system seeks to ride trends in the Forex and Futures market.

This is for you if you want to profit in bull markets, bear markets, or even during a financial crisis.

Here’s the result over the last 22 years…

“Even a newbie like me can pick it up.  What I love about it is, it is emotion free, no inner voice of fear or greed, just follow it and you are good to go! I have been trading better and most importantly with confidence now.”

- Fuqaimi Faroukh

At this point, you might be thinking…

“The backtest results look good. But how do I know if it works in the real world of trading?”

I agree with you.

The result of a trading system can look amazing during a backtest. But, when attempted in the real world, the entire thing fails.

That’s because the trading system is curve fitted to historical data—and not suited for real-world market conditions.

Now, I can say the trading systems in The UST are not curve fitted and they have been extensively tested, bla, bla, bla.

But it’s much easier for me to put my money where my mouth is.

So here’s the result of my live trading account using a trading system taught in The UST…

So now the next question is…

How do you find such market-beating opportunities in less than 25 minutes a day?

Here’s my secret weapon…

The UST proprietary scanner so you can save time, effort and money

Learning the trading system is easy. After all, the rules are in black and white.

The difficult part is having to look for trading setups because you have to manually flip through the charts one by one—and this is time-consuming.

The good news is…

You have access to The UST proprietary scanner so you can save hours of your time each day.

All you need to do is, click a button and you’ll get a list of trading setups that you can take advantage of immediately.

The best part?

The UST proprietary scanner is completely free—there’s no monthly subscription, recurring fee, or whatsoever.

 And that’s not all because when you invest in The UST today, you’ll also get these bonuses for free…

“I spend only around 15 minutes to find entry points.”

- Arthur

Bonus One: Unlimited live coaching sessions so you can trade with clarity and conviction ($5000 Value)

Even though The UST is taught in a step-by-step manner, you’ll probably still have questions along the way.

Perhaps you have a question related to trading? No problem!

Perhaps you want to clarify the rules of the trading system? No problem!

Perhaps you want to learn through the questions of other traders? No problem.

Because every month, we’ll host a live group coaching session to answer all your questions so you can trade with clarity and conviction.

Now if you can’t make it to the live session, don’t worry.

Because you’ll get a copy of the recordings so you can catch up on what you have missed.

Bonus Two: 12-months email coaching support so you can get help within a day ($2000 Value)

Got a question that needs to be answered quickly? No worries.

Because you have access to our expert trading coach who will answer your questions—and clarify any doubts you might have.

Just shoot him an email and you’ll get a reply within one business day.

This means you’ll never be left hanging on your own as help is only an email away.

“Rayner’s team is really responsive. I sent them questions and they reply within 24 hours.”

- Te Yong Liu Wong

Bonus Three: The UST Performance Tracker so you have the confidence to trade it in the live markets ($2000 Value)

Unlike other trading courses which don’t show you how a trading system has performed, The UST performance tracker reveals the results of all the trading system’s performance each month.

You’ll see how every trading system has performed, whether it made or lose money—nothing held back.

There are three reasons for this…

#1: I trade most of the trading systems taught in The UST and this helps me track the results each month. Since you trade them too, it makes sense to share the results with you.

#2: When you encounter a losing streak, you’ll quickly know whether it’s a normal drawdown or whether you did something wrong. And if so, you can quickly fix it and get on track to profitability.

#3: When you know how each trading system is performing, it gives you the confidence to trade it for years to come—and avoid system hopping.


Bonus Four: 12-months access to The UST Portfolio Tracker so you can track the signals of every trading system ($1000 Value)

The portfolio tracker tells you when there’s a new buy (or sell) signal across all the trading systems.

This means you can track the positions of every trading system so you can get the same trading results—consistently and profitably.

Bonus Five: The Private UST community so you’ll never be alone in your trading journey ($2000 Value)

I’m sure you can agree trading is a lonely business.

Your family and friends can’t understand what you’re doing because they don’t trade the markets.

And when you encounter problems in trading, you have no one to turn to for help.

That’s why I've created a private trading community for UST members.

You can get help from our network of traders, troubleshoot each other’s problems, and have a community of traders to support you. 

Free lifetime updates so you can learn new trading systems at no extra charge (Priceless)

And believe it or not, that’s still not everything I have to give you…

Because as a member of The UPAT, you get unlimited lifetime updates to the program, for free.

It can be new trading strategies, training videos, additional resources, etc. and you get them at no extra charge.

“He will constantly update the course material so you always learn new things.”

- Samuel Ng

Hear what other traders are saying...

"I have no doubt he will continue to add value to traders and highly recommend anyone to Rayner."

TradingwithRayner provides massive value to new and experienced traders.

As a Certified Market Technician (CFTe), I found his analysis systematic, grounded, and most importantly easy to understand.

In fact, I'm so confident in his work and character that we are currently in the midst of writing a book together.

I have no doubt he will continue to add value to traders and highly recommend anyone to Rayner.

Collin Seow, Founder of Systematic Trader

"The reason Rayner Teo has such a huge online following is because he creates some of the best educational resources for traders."He's literally saving many new traders from self-destruction."

If you are a new trader and want to learn principles that can lead you to more profitability...

Then Rayner's eCourses are a great place to start.

Steve Burns, Founder of NewTraderU

"Rayner is one of the best technical analysis educators on Youtube."

If you spend a few hours binge-watching his videos, you could literally go from "I know absolutely nothing about the markets and trading in general" to "Okay, I get it... this is easier than I thought."

When you get to this stage, try not to think that you have it all figured out and that you're ready to make money.

The education doesn't stop there ― there's much more to trading!

Rayner's website offers a lot of additional information in reference to risk management and psychology.

And if you're adventurous (and serious about learning), then check out his premium training program.

Rayner is someone with a lot of integrity (a quality in short supply in this field) and he's committed to seeing you succeed. So, go ahead... you can't go wrong.

Yvan Byeajee, Founder of Trading Composure

From the way I look at it, you have 3 options…

Option 1: Continue with what you’re doing

Albert Einstein once said…

“Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.”

So if you continue with what you’re doing, then you can expect more of the same.

This means:

If you have blown up a trading account, then it will happen again.

If you are entering your trades too late, then it will happen again.

If you are entering your trades too early, then it will happen again.


Option 2: Figure things out on your own

Now, you can piece the puzzle together from trading books, videos, blog posts, etc.

But here’s the thing…

The information you come across can be conflicting, flat out wrong, and leave you more confused than ever.

It could take you years before you figure it all out and there's no guarantee it’ll work.

Or how about…

Option 3: Invest In The Ultimate Systems Trader

The Ultimate Systems Trader (UST) teaches you how to generate an extra 10%, 20%, or even 40% on your account in less than 25 minutes a day—without having to read financial reports, study technical analysis, or analyze candlestick charts.

Plus, you get:

  • Unlimited live coaching sessions so you can trade with clarity and conviction
  • 12-months email coaching support so help is only an email away
  • Lifetime access to The UST performance tracker so you have the confidence to trade it and achieve consistent profitability
  • The private UST community so you’ll never be alone in your trading journey

The best part?

You’re protected by my legendary no questions asked 60-days money-back guarantee.

This means you have nothing to lose and possibly, everything to gain.

Now you might be wondering…

“Is The Ultimate Systems Trader For Me?”

This program is FOR you if…

  • You want to trade in a rule-based manner without guesswork
  • You are open to trading the US stock market
  • You want to earn an extra 10%, 20, or even 40% on your account in less than 25 minutes a day

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You have difficulty putting food on the table.
  • You are looking for a “magic” trading system that makes you money every week
  • You want to be a discretionary trader and learn things like candlestick patterns, chart patterns, trendline, etc.

    Hear what my students are saying...

“Some other good points: no black box, all the rules are disclosed, and every detail of how to implement each system is explained. If I ever had a question or problem, I always received the answer or best possible solution from Rayner very quickly. That's what makes this so special: Rayner genuinely wishes to guide traders towards being consistently profitable and he's doing a great job and succeeding.”

- Faiz Ahmad

“The UST course guides you through the ups and downs of a volative market that fluctuates at the peak and you learn to reap the benefits of both bull and bear periods. For the price, it's a steal as there are many out there with far les useful content.”

- Ivan Chua

“The Ultimate Systems Trader speed up my learning curve in trading, throw out my fear and greed, compound small success. Thank you Rayner.”

- Tirta Subagio

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? No problem.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and my answers to them…

What markets do the trading systems work on?

Systematic Trend Following trades Forex and Futures.

Power Stock Trading, Momo Stock Trading, and Mean Reversion Trading trade US stocks.

Slow and Steady Trading trades ETFs.

Can I start the coaching at a later date?

Of course.

Just shoot us an email at and let us know when you wish to start your coaching.

Do I need to know how to program?

No, you don’t.

All you need to do is…

     1.Understand the system
     2.Scan the market
     3.Execute the trade

And that’s it!

I am new to trading. Will The UST work for me?


The UST is taught in a step-by-step manner so you’re not overwhelmed or confused.

Each lesson is less than 15mins so you can quickly master the trading systems without sitting through hours of boring lectures.

I’m overwhelmed by all the information out there. If I joined The UST, won’t I make things worse?

To be a profitable trader is like making the perfect homemade soup.

You can’t use too many ingredients or you will spoil the soup.

And this applies to trading.

You don’t want to use all the different tools and techniques because you’ll end up with conflicting information or analysis paralysis.

Instead, you must cut down, filter out, and reduce the noise—and that’s what The UST is all about.

To help you focus on the stuff that really matters—so you can ignore everything else.

I have no time to commit to the program right now. Should I still join The UST?

All the lessons are recorded so you can go through them at your own time and pace.

This means you can study the materials after you have put the kids to bed, before work, during lunchtime, etc.—it’s your choice.

Lastly, the price of The UST is always increasing as more resources are allocated to it.

But if you join today, you will get it at the lowest possible price—and with unlimited free lifetime updates.

Am I required to use any paid tools to scan the market?

No, you don’t.

The scanner is provided for free.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to the program. And whenever a new update is made, you receive it at no extra charge.

What if The UST doesn’t meet my needs?

You have lifetime access to the program. And whenever a new update is made, you receive it at no extra charge.

Do I get access to the course all at once or in pieces?

You have lifetime access to the program. And whenever a new update is made, you receive it at no extra charge.

Also: You’re protected by my... make money or your money back guarantee

Here’s how it works…

Pick any trading system and execute 300 trades on it.

If you lose money, I'll happily refund you in full and even give you an extra $300 for wasting your time.

The best part?

You can trade the system on a demo account so you have zero risk.

In other words…

When you execute 300 trades following the rules of the trading system and you lost money, I’ll happily refund you in full—plus give you another $300.

However, if you just want to check things out and refuse to do the work, then please don’t sign up—you won't be covered under our guarantee.

The Ultimate Systems Trader (UST) is only for serious traders who are willing to put in the work—so they can get the results they deserve.

If that sounds like you, then pick the option below that suits you best…

The UST Advanced

Here's what you will get:

  • The Ultimate Systems Trader ($5000 Value)
  • The UST proprietary scanner ($2000 Value)
  • The UST performance tracker ($2000 Value)
  • Unlimited live coaching sessions ($2400 Value)
  • 12-months email coaching support ($2400 Value)
  • 12-months access to the portfolio tracker ($2400 Value)
  • The private UST community ($2000 Value)

By enrolling, you agree to the terms and conditions stated below:

  • The information provided by TradingwithRayner is for educational purposes and in no instance to be regarded as investment advice.
  • TradingwithRayner is not liable for any losses incurred from your investment activities.
  • Any financial numbers referenced here are estimates or projections or past results, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings — all numbers are illustrative only.